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Special Days for Meditation — October 2013

Submitted by on October 3, 2013 – 5 Comments

This month has an abundance of grace and blessings from the Divine. Many astral works which are being executed since many weeks will continue through this month and humanity will be benefit a lot. The focus of these works is towards the spiritual growth of humanity. From the individual’s side, a sincere intent to grow spiritually and to meditate will help them to align with the energies that are descending. Through our efforts we absorb the energies.

The Equinox in September was very important. The Divine Personalities – Devi, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma were present in a meeting with the Rishis and they had a series of discussions regarding the future of our Earth. Many important decisions were taken and special instructions have been given to the Saptarishis and Vishwamitra Maharshi.

The Rishi-workers and Light-workers will be involved in implementing these decisions at the astral level and the Saptarishis will monitor its manifestation to the physical level.

The lunar eclipse of this month and the solar eclipse of the next month (November) are very important in this context. They will be important flag posts in our transition to the Light Age. Much of these details are not revealed by the Saptarishis.

The period of Navaratri also falls in this month and an amsha of Devi will be present on our Earth. Every day of Navaratri is very important this year. Different energies from Adi Shakti will flow on each of the nine days. Her presence can be felt by all the individuals and it will be easy to connect to with Her during this period.

Many of the pralaya related processes will be hastened at the end of Navaratri and they will intensify further during the eclipses. Humanity will be counselled and warned at the astral level. We have received a lot of grace so far and many of our karmas have been burnt or cancelled by the Higher Intelligence. Such occurrences will reduce and only the very deserving will be given this grace. Others will be forced to go through their karmas to learn the lessons. If they continue with the old and negative ways, action will be taken.

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The important days of October are —

4th Oct Mahalaya Amavasya

The period of ‘Pitru Paksha’ culminates on this special Amavasya. The energies available during the Pitru Paksha help us to connect with our departed elders more easily. This activity can be done with much more intensity and efficiency on this day. The purpose of connecting with the departed ancestors is to express our Love for them and also to learn from their Wisdom.

This day will also be carrying a lot of energies from Adi Shakti. Focus on activities relating to clearing your blocks with respect to the ancestors and on overcoming the negativities.

5th Oct to 13th Oct Navaratri

An amsha of Devi will descend to our Earth and will be present here during the period of Navaratri. She will don many roles – a mother, a tutor, a philosopher and a healer. All the nine days are very special and the energies will be very powerful and Devi will be showering her blessing on the entire humanity.

We can also experience the nine different energies that will flow on each of the days to our earth. Though the energies of Adi Shakti descends on all the nine days, they will contain more percentage of energies from Devi Durga this time as Her presence is required in our Galaxy and our Earth.

The last 4 days of Navaratri usually have more importance. On the 11th of Oct, Saptami, is dedicated to worshipping and experiencing Devi Saraswati and on the 12th, Ashtami, is to worship and experience Devi Durga. The lunar dates of Navami and Dasami (Vijaya Dasami) fall on the 13th of the month, but the Rishis mention that the energies of Devi will be available on the 14th as well. These couple of days are important as many astral works take place and some of them will be manifesting to the physical level too.

We have to make use of all the opportunities presented. The further phase of pralaya will shake our foundations and really test our sincerity and commitment towards the spiritual growth. The aspects of Trust and surrender will help us sail through smoothly.

Devi reiterates the basics to everyone – Meditate more and concentrate on becoming spiritual. During this period, take spiritual oaths, plan clearly on the ways to achieve them and implement it to the best you can. She also reiterates that we should adopt and manifest more of Light in our lives.

Devi also mentions that individually we should experiment and check on how we stand in the various areas of spirituality. We should try to see how much we can experience the aspects of Love, Peace, Unity, Oneness, Abundance and Joy and explore the ways to strengthen these aspects further. Let us also check our ability to share, to donate selflessly, and on being content and still experience abundance with what we have. Finally, let us always experience expandedness and love from within and spread this around.

Devi will be coming to our Earth with a lot of new energies and gifts for humanity. She will be working with the Rishis and executing many projects relating to our transition to the Light Age. She will also take action against the dark.

18th Oct Purnima

The intense churnings of Pralaya help in exposing the negativities and wrong doings, both at the individual and global levels. This happens so that they can be easily identified and a corrective action can be taken. Henceforth, even the good works and positives across the world will gradually begin to get highlighted. At the individual level, our Sadhana and good work will be appreciated and rewarded by the Higher Intelligence.

The energies of the full moon day and that of the eclipse will be at its peak and it is a very opportune moment to take spiritual oaths and strengthen our focus in the spiritual areas. The Rishis highlight that we need to take oaths not only for ourselves but also for the well being of the entire humanity.

The pralaya processes will also be further intensified and it will be felt by everyone.

19th Oct Lunar Eclipse
  3:18am to 7:22am (IST)
  21:48 (18th) to 1:52 (19th) UT/GMT

This eclipse is important for everyone at the individual level. The choices of the individual will decide their future. A very important work that will be executed on this day which have have long reaching consequences for everyone. The karmic charts of everyone will be redone by the Higher Intelligence on this day. For those who choose to become spiritual, some of the karmas will be erased and burnt, and some of them will be made dormant. This will help in hastening up their progress. For those who are unwilling to transform, the karmas will be allowed to manifest. This along with the effects of the Pralaya energies will make the individuals undergo large amounts of turmoil ahead.

 We shall try to meditate during the entire duration of the eclipse. This helps us to absorb more of the eclipse energies.

The Rishis have been advising physical exercises regularly since the beginning of the year. It helps in removing the old and grosser energies from the system. The Rishis mention that the individuals who exercise regularly will be able to absorb more of the eclipse energies and this is very important for the smooth journey of the individual through the pralaya period.

Before Meditation, pray and request your physical body to absorb more energy. This should help to some extent.

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