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Dealing with Pralaya

Submitted by on December 19, 2015 – 2 Comments

The World is different. And changing rapidly! Humanity is transiting towards a wonderful future on Earth. When there is a general examination, we may only observe increased natural calamities and the hollowness of the political system across all nations, but there are multiple silent revolutions occurring in various quarters.

This is the challenging and exciting phase of Pralaya. Pralaya is not destruction but a phase of transformation. The transformation processes induces churnings and opportunities to grow. We have to take advantage of them. Only when we resist and unwilling to let go of the ego and the old ways of life, do we face the brunt of it. Pralaya is the phase where more Light is brought down into this World so that a Higher living can get established and thrive.

The process of Pralaya is not to turn everyone towards God. The aim is to help everyone live a life of peace, love, humility, accommodation and righteousness. An atheist who lives on principles easily qualifies for these requirements.

The beauty of the whole Pralaya process is that those individuals who are sincerely working on their inner growth and transformation will not be touched by the calamities and atrocities of the world. They will be vibrating in a higher energy and will be relating to life of that frequency of energies.

The entire nature—the plants, animals and birds are in tune with the changes. It is only the humans who are the laggards. Therefore the focus and attention of the Pralaya processes are focused on us.

What is Happening and Why

Satya Yuga is a state of our awareness and living, as much as it being an external reality. The higher awareness which will exist during the Light Age manifests through us—the humanity. Naturally the transition is about each individual growing to that level and vibrating and manifesting the qualities of the Light Age.

Pralaya triggers transformation processes in humanity so that we can grow to the higher levels of awareness. For those who resist, they will find the churning processes difficult to cope with.

The turmoil and upheaval caused is multi fold and they expose various aspects that we have to deal with. The churning processes push our buttons and they are different for each individual. This process brings forth all the unresolved issues within. Our aim is to identify them and work on overcoming it.

Such churnings have been mild over the past few years and were easier to deal with but little progress was made at the individual and collective levels. As the transition and the Pralaya energies intensify, more issues get exposed simultaneously and we have to learn to deal with them quickly. If we continue to ignore, the churnings only intensify. This is the period to let go of the old ways and all the negativity. Revenge, hatred and ways of the ego are nothing new and in fact easy. It has been going on for centuries. Transforming from this stage and living like God is the adventure we are in.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Pralaya processes also induce a lot of changes in the weather and there is an abnormal increase in the calamites occurring. The disasters occurring on the Earth are roughly in two categories – the natural disasters and the man made ones.

The natural disasters are mainly the weather phenomena like the draughts and floods, earthquakes and volcanoes, cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons.

Not all these phenomena lead to destruction or loss of lives. Many are small but trigger circumstances which force a change in human behaviour. The preparation to face such situations put us in a guarded position and preparedness, and these induce change. These are the occasions when the inner nature and dormant potentials of the individual surface.

Such calamities bring great unity and selflessness amongst most to help each other to sail through that period. We need to tap into these virtues and strengthen them. Unfortunately, it also brings out the devil in some who use this as an opportunity to extort and cheat the vulnerable.

There are many places on Earth that have a lot of negative karmas and negative energies due to the actions of the people living there. Some places carry karmas from the past. Such places require a thorough cleansing and they attract natural calamities. There are also a few places which contain very old energies from other Yugas which are not compatible with the Light Age. They too get cleansed during this transition period through these calamities.

♦       ♦       ♦

The other problems we face are manmade. The bigger issues we witness like the wars and the financial inequalities dividing the rich and poor are due to people in power misusing their position which includes the politicians, businessmen, bankers and other such group of individuals. The root cause of most of the mess is directly linked to their action based in ego and power struggle.

At the individual level— corruption, greed, cheating and bribery are the issues we are confronted with. These issues are again based in the same egoic fundamentals. There are also the aspects of revenge, hatred and insanity of the individuals involved, in creating more confusion. And finally there are the misplaced ideologies and beliefs of groups and their leaders and artificially stirred up emotions like patriotism!

Satya Yuga is not about geographical boundaries and rulers but the absence of these. It is One Humanity on the Earth living in harmony and love. The manmade disasters and wars and financial inequalities are opportunities to learn, sublimate the ego and finally unite as humanity. The final goal is to manifest love and peace from within and radiate with Light.

♦       ♦       ♦

The processes of Pralaya also expose issues of inequality prevailing on the Earth and gender inequality and financial inequality are the foremost among them. Equality is not about the right to vote and other such privileges or about chauvinism and feminism or LGBT rights. Equality is the quality to be manifested in every individual’s attitude towards a fellow being. It is the ability to respect the others individuals space and freedom and accept them as they are. It is the ability to relate to everyone with love and respect.

