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Special Days for Meditation — September 2012

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We move into the New Age of Light when we let go of every trace and influence of the Dark Age. Shifting into the Light Age is not an automatic process. It is a conscious choice which has to be made by every individual who wishes to live in the new Era. This is a journey which each and every one of us has to undertake individually.

A major impediment in this shift is our own attitude of being comfortable with the old ways of darkness. We may complain about the injustice and negativities of our world. We may even be aware of our own shortcomings and what needs to be done to get rid of them. But when it comes to practice, we continue to live within our ‘comfort zones’, never daring to let go of our old attitudes, beliefs and thoughts. We would want the world to change for the better, but to initiate that change, ‘beginning from ourselves’ is always a herculean task.

Stepping out of our comfort zone is a very important requirement for our growth—both spiritual and material. We need to introspect and understand individually what holds us back from expanding our awareness, from contacting the Rishis, from opening our dormant faculties, and from experiencing and manifesting Light. Most of the time, it is our own inaction, lethargy, impurity and lack of focus which binds us down. Spiritual progress and ascension happens when we reject the conditioning of thousands of years of the dark age and step out of our comfortable circle. The next step is to change our old beliefs and embrace the new values and truths of the New Age.

To assist in this process, we need to have an unshakeable faith—in ourselves and in the greater forces of the Universe. We need to trust that we’ll be guided and taken care of when we leave our old world and enter the unknown and unfamiliar territory. Along with this trust, we also need to have a great resolve and passion in experiencing the Divine and opening ourselves to the new energies and Light. When we step out with such a dynamic attitude, we also align ourselves with all the positive intent, energies and Light of the Universe. We open ourselves to the grace and abundance of the Higher Intelligence which always supports and uplifts every Soul on its journey of evolution.

♦       ♦       ♦

Our Earth has been receiving many new Energies over a period of Time, with a major cleansing process going on. This month, we will be receiving more newer Energies on various occasions. In fact, the month of September is being eagerly awaited by the Rishis to execute many of their works.

Many individuals will find new miracles happening in their lives. These are loving gifts from the Higher Intelligence to all of us. The Saptarishis have been working very hard on the Humanity as a whole, to help them in various aspects. They’re assisting each one of us to manifest and experience Peace and Love.

Let us be aware of all these various processes and also make concentrated efforts in our Sadhana and transformation, to assimilate these new Energies and changes into our lives.

 ♦       ♦       ♦

The special days of meditations for September are:

16th Sep — Amavasya
— Worship of Devi Gowri

Devi Gowri is an aspect of Parvati. Normally an amsha of Devi Gowri descends to our earth only a day before the descent of Lord Ganesha. Due to Her love for us, She wants to participate in the work of transition and help as many individuals as possible and because of this, she will be descending to our Earth on the 16th  of this month itself. She will be bringing a lot of new energies and giving it to the entire world.

Let us welcome Her and be specially aware of Her presence during these three days (16th to 18th Sep). We can also experience her as dark Pink Light during this period. Her energies will be very loving and caring.

Devi Gowri wants to remove a lot of darkness from the Earth during this time and fill the Earth with abundance of Light and energies of the Light Age.

19th Sep — Ganesh Chaturti

An amsha of Lord Ganesha will descend to our Earth and will be present for 10 days (till the end of 28th.) Let us be aware of his presence, Meditate as much as we can and experience his Love and warmth.

During this period He will be also be working with the Saptarishis and Lord Kalki. Many important decisions about the future course of events will also be taken.

22nd Sep — Equinox

Equinox is the alignment of the Sun being directly over the Equator of the Earth. Many new energies are released to the Earth on this day. The axis of the Earth – both magnetic and geographic, will also be tweaked further.

Rishis will be building new energy grids around the Earth. These new grids will help to detect and filter out negative energies entering our Earth.

29th Sep — Ananta Chaturdasi

This is the day to worship Lord MahaVishnu. Let us offer our respects and love and then communicate with him. We meditate and receive more energies from Him.

30th Sep — Pournima

The Full Moon Day’s are opportunities for all individuals to cleanse and realign Spiritually. Energies are also available on these days which aid in experiencing Light.

Rishis will also be anchoring and spreading new energies on this day. Many yagnas being conducted by them will also be concluding on this day.

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