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Special Days for Meditation — September 2022

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We had the presence of Lord Ganesha in the first week of September and will have the presence of Devi Adi Shakti and energies from Lord MahaVishnu later. This month will also be highly energetic and very important for Sadhana.

During his stay here, Lord Ganesha counselled and spoke to each individual astrally and helped all those who were open and willing to change. He also educated all and passed on various energies and gifts.

Such occurrences are less frequent and it was an amazing blessing for humanity. Many such opportunities open up when we have the presence of a Divine Personality on Earth. Their blessing and energies help us through the tough period and also resolve various issues that we face.

The Equinox this month is very important. There will be a shift in energies and new doorways will open in October. Connect to the energies and meditate more. Take as much help as you can from the Divine.

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The Rishis also remind all to take the help of dark-Navy Blue Light as much as possible to deal with all issues that you have during the period. It will help immensely. (More details in this article)

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The Special Days of September—

9th Sep — Ananta Chaturdashi

We will have the energies from Lord MahaVishnu on Earth for 10 days. We can connect to Him through these and also pray for guidance, support and a balance in our lives.

The energies from Lord MahaVishnu will also help begin new projects and initiatives. They can also help us with the manifestation of various long-term prayers.

Practice the following technique from the 9th to 18th Sep. While meditating, be open to receiving from Lord MahaVishnu. They can be energies, blessings or any other help.

Face North
Duration— 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

Express your Love, Light and Gratitude to Lord MahaVishnu. You can also place your prayers and concerns to Him.

Imagine Violetish-Blue Light coming from Lord MahaVishnu and allow this to fill your entire body. Experience for some time.

Then extend the Light to your material and Spiritual prayers, and new pursuits. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om AntarAthmayai, Vishnavae Namaha” silently.


10th Sep — Purnima

This will be a wonderful day for Sadhana. We will have the Full Moon energies and those from Lord MahaVishnu and it will aid our Inner work wonderfully.

We can also channel a lot of this Light to our work, projects and prayers. The energies also help us balance our material and Spiritual aspects of life.

Practice the following technique on the occasion of Purnima—

Face North
Duration— 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with light-Blue Light

Pray to Chandra Deva (Moon God) for his blessing and solutions to your prayers.

Then, imagine bright Goldenish-Blue Light coming from Chandra Deva and allow it to fill your entire physical body. Experience (15mins)

Then extend the same Light to your prayers, Sankalpa and for balancing your material and spiritual aspects of life. Experience (15-30mins)

Then extend bright Bluish-Green Light to your mental health and peace, and keep experiencing the Light. (15-30mins)

Repeat the mantra “Om Nimishaya Purnima Shaktiyai, Prasiddha Brahmaya Namaha” silently.


11th Sep to 25th Sep — Pitru Paksha
   25th Sep — Mahalaya Amavasya

We will have the period of Pitru Paksha from the 11th of September. This fortnight is meant to connect with our ancestors, express our love for them and for receiving their Wisdom. This period is also very good to work on clearing the ancestral karmas and runas that we inherit.

Because of the Divine laws, we cannot connect with our ancestors directly. Our ancestors would have proceeded with their onward journey. It could range from Mukti to them having taken birth again. Directly connecting with them will disturb their new life. To help us with this, there are special Beings known as the Pitru Devatas.

The Pitru Devatas act as the intermediary Personalities to convey our sentiments and energies to the ancestors and their information to us. They also have a lot of wisdom and experienced in dealing with departed Souls and are very helpful in helping the individuals who are still attached or carrying grudges.

The special energies available during this fortnight will help us to deal with our ancestral problems as well as in burning the karmas and runas. They also help deal with many issues and problems that run in the family, including health issues.

Many times, during the end of the period, when the energies from Devi Adi Shakti are available, The Pitru Devatas and the Rishis anchor special energies as well as help in clearing a lot of heavy karmas and runas of humanity.

The Equinox will come during the Pitru Paksha. The Equinox energies along with energies of Pitru Paksha can help in clearing various karmas and runas and in healing.

