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2012 – Other Events

Submitted by on August 17, 2010 – 12 Comments

The year 2012 has been eagerly awaited for many years — with excitement, expectation, even dread. The news of its postponement will surely be met with disappointment rather than relief. Many of us would want pralaya to end soon, so that we can move fast into a new age, into a new way of living. Yet we need to remember that any lasting change cannot be abrupt — it has to occur gradually. There are higher laws to be followed and the New age cannot be forced before its time.

The major events of 2012 have no doubt been shifted to 2015. There are many other events which are silently occurring all around us, and which are heralding this new phase in Humanity’s evolution. The Rishis and the Supreme Intelligence are working in unknown ways to help everyone cope with these changes. Also, we are not driftwoods in this great flood of change – each one of us have a choice, a responsibility and the ability to participate in this shift of cycles.

Being aware of these events and the ways in which the Higher intelligence is assisting us can help us equip ourselves to face the challenges of the coming years.

Present day changes

Our world is undergoing major changes in every area. We can observe these shifts happening at the individual, societal and global levels. It is obvious that ‘The apocalypse isn’t in the future, We are already in the middle of it.’

Millions are affected by earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities all over the world.  Many others are facing the heat of terrorism, wars, political dictatorship and denial of their rights. Although the politicians and economists assure us otherwise, we’re yet to recover from the financial meltdown and its effects on our individual and collective economy. The environmental degradation has hit a new low with the recent oil spills across the globe. There are new scams every other day, exposing the corruption and low standards to which our governments and self-centered leaders have fallen into, which makes it evident that they aren’t equipped to guide or lead us ahead in these turbulent times.

Never before had humanity faced such challenges in so many areas. And when we realise that these events can only accelerate in the days to come, it’s easy to feel depressed and lose hope. But we need to look at the bigger reality — that these changes are part of the ‘Pralaya’ processes, that are being monitored by Higher intelligences, to purge our world of darkness and take us into an age of Light. In the face of increasing struggles, we need to constantly remind ourselves that this is the final battle between two polarities — darkness and Light – on this Earth.

In this background, 2012 plays an important role in this shift because, by then, the negativity in individuals and systems will totally be exposed! New energies that were anchored recently on our earth are working at different levels to bring out the true nature in everyone. Such an exposure will accelerate as we move ahead towards 2012.

The distinction between good and evil will become clear by 21st Dec 2012. Then onwards it will be a decisive battle between these two forces.

Other Major Events

The natural calamities we’re witnessing these days will increase in the coming years. There may be floods, earthquakes, droughts and volcanic eruptions in a number of places which harbour darkness. Although it results in destruction and pain, these events are required to remove the hold of darkforces in many of the places across the globe.

Many Rishi workers are already taking birth across different parts of the Earth, especially in areas with too much of negativity. They will work to remove the darkness from these places, from the people around them. The new born babies of today are spiritually more advanced and carry a lot of Light. They hold a variety of new energies and have a lot of information about God and other higher realities. These babies are known as ‘Indigo Children’ by the New-Age workers.

The Solar flares are expected to increase in the coming years. They play an important role in our shift because they carry higher energies from the Sun. Also, the pure spiritual energies which the Rishis store in different parts of our earth can sometimes be destroyed by the dark forces. The solar flares, on the other hand, carry energies of higher vibrations which everyone will inevitably be forced to absorb. These energies work on those who choose Light and help them grow. And they have an adverse impact on those who do not make this choice. The Rishis also use other events like acid rains, hailstorms and comet showers to release many more energies.

Events after 2012

In the aftermath of our entry into the Photon belt on 21st Dec 2012, the darkness will be clearly exposed in all areas of our lives – in commerce, finance, politics, society etc. The unethical parts of all these systems will collapse because of this expose. The systems as a whole may not collapse – they’ll continue to exist but many spiritual values will get incorporated in them.

Commerce will continue, but the corruption and greed that exists now will be removed. Politics or the real administration will continue wherein the people will work genuinely to help the people of the world.

There may be events like collapse of communication and electrical systems. At the same time, there will be alternate systems working. Post 2012, our inner faculties like telepathy will begin to get activated easily and many will begin to use this faculty.

There will be a push towards renewable energy and free-energy.

There will be changes in our entire galaxy. The Milky way galaxy which is spiral shaped now will gradually become an ellipsoid (egg shaped). The processes for this will be initiated by the Galactic Alignment. This will take thousands of years to complete.

The rotation of our earth will not stop drastically and change directions. It’ll be a slow and steady change.There will be similar changes in our entire solar system.

The Second Sun, a twin of our Sun and currently existing at a subtler level, will become more prominent and will shine with more of its energies. Since it carries a lot of blue energies. our daylight will be blue instead of the golden yellow light we see today.

Help from the Divine

The Rishis are engaged in many activities at other levels to help humanity sail through the coming years. It is through their effort that the intense churning period of pralaya and the entire transition period has been drastically reduced. Many Rishis and Yogis have been in deep tapas over thousands of years, holding the beam of pure Light within, to release to Humanity in the New Age.

