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Special Days for Meditation – September 2011

Submitted by on September 1, 2011 – 4 Comments

We had the presence of two personalities — Goddess Mahalakshmi and Lord Krishna in the month of August where they carried out many important works. They also counselled the entire humanity and conducted astral workshops for many individuals to help them in their Spiritual journey. In fact, Goddess Mahalakshmi stayed on Earth for an additional 10 days in order to initiate many new projects.

September brings us the presence of Lord Ganesha, followed by the energies of Lord MahaVishnu and those of Adi Shakthi during Navrathri. This month also has an important Equinox and the beginning of the 6th Mayan Night. The comet Elenin is expected to whizz past our Earth towards the end of this month, and as usual, there are predictions of massive Earth changes and doomsday scenarios in some circles. Such drastic events will not happen now.

September is also the month of the festival Onam (on the 9th) which celebrates the homecoming of King Mahabali, and the Teachers day, where we honour all the teachers and guides who’ve shaped our lives. All these occasions make it a special month of opportunities for spiritual growth.

The Special days for meditations in this month are:

 September 1 – Ganesh Chaturti

The fourth day of the lunar month – Bhadrapada is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha. An amsha of Lord Ganesha comes down to Earth on this day and stays here for 10 days — until 11th of September this year.

Traditionally in India, a clay idol of Lord Ganesha is worshipped for 10 days before it is immersed in water. The spiritual significance is that the idol absorbs the energies of Lord Ganesha during worship. After 10 days, when the amsha returns to the divine realms, the idol is immersed in a fresh water source so that the absorbed energies mix with the water. When this water is used for agriculture, the energies help to produce a good harvest and healthy food for consumption.

Whenever a new project is started, Lord Ganesha is worshipped and His energies are invoked as they help in removing the obstacles, thus assisting the successful completion of the project.

Lord Ganesha will be bringing a lot of new energies which heal and help in establishing peace on our Earth. He will continue many of the works initiated earlier by Lord Krishna and Goddess Mahalakshmi. He will also conduct astral workshops and help everyone move towards Light. We can consciously connect to Him and be aware of His presence for this duration of 10 days.

 September 11 – Worship of Anant Padmanabha

Anant Padmanabha is the form of Mahavishnu in a sleeping posture.

The energies from Mahavishnu will be present on our Earth for 10 days, starting from this day. Lord Mahavishnu is expected to take up a lot of work to reduce darkness and evil on our Planet in this duration.

Let us be aware of His presence and also absorb His energies by our regular spiritual practices.

 September 12 – Pournima

As on all Full Moon days, an abundance of energies to help us in our Spiritual pursuits are available on this day. The Rishis advice all of us to make stronger resolutions on this day and to experience a lot of Light.

 September 13 to 26 – Pitru Paksha

These 14 days are meant to connect with our departed elders. These elders may have taken birth in another place or be in another galaxy and hence it is not possible to contact them directly. There are special beings called as “Pitru’s” who help us in this. They carry the energies and love we express to the departed ones.

 September 22 – Inner Earth Sun day

The Inner Earth Sun is a strong radiant energy field inside the earth. On this day, a lot of work will be carried out by the Rishis and Lightworkers to anchor new energies and further cleanse the earth.

 September 23 – Equinox

Equinox is the day when the Sun is directly over the equator. This day will mark many major changes on Earth and there will be a shift. The Pralaya processes will also intensify further. The duration of a day will get compressed further.

 September 23 to 26 – Beginning of the Sixth night (Mayan Calendar)

The shift towards the Light Age has been marked into 9 days and 9 nights in the Mayan Calendar where the time period in the initial phase is for millions of years reducing drastically towards the end. As per this calendar, the sixth night begins on the 23rd of September and hence there will be some major energy shifts on this day.

 September 27 – Mahalaya Amavasya

The ‘Pitru Paksha’ which helps us connect with our departed elders, culminates on this special Amavasya. That activity can be done more intensely on this day. The purpose of connecting with the departed ancestors is to express our Love for them and also to learn from their Wisdom.

 September 28 – Navaratri begins

Navaratri means a period of 9 days. This is the period when the energies of Adi Shakti descend to our Earth. The Goddess is worshiped in 9 different forms on these 9 days. The energies from the Goddess are available in abundance and anyone can easily experience Her.

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  • RN Murthy says:

    Dear Vishwaamara team,

    You are wonderfully updating us so nicely, no words to express our love and very nice of you to say that Mahalaxmi stayed for another 10 days….

    Thank you
    Luv, light and bliss..

  • philomena says:

    Dear spiritual rishi friends

    Thanks for this information, especially about pitru. Is there any practice that will help in clearing any deva/devi dosha karma.

    Love and light

  • Vidhya says:

    On this auspicious day, I express my gratitude to Karthik and Kavitha for educating the importance of every day in month.This keeps me aligned with Light and to progess spritually.

    Love and Peace

  • Shikha says:

    Dear VishwaAmara Team,

    Thank you so much for providing this very timely and apt information. The month of September is going to be so rich, every day has spiritual significance. A great treasure for every spiritual aspirant. Gratitude.

    Divine Love,

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