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The New Year – 2011

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A New Year has arrived on the horizons carrying fresh dreams, great hopes and pristine energies for all of us. As we stretch and shake off the leftover tiredness of the year gone by, we behold an interesting life unfold ahead of us — a life filled with new challenges, wonderful opportunities and transformative experiences.

The past year brought us face to face with many hidden negativities — at various levels ranging from the global to the individual. As we move closer towards the Light Age, there will be more churning processes that expose all negativities and shortcomings in everyone and everything so that they can be dealt with and rectified.

As individuals we will be facing many challenges. These challenges are designed to help everyone awaken from their slumber and open up to the new Spiritual realities. Those who spiritualise their lives will be able to easily face and go through these situations. Naturally, those who don’t will have a tough time coping up.

2011 will be the year to spiritualise our lives by working on our shortcomings and making more efforts to grow. Parallel to the churning processes, there will be many more opportunities to change and transform. The Rishis bring enormous knowledge and energies to assist humanity with these processes.

We wish all the readers of VishwaAmara a very joyous and rewarding 2011. Let the Light from the Rishis give us the strength to triumph over our shortcomings and awaken us to our true identities as Enlightened Light beings.

In 2011

The Rishis say that efforts are on at the spiritual levels to expose more negativity all over the world. This is the first step towards becoming purer and moving into the Light Age. Many processes are also being initiated to push back the divisive systems like governments, military, fundamentalist groups etc and set in motion the events which will unify all humanity.

Rishis are also working towards the exposure and disintegration of the unethical business practices across all fields. People who follow a value system in their work will be less affected. Those involved in unethical ways of making money will be severely punished. There will be drastic changes in the individual’s lives. Unless a person makes efforts towards transformation, he will have to undergo enormous churning. Also a lot of help will be available from the Higher Intelligence. The Rishis say that they will kindle the conscience of all individuals on our Earth and this will help everyone open up and choose the higher realities.

Rishis will also make our Earth absorb more Light and facilitate easier access to higher energies, in order to benefit the whole humanity and ensure a quicker entry into the Light Age.

The use of higher faculties like Intuition and Telepathy and absorbing more Pranas from the Sun will become easier because of these processes.

The Bigger Picture

We will be entering the deeper layers of the Photon belt in this year, which brings in higher energies and positive influences on our Earth.

Many places that harbour darkness will be destroyed and many new Light Cities will get anchored on our Earth.

The birth of Rishis and newer Souls from other Universes on our Earth, will help us move faster towards the Light Age. The Second Sun will begin to influence our Earth more.

All individuals should make efforts to have a direct communication with the Higher Intelligence – Rishis and God. Only after establishing this strong contact can the false prophets and fake swamis be exposed and removed.

The Time has arrived to start using Light in our lives.

Instructions from the Rishis for practice:

Many of the instructions from the Rishis have been mentioned earlier but the below instructions are re-iterated, to help us focus and actually move these from plain theory to practice.

  • Do not lose your cool when faced with any problem; keep absorbing more Light. The Light will help you solve the problem.
  • Learn to start using your Intuition and then have faith that it will guide you properly.
  • Surrender is necessary. Without this, our intuition and Light will not be able to lead us. The other natural faculties will also not function without an attitude of surrender.
  • Aggression, anger and stubbornness will lead to self destruction in these chaotic times. Let go of these.
  • Accept the situations as they arise and deal with them with calmly. Under any circumstance, do not panic. Then everything will fall in place.
  • Start using Light for everything in your life. You will be able to witness miracles.

Special days for Meditation – January 2011

January 1 — New years Day

Every New Year brings newer energies and hope. Rishis too will be releasing a lot of new energies on this day. The new batch of Rishis also will be gifting a lot of new knowledge to humanity.

January 4 — Amavasya and Solar Eclipse (12:10pm to 4:30pm IST)

The areas in green highlight the places where the partial Solar eclipse will be visible on the Earth on 4th Jan 2011

This is the second eclipse of the series. Though this is only a partial Solar Eclipse, the energies available will be immense. Try to Meditate for the entire duration of the eclipse if possible.  (6:40am to 11:00am GMT)

The New Moon day (Amavasya) is also the day when we can easily go within and introspect, contemplate and learn. We can also connect with our departed elders and ancestors to express our Love and learn from them.

January 15 — Sankranti
— Uttarayana Begins

Shunya Masa ends on 14th and the Saptarishis will resume charge of the administration work. Due to the various new projects initiated by the new batch of Rishis, they will be staying back till the end of June this year.

Uttarayana is also the period when the Sun will begin to move Northwards with respect to the earth. Though the Sun is at the maximum southernmost point on Dec 21st, the shift in direction is noticeable from this day. There is also a shift in the energy patterns and the weather.

We welcome this phase by paying our respects and love to the personality in charge of this phase. He is referred to as ‘Sankranti Purusha’. We offer our respects and love and welcome him at sunrise. We also worship the Sun God – Lord Suryanarayana.

This day is the beginning of a new phase of life for everyone and hence a very auspicious day. On this day, you can make a sankalpa and execute them. Rishis want the entire humanity to start adopting Light and its values in all aspects of their life.

January 19 — Pournima

The Full moon Day is when all energies are at their maximum potency. Because of this factor, this day is very good for both material and spiritual activities.

On this day, we are blessed by the Divine for any of the good deeds we do. Rishis say that it’s a very good day for Meditation, Prayers, Inner Healing and Positivising because the Spiritual Energies are at their best.

On this day, Spiritual works like anchoring of energies can be successfully done as there will be a direct guidance from the Source God, ParaBrahma Himself. All spiritual activities can be easily accomplished because they evoke the grace of God Himself.

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