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Special Days for Meditation — October 2023

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Pitru Paksha, Navaratri and the two Eclipses define this October. This is the period to connect to our ancestors, work on healing various karmas and experience Devi Adi Shakti.

The energies this month can help us to strengthen some of the important Spiritual aspects within us— being Grateful, Love, Compassion, Kindness and importantly Acceptance.

The aspects of Divinity are also very prominent. The various energies released during the course of the month help us to experience different layers of this Divinity. In parallel, it also strengthens our connection to the period and aids us in navigating the tricky portions of the Pralaya period.

During Pitru Paksha, other than helping humanity with healing various ancestral issues, the Pitru Devatas will also help us to deal with the Manomaya Kosha (Mind). They have been anchoring many special energies for this purpose.

The Pitru Devatas are also focusing on helping humanity overcome the obstacles of the Pralaya period and anchoring energies relating to this aspect. For this who are open, and are consciously manifesting Spirituality in their lives, they will be aided to overcome the obstacles and difficulties of the period with much ease, and in a spiritual way.

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The Rishis will also focus on the Mental health of humanity. One of their main observations is that most of the mental health issues of an individual can be dealt with easily if they can start manifesting more Gratitude in their lives. Being grateful also connects to other Spiritual aspects like Kindness and Love, and these can strengthen the positivity within, calm the stress and give space for more joy and happiness to flourish.

In fact, after a lot of experimenting and Tapas, Rishis have found the different ways in which Gratitude can change the most toxic and negative atmosphere into a loving and non-judgemental one.

They also discovered various ways in which Gratitude can heal the most crippled situations. Gratitude along with healing our emotions, also unwires negativity, and protects us from gathering unwanted karmas. These ensure a much healthier Mental state.

We can begin the practice of Gratitude with a few simple steps like that of Journaling. Daily reflect on your life and start identifying three incidents that you are grateful for. The more you do this, the more you connect to the positive aspects of your life. And when noting them down, really experience the gratitude in these occurrences.

In addition to this, keep experiencing Green and Purple Light in your physical and Mental bodies. You can repeat “Om”. We can also strengthen our affirmations and connect to them.

These initial steps will help you initiate the journey of being Grateful and strengthening Positivity.

••      ••       ••

The two eclipses this month will be healing, nurturing and coerce humanity to open up to Divine help. The energies will also help us to see beyond the ego of humanity and allow us to connect to the Spiritual Principles.

We also will have the energies and Light from Devi Adi Shakti. She will release new energies each day. The Rishis will be working with Her for the next year as well.

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The special days in October are—

14th October — Mahalaya Amavasya
                         Solar Eclipse — 8:33pm to 2:25am (15th) IST

The duration of the Eclipse is between 15:03 to 20:55 UT

Mahalaya Amavasya is the last day of the Pitru Paksha and an important occasion. Meditate more on this day. The energies will help you burn various tough karmas and improve your health.

We also have the Solar Eclipse on this day. The energies of the Eclipse are influenced by the Pitru Devatas, the Eclipse energies and Adi Shakti. Lord Kalki will be initiating various new projects on this day. The energies of the Eclipse will also set a base for the upcoming year.

There are chances that the individual will receive messages as Intuition or in the form of energies. Note them down. These will be personal guidance to each individual from the Divine.

15th Oct to 24th Oct — Navaratri
       22nd Oct— Durga Ashtami
       23rd Oct — MahaNavami
       24th Oct — Vijaya Dasami

The ten days of the presence of Devi Adi Shakti are amazing for experiencing the Divine energies and Light and for strengthening our Sadhana. This Navaratri is also between two Eclipses which magnify the energies on Earth. Spend as much time as possible in Meditation, introspection and strengthening your Spiritual aspects.

The Rishis mention that during this period, Devi Adi Shakti will release energies relating to valour, justice, healing, nurturing, embracing, acceptance, and overcoming shortcomings. The energies will also help us deal with the Pralaya period.

Be mindful of these aspects, make efforts to connect to them and implement them in your lives. The energies will hasten and intensify these aspects within.

The energies of Devi Adi Shakti will also help with various spiritual and material benefits, and in balancing these aspects.

Devi Adi Shakti will work extensively with Lord Kalki and Devi Padmavati.

During this period, Devi Adi Shakti will also be anchoring her energies and Light across the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy. (The Rishis mention that these galaxies are usually very receptive to Amshas and Avataras and they generally love to work with them)

During the occasion of MahaNavami, practice Lighting the Home with bright Golden Light. Energies your home, all your belongings and if you have time, your workplace as well.

On Maha Navami and Vijaya Dasami, Fill yourself with Light and keep experiencing. The Self Lighting is a wonderful way to utilize the occasion.

28th Oct — Purnima
                  Lunar Eclipse — 11:31pm to 3:56am (29th) IST

The duration of the Eclipse is from 18:01 to 22:26 UT

This Lunar Eclipse is called as the Gratitude Eclipse by the Rishis. An abundance of energies relating to Gratitude and Nurturing will be released during the Eclipse by the Rishis.

The energies will help the individuals (who are open) feel loved by the Divine. For many, there will be an Inner Awakening too.

The energies which will aid Inner Awakening was created by Lord Ganesha when he was here last month. They have been stored by the Rishis and will be released now.

In the present period, there is a lot of chaos, turbulence and confusion prevalent in most people’s lives. The energies of the Lunar Eclipse will help in dealing with these issues directly. The Eclipse will also help strengthen our Sankalpa/affirmations.

Meditate and absorb the energies to experience these benefits. The Eclipse energies also come with their own Intelligence, Wisdom and information.

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