A whole lot of transformation has to take place in the entire world till we achieve this.

How long will Pralaya continue?

The Pralaya processes occur to help humanity understand its shortcomings and make the corrective changes. Naturally the Pralaya phase will continue till we can learn and transform.

There is an abundance of assistance from the Divine Plane to help us through this. The Rishis are helping each individual to overcome inertia, get out of the comfort zones and work towards change. Unfortunately, most of us are closed due to our ego and do not accept the new energies and help. We resist all attempts to change.

The Rishis estimate that at least 75% of humanity has to realize the necessity for change to reach a critical mass to help us move forward from the phase we are in. This realization should be from within and not a mere intellectual acknowledgement. But presently we are nowhere near this figure.

Focus of the Individual during this Phase

Each one of us is at a different stage of spiritual growth and need to prioritize our focus accordingly. Following are some of the main steps one is to follow keeping in mind a beginner. Once put into practice, they will take the individual to the place from where the horizon and the way ahead can be seen directly by themselves.


♦ Let us educate ourselves about the different Ages and realize that we are not in Kali Yuga anymore but in the transition phase to the next Age. The next important aspect to realize is that our inner nature should match that of the period we are in and work towards that. This would mean progressing towards inner purity and a righteous living.

♦ As we are going through the effects of the churning, there are many instances when we are faced with difficult situations. Generally a situation arises to teach us something. We have to mentally withdraw from the situation and analyse it from a very neutral perspective. Once the issue to be dealt with is understood, we can address the problem directly within us and the external situation will resolve by itself automatically.

For example, many face financial problems. One of the root causes for this is their lack of contentment and greed. Each individual has to introspect and identify and make the necessary changes. Then the problems resolve automatically.

♦ Another important aspect that we have to do is to accept the transition and affirm to move along with it. We are so comfortable in our conditionings and beliefs that we make no efforts to expand our horizons further. Many times we ignore the truth or shape the facts to suit our beliefs. Not much progress can be made by this. We have to start taking responsibilities for our actions. In fact accepting and becoming willing to change eases our efforts and we go through less churning during this phase.

♦ Understanding about Light and knowing that God can be contacted directly is very important. Of course it will take efforts and time to do so, but it can be done. We may not have conversations with Light right from the beginning but its influence in our life can be witnessed straightaway when we begin experiencing it.


♦ Breathe more
If you observe, when we hear shocking or unpleasant news, we don’t breath then. Similarly, when we get angry or frustrated! On the contrary when we are happy and joyous, we have a good breathing process. This no-breathing and shallow breathing traps the grosser energies within the system. The more we deep breathe, the more it helps in releasing these grosser energies. Deep breathing also energies us and calms us down. By this, we will be able to deal with the situation better and without impulse. Practicing the deep breathing along with Light (Pranayama with Light), helps even better.

♦ Exercise and right Food —
Exercise helps not only our physical fitness but also has many spiritual attributes to it. It helps in removing toxins and old energies from the system. It also helps to reduce stress and balance the flow of energies in the system.

Drinking adequate water and eating healthy is again important. They also have a direct relation with our inner purity and positive emotions. The better the vibrational nature of the food, the better is our inner harmony.

♦ Positivity, Non-judgemental and Gratitude —
Consciously connect to the positive aspects to all incidents of life. It is easy to by cynical and condemn or judge others. When we connect to the positive aspects, it strengthens our positive thinking and emotions. We will also be able to bring out more Love from within. It also surrounds us with positive energies which attract more positivity in turn and eases our spiritual journey.

Being grateful is also a very important aspect which has to be cultivated and strengthened. Gratitude helps us to accept and enjoy things the way they are and also be content. Gratitude also paves way for more to manifest in our life as it is one of the higher positive vibrations we send out to the Universe.

♦ Embrace Light —
Light is God and is always available to us. We can make it a part of our life. Imagine a lot of Golden Light in your system always and connect to it as often as you can. You can refer your thoughts and decision to it and allow your intuition to guide you. The more we embrace and experience Light, the deeper our connection with God becomes and the more we allow God to vibrate and manifest through us.


♦ Meditate —
Meditation is a very important practice. The main purpose of Meditation is to help us experience Stillness during which our awareness can expand and experience God. Through the process of having the higher experience, we also gather a lot of spiritual energies within. These energies help to cleanse our system, sublimate our negativities and develop positive qualities. It helps to improve our health, gain inner strength and increases our efficiency in every walk of life. At a deeper level, this practice clears our karmas and breaks the bondages that tie us to the wheel of birth and death.

