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The New Year – 2016

Submitted by on January 4, 2016 – 2 Comments

Each New Year brings renewed hopes and new beginnings. More so this year. This year is a year of nurturing and healing. It also contains new doorways and opportunities for the whole Earth.

This year will be pleasant and beautiful for many. It will be very beneficial for those with a positive attitude and who are sincere and hard working.

The Pralaya and churning processes will continue. But there will be a major shift in other areas. So far, for the individuals who have been making efforts and spiritualising their lives, the rewards have been less. Henceforth, there will be satisfying growth and better results for the efforts.

At every important occasion let us pray for wars, negativity, falsehood and darkness present on the Earth to end. Let us pray for Peace, Unity and Light to manifest in each individual and in the entire world.

Much of what is to happen through the year is still being finalised. Most of these will be decided by Sankranti only.


The beginning of an important phase is usually associated with a personality for that time period (Kala Purusha). On a yearly basis, it usually occurs during Sankranti and Yugadi. The New Year of January 1st is marked only by a shift of energies on the Earth.

This year, a new initiative has been taken up by the Shunya Masa Rishis where they have invoked a special personality that shall be in charge of the Earth for the entire year.

The Kala Purusha of 2016 contains both the male and female energies in a wonderful balance. In fact when you connect to the personality, it will appear as a male sometimes and as a female, the other times.

It has a lot of healing and nurturing characteristics as well as strength and stability. The Shunya Masa batch of six Rishis have energised and gifted the New Year Personality with amazing energies and a lot of miracles which shall manifest on the Earth through the year.

Vasishtha Maharshi and Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi (Vishwamitra Maharshi) have energised and strengthened the year 2016 such that any individual in pain and distress can get guidance and assistance from the personality.

The New Year personality will act as a guardian and an angel to those deserving. All can link to and seek guidance and help from it. We can connect to the personality of 2016 and always seek help, guidance and directions.


Technique to connect to the Personality

Practice 3 Rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light.

Have faith that you can connect to and experience the personality. Then imagine the year 2016 in the form of a Purusha (personality).  Offer your regards, love and respects to it.

Then imagine a small beam of Light coming from your Soul and extend it to the Purusha and imagine a connection getting established. Experience the connection and the personality.

Then communicate with it, share your problems and concerns and listen patiently. The communication will occur. Even if you cannot recall immediately, the answers will be there within and will manifest at the appropriate time.

Practice the technique for a minimum of 24 minutes, upto an hour.


The month of January

We shall have the energies of the New Year, from Shunya Masa and from Sankrati dominating during the month. Each of these energies has the capacity to strengthen our transformation and yield amazing results. As mentioned earlier, new doorways and rare opportunities will be present. It is upto us to identify and make use of them.

The Shunya Masa Rishis will be present till the night of the 16th. Make use of their presence and take guidance from them. They can be communicated with easily and it is very essential.

This month lays a platform for positivity, hard work, genuinity, truth, love and Light. Let us consciously tune ourselves to these aspects and strengthen them within.

♦       ♦       ♦

As we grow make efforts and grow spiritually, many changes will begin to occur in the individual’s life. Many of these could be outside our comfort zone or beliefs. Do not reject them. Accommodate them as much as possible. Become more flexible and open yourself to new ideas and patterns that may emerge.

We have to also be ready to adjust and make changes in our lifestyle.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Special Days for Meditation in January are –

9th Jan — Amavasya

The energies of Shunya Masa dominate the New Moon Day. The Shunya Masa Rishis will also be releasing new energies and they will help each individual to strengthen their transformation.

15th Jan — Sankranti

These energies can be felt from Amavasya itself (9th). They will be very strong and available till the Full Moon Day. Their intensity will be maximum from the 14th till 16th.

It is the opportunity to strengthen your resolutions and pray for their successful implementation and materialization.

You can practice the following technique of Mediation on the 14th, 15th and 16th of January. The energies you gather will have a lot of positive impact in your life. Consciously be aware that you are receiving and absorbing the Sanrkranti related energies on these three days.

Face North-East
Duration – 1 hour

Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light.

First offer your regards and respects to Sankranti Purusha, the Personality of 2016, The New batch of Rishis and to the Saptarishis.

Then imagine an abundance of Bright light-Blue Light coming from above and allow the Light to fill your entire body. Experience the flow of the Light and experience your body becoming this Light and radiating with it.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Sankranti Shaktiyai Brahmaya Namaha” silently for the entire duration.

23rd Jan — Purnima

The flow of the special energies continue from Sankranti. It is again an opportunity for prayers, strengthening our resolutions and for Meditation.

The Purnima technique is being revised. You can henceforth practice the following technique on the Full Moon Days.

Face North
Duration – 1 hour

Imagine a lot of bright-Blue Light coming from above and filling your body completely. Experience the Light for some time. Then with your intention extend the same Light to fill your Astral body. Let both your physical and astral bodies radiate with the bright-Blue Light.

Keep experiencing the Light and repeat the mantra “Om Neelayai Prakasha Tejasaya Namaha” silently for the entire duration.

♦       ♦       ♦       ♦       ♦       ♦

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  • Charles Brashears says:

    For Purnima you say, “keep experiencing the Light and repeat the mantra “Om Neelayai Prakasha Tejasaya Namaha” silently for the entire duration.”

    I know this is to be said silently but how do you pronounce the mantra?
    Could you give MP3’s for all your mantras? If this is not possible could you give a phonetic guide and show where the accents are? Thank you very much.

  • Saurabh Phatak says:

    Wonderful 🙂

    Obeisance to the divine Kala Purusha !!

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