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Special Days for Meditation — October 2020

Submitted by on September 30, 2020 – 3 Comments

In the present period, the pandemic has been the medium through which much of the individual buttons have been pushed— the insecurities, fear, apprehension about the future, instability of emotions and most importantly, our belief system. It is also exposing the cynicism and reckless in many individuals. We can utilize these as opportunities to change and grow. The external factors can hasten aspects of transformation that would have otherwise been a long and difficult process.

The Rishis will be invoking a Personality this month to help humanity through this. He is very nurturing and contains a lot of Wisdom. He will help the individuals to make the right choices, take the necessary decisions and outgrow their old patterns. From our end, we need to be open and willing to accept the help, and then follow it up with the required efforts.

The “October Purusha” is much older in age compared to the other Personalities we have had this year and has a lot of feminine energies also within him. When we connect to Him, we can experience the love and nurturing that he has. We will also be able to understand more about the period and what the next decade has to offer.

The Rishis mention that we can understand and learn many things from the Purusha. They ask us to focus on the aspects of living life with positivity and good vibrations, manifesting Spirituality in difficult situations and the ways to tune in and resonate with the ever-changing external reality.

Following is the technique for connecting with October Purusha and experiencing him—

Face North
Duration— 15 to 60 minutes

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

First offer your love, respects and gratitude to October Purusha. You can also place your prayers and concerns to Him.

Then imagine bright Bluish-Pink Light coming from October Purusha and allow the Light to fill you slowly and gradually. Experience for some time.

Then extend the same Light to your insecurities, low level of patience, negative thoughts and actions, and have a strong intent that these aspects absorb the Light and get dissolved in it.

Then extend the Light to your Heart and imagine the Light to heal and nurture you. Keep experiencing the Light throughout.

Repeat the mantra “Om Dasha Purusha Mangalaya, Naina Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

••      ••       ••

We will have the presence of Goddess Adi Shakti during Navaratri. We can connect to Her or to her various Forms and experience. During Her presence here, the Rishis and October Purusha will be working with her on various projects.

Devi Adi Shakti will also be bringing many special energies from Devi Loka and anchoring them on Earth. The Rishis mention that she will also bring special energies from certain priceless Gems present in Her Loka. These energies will reward the individuals for their hard work and service to humanity, and punish those who are involved in cheating the innocents for their selfish purposes.

During Her presence here on Earth, let us connect to her love, and to her Light and energies and experience.

••      ••       ••

The Special Days for Meditation are—

1st Oct & 31st Oct — Purnima

The Full Moon Day is a wonderful opportunity for strengthening our Sankalpa, prayers and to focus on our Spirituality. This is also a wonderful day for contemplation and working on balancing our life. The energies also help towards resolving many long term prayers and issues we face.

The Full Moon Day energies are quite strong and many of the Spiritual energies are at their peak. It would be a good day for Meditation and experiencing. Connecting to and experiencing Light, or any Divine Personality is easier on this day compared to others.

Let us pray for strength to accept the changes occurring on Earth and in our lives, and to move along with the transition. Let us also make efforts to manifest more love in this tough period rather than fear. We can also pray for the smooth evolution of humanity.

Practice the following technique on the occasion of Purnima—

Face North
Duration— 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

Then imagine bright Orangish-Golden Light coming from Chandra Deva and imagine the Light to fill you. Imagine the Light to charge you up and shine through you and that your body is getting cleansed.

Then extend the same Light to your daily Sankalpa and prayers and imagine them to get engulfed by the Light.

Repeat the mantra “Om Paripoorna Chandrena, Prachalitha Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

16th Oct — Amavasya

Amavasya is favourable for connecting to our respective ancestors and seeking their blessings. It is also an opportunity to work on issues that arise due to the ancestral karmas. The Amavasya energies help in clearing obstacles and runas associated with the departed elders.

The day is also an opportunity for introspection and contemplation and the energies aid in making the necessary changes. It is also good to reflect on our behaviour and responses, and improve our actions. We can use this opportunity to fine-tune the balance of our spiritual and material aspects of life.

The Amavasya energies also deal with prospects relating to tough situations. The energies help us to accept and embrace them and at times can give solutions and insights on dealing with them.

••      ••       ••

As the period of Navaratri is beginning from the next day, we will be able to experience the energies of Goddess Adi Shakti to some extent.

••      ••       ••

The technique to be practised for Amavasya—

Face North
Duration— 1 hour

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with bright Green Light

Imagine dark-Blue Light coming the Moon (Amavasya energies) and dark Pinkish-Green Light coming from your respective ancestors. Imagine these to fill you completely and experience for some time.

Then extend the same energies to your karmas and runas and imagine them to absorb the energies and dissolve. Imagine the energies to also help you balance the different aspects of your life.

Repeat the mantra “Om Pitru Devata Shaktiyai, Agni-Tirtha Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

17th to 25th Oct — Navaratri
       24th— Durgashtami
       25th— Mahanavami, Vijaya Dasami

We will have the presence of Goddess Adi Shakti for the nine days of Navaratri. Her presence during this period is a huge blessing and brings a lot of hope. The Rishis mention that this year, we can connect to her as Adi Shakti or to any of her different forms.

It will indeed be a privilege for us to experience Her. The main attribute we connect to and experience is the unconditional Love, nurturing and protection. We can also connect to the abundance, the Wisdom and Healing.

The Rishis highlight that beyond all this, Adi Shakti is the Divine Mother. We can connect to her as the Divine Mother and surrender all to Her. The more we are able to experience this, the better we can accept the present Reality and tune-up. We can accept the restlessness within and move ahead with clarity.

Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. Other than this She also has the powers of Inner Calmness. Try to connect to this aspect and experience. The more we can experience this, it helps us with our Mental health, and in turn our physical health.

During these nine days, be in a state of receiving and acceptance. We are generally unaware of how much the Divine wants to offer. Be humble, open and surrender. We will be benefited with guidance and blessings.

On 25th, we have the occasion of Maha Navami and Vijay Dasami. We observe “Ayudha Puja” on MahaNavami. The Pandavas after completing the period of exile worshipped their weapons (Ayudha) on this day and set out to battle to reclaim their lost kingdom. As a remembrance of this occasion and due to the presence of Devi Saraswati, people clean and worship their tools, vehicles and all the regularly used machinery and perform a puja for them.

We can consciously think of all the equipment and tools that have made our life so much easier and better, thank them for serving us and then energise them with the help of Light.

••      ••       ••

Following is the technique that can be practised for Navaratri— 17th to 25th

Face North
Duration— 1 hour

Offer your love, respects and gratitude to Goddess Adi Shakti. You can also worship her different forms on the respective days of Navaratri.

Then imagine bright Pink Light coming from Goddess Adi Shakti and allow this to fill you completely. Experience for some time.

Then extend the same Light to your prayers and concerns. Experience for some time.

Lastly, send the Light to the rest of this year in such a way that it radiates with the Light. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Antarayai, Adi Shaktiyai Namaha” silently.

••      ••       ••

During the Navaratri, it would be very beneficial to every individual if they can practice the “clearing of Arishatvargas” technique. Energies relating to the removal of negativity and shortcomings will be available from Devi Adi Shakti and this technique along with the special energies will yield wonderful results.

••      ••       ••       ••       ••

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