♦ Overcoming Negativity and the Vices —
Each individual has different negative aspects in them in varying degrees. The aim is to first identify them and then work towards outgrowing it. There are techniques that help to accelerate the sublimation process but identifying them, accepting and then willing to overcome is utmost important. Then the technique.

♦ Overcoming Blocks and Fears —
Karmas and Runas are not the only aspects that one clears through their journey. We also have to focus on various factors that create blocks within us like painful experiences of the past or the influence of strong negative qualities.

We also have various fears within. Some of them are due to unfortunate incidents of the past like bullying or accidents while some arise out of apprehensions, anxiety and worrying (for example worrying about the safety of our loved ones). We have to address and overcome these fears. If left unattended, they continue to condition and influence in negative ways and limit us.

♦ Strengthening the Universal Principles —
Being Spiritual means being in alignment with the qualities of the Spirit – the Soul. These qualities are— being peaceful, love, humility, truth, benevolence and purity. We cultivate and strengthen these characteristics first and as go on manifesting them till they become our very nature; and we become God-like.

We also have to balance the material and spiritual aspects of your life. Both are important and have to be nurtured and taken care of.

Once we are able to take care of these steps we should be in the right place to sail through the Pralaya phase into the Light Age.


Helping Humanity during Calamities

The various calamities affect thousands of people. We witness these events and they touch us deeply. Many get emotionally affected too. We feel sorry and empathy for the victims and want to be of help. Most of us are far away and cannot do much.

Many gather and send healing energies and Light to solve the situation. We have to understand though that such calamities occur for a reason and we cannot interfere with them. The Higher Intelligence is monitoring all the activities on Earth and allowing them to manifest for a reason.

During this phase, even if we send Light or healing energies, they will not reach as it will interfere with the ongoing processes. We have to trust the Divine and acknowledge that they are better aware of what is happening. We should not try to take matters into our own hand and ‘resolve’ them.

What can be done?

At such junctures we can send the individuals affected and the place, a lot of Love. Passing Love does not interfere with the karmas. It helps the individuals affected receive strength and help.

To send Love, just connect to your Soul and imagine Love to flowing to the place and to the individuals affected. We need not imagine any colour of energy. Having a strong intention would be sufficient.

We can also pray for the individuals. Prayers have their own strength and bring miraculous results. They will bring help and assistance to the needy.

We can also volunteer and help if we can. We can donate money, food and clothes to organisations involved in the relief work.


Spreading Awareness about the Transition

Many around us are unaware of these realities even though everyone is going through the churning. Our concern and Love for our dear one makes us to reach out to them. To help them, we can share the knowledge and our understandings.

In the process of sharing, we have to remember that we cannot enforce our views and beliefs however noble they maybe. They have the freewill and the right to choose. The willingness to change has to come from within. The information will reach those who are ready and open.

We have to be patient and also highlight that making changes in our life is necessary and additional efforts will be required. For example becoming greener involves many changes including efforts to recycle and spending a little more for the same thing. And we may not notice the effects immediately and it is easy to get disheartened. But these efforts will bear fruits in due course.

Share the tips you have learnt through your efforts. It may ease the way ahead for others. The information can be spread through various platforms on the internet, short films, write-ups, and poems and any innovative means we can think of.

When we communicate to others about Pralaya and the changes occurring, our emphasis should be on the transformation and becoming better and making this world a better place. We have to highlight the importance of being the change and being part of the positive movement rather than being cynical and condemning the world.

We highlight that a better future awaits and it is the birth of the Light Age and the birth of Light and Hope for humanity. It is the beginning of when we shall stand united as humanity rather than a person of a specific country or particular religion.

And for all this, tremendous efforts are required by each of us as transformation begins only at the individual level.

♦       ♦       ♦       ♦       ♦       ♦

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  • Archana says:

    A lovely article to read again and again to contemplate!
    Thank you.

  • Soma says:

    Thanks for the great information. I am really happy to see that “we have to send love” to save people from all the difficulties.

    This reminds me one thing….Just look at our children…Children want to achieve everything on their own. Even though children asks for support in the process of doing things, they accomplish the things on their own and this gives them immense satisfaction and joy.

    Lets bring back child hood into our life and lets be children forever. It surely makes our life a “PLAY” and Mother earth the “PLAY GROUND”. The moment, we are able to achieve this, “GOD” will surely want to be part of our play rather than an empire.

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