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Special Days for Meditation — September 2014

Submitted by on September 3, 2014 – 4 Comments

September begins with the intense and amazing energies of Lord Ganesha and sets the tone for the upcoming events later in the month. The pralaya phase will further intensify around the time of the Equinox. Tough situations may arise at the individual level. We have to learn to not get fazed by them and to go smoothly with the flow. Simple exercises like Pranayama and connecting to Light will help a lot at such times.

Another very good development is that from this month onwards, energies from the Himalayas will be flowing throughout the Earth. We can easily tap into these energies at 6am, 3pm and 7pm (local time) everyday.

The new energies that the Rishis will be bringing to our Earth this month will help in establishing conditions which will help every individual to connect to their Soul more efficiently. Let us make the necessary efforts to take advantage of these energies. The energies from MahaVishnu on Ananta Chaturdasi will also help every individual to charge themselves and reorient easily.

Let us start focusing inwards and on our spiritual growth. It is high time we withdrew from the external. The first step towards this is to stop blaming others and the world and then taking responsibility for all our emotions and actions. The subsequent step is to sublimate the non positive and focus on our inner purity.

There will be many occasions this month when the humanity will be counselled at the astral level and lot of knowledge and information will be imparted individually pertinent to them. Due to this, many individuals may receive new insights and revelations during the day. Be open and aware and if these messages are relevant to you, put them into practice.

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The special days for meditation in September are —

8th Sep — Ananta Chaturdasi

Similar to our Earth, there are other planets which are going through Pralaya and are in its transition to the Light Age. The Rishis have requested the help from MahaVishnu for all these planets. All of them including our Earth will be receiving very special energies from Vaikunta on this day.

From our end, let us be open to these energies. Let us pray to MahaVishnu for inner purity and for the transition of our Earth into the Light Age. Meditate more and absorb these special energies available on that day.

On the occasion of Ananta Chaturdasi, there used to be an astral travel to the star ‘Antares’. This year, the astral travel would be to ‘Vaikunta’. Pray to the Rishis and MahaVishnu for the astral travel and go to bed early. In Vaikunta, we are expected to be learning new things and receiving new knowledge from MahaVishnu.


9th Sep — Purnima

The influence of the energies of MahaVishnu would still be there. This day would also be the starting point for Pralaya energies with greater intensity to begin flowing onto the Earth.

These new energies will influence the Earth in various aspects and we will be able to witness highs and well as lows. We have to accept the situations we are in and go with the flow. Do not resist change. Connect more to Light and positivise.

There are much developments expected – sudden destruction, sudden growth, a crawling economy, exposure of the dark and many such things. There will also be instant solutions for each of the causes. It depends on the individuals and the nations to choose the Higher Wisdom. The future course will depend on the choices being made.


22nd Sep — Equinox

Equinox is the day when the Sun is over the Equator and is an important cosmic alignment. Such occasions facilitate the anchoring of special energies to the Earth and many of the Light workers all over the Earth are involved in this work.

The energies vary each time and a lot of background work occurs before occasions such as this. Usually there is a gathering of the Rishi-workers and Light-workers in the Himalayas on the eve of such occasions and there is a discussion on the energies to be brought down and the different astral works to be executed.

Presently Markandeya Maharshi is in charge of the energy works taking place on the Earth. Under his guidance, decisions are taken. They also pray to the Sun God and then Lord Hanuman is invoked for his blessings and protection. Lastly, Mother Earth is invoked and she is informed of their decisions and permission is taken for the different works. They also connect to the energy belt around the Equator and then proceed with the works.

This year the Rishis mention that the Equinox will be attracting energies which will be determining many of the future events on Earth. The energies of the eclipse (in October) will also begin to influence us from the Equinox onwards.

The Saptarishis will also be taking the decision on the next batch of Rishis who will assist during the Shunya Masa this year. Decisions relating to various projects in the remaining three months of this year will also be finalised.


24th Sep — Amavasya

The influence of the Eclipse energies can be felt easily and its influence will bring to the surface, both the positive and not so positive.

As humanity, we have been using different colours of energies for various benefits. The Rishis mention that it is time to stop using White Light for the time being. They mention that the dark forces too use a lot of White Light to confuse humanity and it is best avoided in the present times.

Depending on the purpose, we can substitute White with Golden, Blue, Green or Violet. We can use Golden Light for all general purposes.

The Rishis will be drawing energies from both the Equinox and the upcoming eclipses and allowing the pralaya to intensify further. The Earth will also be prepared for Devi (Adi Shakti) to come to the Earth.


25th Sep — Navaratri begins

We will have the presence of Devi Adi Shakti on the Earth for nine days and it will be a wonderful period to experience Her. It is also an opportunity to learn and focus on our Spiritual growth.

The Rishis have requested Devi to help the humanity in the present times. So this year, we shall be having an astral travel to the Himalayas on all the nine days (25th Sep to the 3rd of Oct). We shall all be equipped for the Light Age.

The Rishis also suggest the following special technique to help experience the energies from Devi –

Face North-East

Duration – minimum 24 minutes, maximum 1 hour.

Practice 7 rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light.

Then imagine a bright light-Pink Light coming from above and with your intention keep channelling this Light to your Soul. Experience it.

Repeat the mantra “Om Deviyai Namaha” silently for the entire duration of your Meditation.

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