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Special Days for Meditation — October 2012

Submitted by on October 1, 2012 – 2 Comments

The Photon Belt is an inter-stellar Energy field in Space, through which our Earth, Solar system and the Sun pass through, as the Sun moves around a bigger star, Alcyone. It is a field of higher vibrations and purity. Because of our transition into the Light Age, this Photon Belt has been strengthened by the Higher Intelligence with many new Energies over the past few years. Newer Energies were added to the field in the last few months too and strengthened further.

The Earth came under its influence (aura) by the end of 2009 and since then, the Photon Belt has been influencing our Planet. This influence will intensify henceforth as we are moving into the field gradually. The energies of the Photon belt will coerce the entire Humanity to positivise further and transform.

October also brings us the presence of Devi Adi Shakti during the period of Navaratri. Special energies from the Goddess will be released to all individuals.

The Pralaya processes will intensify further. One of the major advices from the Rishis to all of humanity is to plan, take decisions and then firmly follow through. Otherwise the pralaya energies will lead to further confusions. The Rishis also advise us to positivise and move towards Spirituality.

This period opens new opportunities and doorways to all individuals. It is up to us to make the best use of these gifts.

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The Special days for meditations in the month of October are:

15th Oct — Mahalaya Amavasya

The New Moon day is usually an occasion to introspect and also to connect with our departed elders. Mahalaya Amavasya is a very special occasion for this activity as the energies are more conducive and supportive. We can connect with our departed ancestors and express our Love and gratitude. In deep Meditations, it is also possible for us to learn from their Wisdom.

Many new energies will be released on this day.

16th to 24th Oct —  Navaratri

Navaratri means 9 days. This is the period when the energies of the Divine Mother, Adi Shakti descend to our Earth. The Goddess is worshiped in 9 different forms on these 9 days. Her Energies will be available in abundance, making it easy for anyone to experience Her.

The new energies will also bring an abundance of new opportunities in our lives. Let us regularise our Sadhana and accelerate our movement towards becoming Spiritual. If possible, let us meditate more during this entire period. Let us also absorb more of the newer energies and allow them to expand and manifest into our living. This will assist in the replacement of the old energies in our system with the newer ones.

21st Oct — Worship of Devi Saraswati
22nd Oct — Durga Astami


23rd Oct — Maha Navami / Ayudha Puja

About 5000 years ago the Pandavas, after completing 13 years of exile, worshipped their weapons and chariots and set out to battle to reclaim their lost kingdom. As a remembrance of this occasion and due to the presence of Devi Saraswati – the Goddess of learning, people clean and worship their tools, vehicles and all the regularly used machinery like televisions, computers etc.

We consciously think of all the equipments and tools that have made our life so much easier and better, thank them for serving us and then energise them with the help of Light.

This is the day to remember the presence of God even in seemingly non-living things.

24th Oct — Vijaya Dasami

Vijaya Dashami is the day when Lord Rama defeated and killed Ravana in an epic battle. It is said that he worshipped Goddess Adi Shakti for nine days, and with the help of Her energies, destroyed the demon on the tenth day. This day stands as a symbol for the victory of the forces of Light over the forces of Darkness.

Many new energies will again be released on this day. Spend more time in meditation and introspection on this day.

29th Oct — Pournima, Birthday of Maharshi Valmiki

The Full moon Day or Pournima is the day when all energies are at their maximum potency. Because of this factor, this day is very good for both material and spiritual activities.

On this day, we are blessed by the Divine for any of our good deeds. Rishis say that this is a very good occasion for Meditation, Prayers, Inner Healing and Positivising because the Spiritual Energies are at their best.

Valmiki Jayanti —

Maharshi Valmiki is famous for writing the epic Ramayana –the story of Lord Rama. It is said that the sage witnessed a bird felled by a hunter’s arrow and, unable to bear the suffering of the dying bird, uttered a verse which became the starting point of the epic poem. The Rishis say that Maharshi Valmiki experienced Lord Rama, received the knowledge from the Lord Himself at the astral level and then composed this epic.

This great Rishi has also given us one of the Light principles along with Purushothama Maharshi, which states: Balance the Material and Spiritual Aspects by Surrendering to God.

The spiritual and material parts are two facets of anyone’s life and they have to be balanced without ignoring one or favouring the other. The easiest way to do this is to surrender to the Supreme Intelligence and allow Him to guide in achieving this balance.

As we celebrate Maharshi Valmiki’s birthday on this day and offer him our respects, let us consciously follow the principle that he has lovingly given us. Let us surrender to Light and lead a balanced life filled with spiritual and material riches.

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