Mahalaya Amavasya is the last day of Pitru Paksha. It will be the most energetic one of the fortnight and try to meditate more on this day if possible.

You can practice the following Amavasya technique for this entire fortnight—

Face North
Duration— 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

Pray to your ancestors for guidance, healing and for assistance in dealing with the continuous and persistent issues you are facing.

Then imagine bright Greenish-Blue Light coming from your ancestors and allow this to fill your entire body. Experience for some time.

Then extend the same Light to your continuous unresolved issues, family problems, karmas and runas and have a strong intention that all these aspects get engulfed by the Light. Experience for some time.

Lastly, extend the same Light to your life of 2022 and imagine this to absorb the Light and shine with it. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Pitru Krupa Karmaya, Amavasya Shaktiyai Namaha” silently.

••      ••       ••

Note— If you are interested in practising a special technique for Pitru Paksha, you can email us for the same. There will be a fee of ₹1000.


23rd Sep — Equinox

Equinox is when this Sun is directly over the Equator and this alignment releases various new and amazing energies. It will be an energetic and powerful day and very good for Sadhana. The entire Earth also gets “charged up”. The Rishis and other Lightworkers will anchor various new energies on Earth. This year, Lord Hanuman will also participate in various projects of the Rishis.

The Rishis have been working on certain projects from July itself relating to this Equinox and they will release various important energies to humanity. In fact, the Rishis say that the energies are a life-changing factor for about three-fourths of humanity.

It can help improve the standard of living for those who want to evolve, aid in the efforts of those who are working hard and making efforts, and help those open up who are rigid and conditioned. The energies also help open up our potential, and towards growing and evolving smoothly.  

The energies of the Equinox along with that of Pitru Paksha are a powerful combination and enable us to carry out various initiatives which are difficult otherwise. An example that the Rishis mention is that on this day, we can pray that our karmas and runas need not pass on to our descendants or to future generations. This will be a wonderfully selfless act and an amazing gift to our family.

Mentally be as open as possible and then begin with the technique. You can practice the technique on the 22nd and 23rd.

Face North
Duration— 1 to 3 hours

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

Imagine bright Golden Light coming from the Equinox formation and allow the Light to fill your entire body. Experience for some time.

Then extend the Light to your Astral body and imagine the Astral body to be engulfed by the Light. Experience for some time.

Then extend the Light to your prayers, concerns and Sankalpa and imagine these to also get engulfed by the Light. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Vishuvayai, Prasanna Surya Shekarayai Namaha” silently.


26th Sep to 5th Oct — Navaratri
   3rd Oct — Durga Ashtami
   4th Oct — Maha Navami
   5th Oct — Vijaya Dashami

We will have the presence of Devi Adi Shakti during Navaratri. It will be an amazing period to experience Her as well as Her various forms. This period is wonderful for Sadhana, introspection as well as Inner work.

The energies from Adi Shakti have changed since 2010. The present energies focus more on the shift towards the Light Age and aid all aspects corresponding to it. We can focus on healing and nurturing and work on our mental and physical health as well as balancing the various aspects of our life.

The Rishis mention that we can take the help of her energies (Pink Light) and then practice Lighting the Self, and Lighting the Home and workplace. It would be very beneficial to each.

Practice the following technique to experience Adi Shakti from 26th Sep to 5th Oct.

Face North
Duration— 1 to 2 hours

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Goldenish-Pink Light

Express your Love, Light and Gratitude to Devi Adi Shakti. You can also place your prayers and concerns to Her.

Imagine bright Goldenish-Pink Light coming from Devi Adi Shakti and allow this Light to fill your entire body. Experience for some time.

Then extend the Light to your Astral body. Imagine the entire body getting engulfed by the Light and shining with it. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Nava Adi Shaktiyai Namaha” silently.

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An announcement—

We are going to stop publishing the techniques of the various Special days on the website from October 2022 onwards. The techniques will be emailed to those that are interested and it will entail a small fee. Further details regarding this will be published next month.

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