The Light workers and Rishis are gathering energies and storing them under the Earth at various places. The vibrations of these energies help people to tune up to the changes in their lives. New Energy grids are being built to carry these energies to all places on Earth. And new Light Cities are being anchored onto the physical plane by the Rishis and their workers. These will act as the nodes from where Light will spread to other places.

A huge amount of activity is happening at the astral levels. The Rishis are contacting every individual at deeper levels and equipping them with the knowledge of the events and many other higher truths. They are advised on how to remain calm and transform. Many people are also being healed at different levels. The Rishis are training those who are interested in helping them in their work.

Many Rishi-workers have already taken birth in different parts of the world and have begun their work. Many more of them are expected to descend in the coming years.

One great Master, Vishwamitra Maharshi, has done a lot of work at the higher levels to reduce the chaos and damage, and minimise the suffering. But for his efforts, we as humanity would have had to go through many wars and calamities.

Responsibilities of Individuals

When sweeping changes occur at global and cosmic levels, it makes one wonder if we individuals have any role to play in these changes. It appears as though we’ll be swept away in the flood of these drastic events. But entering the Light Age is a choice which every individual has to make for himself. Whether we survive these events or sail through them and enter the New Age, depends entirely on each person.

The destruction which is occuring at present and which will accelerate in the coming days is just a part of the process. It affects those who do not choose Light or who resist these changes. Those who choose Light and align with these changes will sail through this turbulence.

The Individuals should not panic when calamities occur. They have to go on with the normal flow of life, attending to all their duties and responsibilities. Each one has to positivise himself completely at all levels – thought, emotions and deeds. He has to develop spiritual qualities of Love, Truth, Honesty, Simplicity and Surrender to the higher forces of Life. Being aware of the bigger picture and having a clear idea about the higher realities will help us remain unperturbed in any situation.

Having a strong link with the Rishis or our own higher aspects is one of the most important factors which can help us sail through these difficult times. And it’s possible for anyone to contact the Rishis and higher beings and get guided by them directly, in every area of their lives. Spiritual practices like meditations help us in establishing this contact and get clarity within ourselves. But the most important requirement for such a contact is purity, a clear intent and unconditional love towards others, towards all Life.

Surviving the changes

A ancient saying goes: ‘We can run out of a burning house to save ourselves, but when the whole earth is on fire, where do we run?’. The events of 2012 and beyond may not be as drastic as some doomers would want us to believe, but the changes they bring about are definetly huge and lasting. While it may appear scary, it’s also exciting to be a part of this momentous event in the history of mankind.

There’s no place we can hide from these events. The state of our living, our purity levels and the connection we establish with Spirit are the factors which can help us blend with these transformative events.  When we love and accept these changes without fear, we will be assisted in shifting our awareness to higher levels. These great changes will then transform us and guide us in stepping into the New age of Light.

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  • shashi.lightseeker says:

    Very nice knowledge sharing.
    Let us all purify ourself first to make us avialable for reveiving rishis help.
    thanks a lot for this wonderful information.

  • Niranj Shah says:

    Very interesting article n feel bit of relief after reading as to what will be happening after on and after 21st December 2012

  • Jess Boston says:

    Nice… i like the article.
    It gives such a nice overview of the events to take place.

  • Chandra Shulund says:

    I just read this. It’s good to see websites with your information starting to now be discussed. I think as we move more into the next few years spirituality and topics discussing this will become more and more widespread and important. This human awereness will be heightened and humanity will be taken to the next level of awakening.
    Another very interesting article I read was on the following website indigo children, something for you guys to read! I have bookmarked your website, be back soon!

  • aparna says:

    sometimes it was so scary to think about 2012 and it after effects but the information in the article is so magical that it has made my mind so calm, the fear has decreased . i will definitely feel the light within giving unconditional love and care to all possible

    divine love

  • Grace says:

    ‘Responsibilities of Individuals’ – Apart from meditaion and spiritual practices, if you could give some hints / simple principles that can be followed in daily life, an individual would grow more spiritually. there are many not ready for meditaions but good at heart, also find your advise helpful and get benefited. thank you.

    • Vishwa Amara says:

      @ Grace,

      Some of the principles which anyone can practice in their daily living, have been mentioned in the article, Light Age under the section “To Qualify for the Light Age”.

      Infact, if anyone can live all the simple principles, they need not Meditate. We Meditate so that we can lead the simple and pure life.

      To highlight and reiterate the principles, we can be connected to the Divine all the time, with our intent and prayer. As a practice, we can imagine our bodies, being filled with Golden Light all the time. This can be done anywhere, anytime as we go about our daily activities. Let us also be aware that this Light is Divine and has the sublime qualities of God. Let us bring our awareness to this practice whenever we remember. This practice helps deepen our connection with the Spirit and we’ll no doubt find Intuitive guidance and help whenever it’s needed.

  • Ravi says:


    Thanking you very much for priceless information.

    With Oneness,

  • Shikha says:

    A nice promising article. I await the forthcoming changes, and paradigm shifts in humanity. 🙂

  • Krishnamurthy Holla KR says:

    Hopes are not far after reading this article!
    Well guided on individual responsibilities. The events mentioned are very thrilling!!! With the help of Divine, hope we all will get ready for the NEW AGE!! 🙂

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