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The Pandemic — 2

Submitted by on January 27, 2022 – One Comment

Last year, we had posted an article about the Pandemic and what the situation is expressing to us. The points still hold good and we suggest going through it again. Article– The Pandemic

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Following are some additional insights into the present Pandemic situation and what it is conveying to humanity—

One of the primary reasons for the pandemic to sustain and for the virus to mutate and spread is the ego of humanity. We are very intelligent Beings but do not manifest our wisdom at difficult times like these. We, in fact, become very selfish in such instances and think only about ourselves/our family/our community/our country, etc. We could have dealt with the pandemic in a much better way with collective efforts. But we are divided and self-centred which gives space for the virus to sustain, as well as mutate.

Even when precautions are advised, we have so much ego that we are reckless, indifferent and arrogant and we do not follow precaution and other rules. In fact, there is a large group of people who still think the virus is a myth and propaganda!

Similarly, the virus tests our levels of patience. We want quick results, but this is a long battle. In our efforts to achieve these quick results, we take shortcuts and irresponsible measures to achieve short terms gains. The haste allows the virus to wait it out and resurface again. There are also many personal factors that play a role in societies decision making like Elections for example, where choices are made with short terms goals in mind.

The way we have dealt with the pandemic also reflects the way we deal with large global problems like climate change. We do not respond enough to the requirements but try to find loopholes and ways to avoid the issue.

Our Intelligence has also strengthened our arrogance into thinking that we can do anything to the Earth and manipulate life for profit, and nothing can touch us… The vast majority of humanity does not care about other species. We have conquered and abused the Earth as if it is only ours, killed and exploited other Beings and even driven many species to extinction. The pandemic is a simple give back to this attitude of humanity.

Environmental pollution and other such factors contribute a lot to this issue. It is reflected within the individuals too. There is a large consumption of pollutants in the body. It can be alcohol and nicotine, to the large quantities of processed food. In fact, the amount of medicines we consume and lack of physical fitness are all reflective of the issue at hand. This is further compounded by the negative emotions and aspects like the arishatvargas we carry within.

The Pandemic continue to expose our Inner qualities and shortcomings. We can utilize this as a learning opportunity, identify the issues and aspects that are not aligned with the values and subsequently work on them. The more we can do this, the more the world also heals.

Revised Covid Shielding Technique

The Rishis are updating the Covid Shielding technique. The following technique can be practised by all.

The technique is powerful and effective. Practising the Covid Shielding technique regularly is important. Along with the technique, please make sure to follow the necessary physical protocols.

Face North
Duration— 12 mins

Begin with 3 rounds of Pranayama with Orange Light

Pray to Lord SuryaNarayana and to Agni Brahma.

Then imagine Silverish-Orangish-Red Light coming from Lord SuryaNarayana and Agni Brahma. Imagine the Light to fill you completely. Experience this for a couple of minutes.

Then imagine the Light to spread and form a globe of Light around you. Have a strong intent that the Light shields and protects you. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Brahma-Pinga Suryayai, Agni Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

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