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Special Days for Meditation – October 2011

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The comet Elenin is passing through our Solar system and is moving closer to the Sun. It has caused no destruction until now as a few doomsday prophets had warned us. Now, on its return journey from around the Sun, there is a new date in October where similar predictions are made. From the spiritual angle, all such astronomical events are important as they bring us new energies, which can be absorbed by meditations and positive intent. We need to focus our attention on our growth instead of paying heed to false prophesies, which feed on the fear and paranoia of the masses.

October begins in the auspicious period of Navrathri, the nine day worship of the Supreme Mother Adishakthi, whose amsha stays on our Earth for the entire duration. The four month austere period of Chatrumasa also concludes in October. Towards the end of the month, the festival of Lights, Diwali, is celebrated along with the worship of Goddess Mahalakshmi. The joy, colour and warmth of these occasions are a fitting welcome for the long winter months ahead.

As we move closer towards the Light Age, let us resolve to make Light a formidable presence in our lives. Let us take the help of Light in every moment and every situation of our existence. The articles in the ongoing ‘Light Series’ at VishwaAmara contain invaluable knowledge and inspiration from the Rishis towards this effort. Let us absorb this knowledge and start living in Light, now itself.

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The Special days for meditation in October are:

October 4 – Durga Astami

The Navaratri is an occasion to worship Adi Shakti in different forms. On the 8th day, a lot of energies from Her will be anchored on Earth by the Rishis and their workers. Let us be aware of this. We can absorb more of these energies in our meditations.

It is also easier to connect to Goddress Durga and interact with Her on this day.

 October 5 – Worship of Devi Saraswati and Ayudha Puja

The energies of Devi Saraswati will be available on Earth from 3rd to 5th of October. These energies help us acquire new skills and strengthen our Intellect. Her energies are also invoked before we learn new things.

Ayudha Puja is also celebrated on this day. This was the day 5000 years ago when Pandavas, the heroes of Mahabharata, after completing their 13 years of Exile, worshipped their weapons and chariots and set out to battle to reclaim their lost kingdom. As a remembrance of this occasion, people clean their tools, vehicles and all the machinery used regularly like the televisions, computers etc which help in their daily lives. We consciously think of them, thank them for serving us and then energise them with the help of Light.

This is also the day to remember the presence of God even in seemingly non-living things.

October 6 – Vijaya Dasami

Vijaya Dashami is the day when Lord Rama defeated and destroyed Ravana in an epic battle. It is said that he worshipped Adishakti for nine days, and with the help of her energies, destroyed the demon on the tenth day. This day stands as a symbol of the victory of the forces of Light over the forces of Darkness.

This year, on the invitation from the Saptarishis, many personalities will be coming to Earth on this day, hence special arrangements for this are underway. These personalities will be passing many special energies to the entire humanity and this will mark a definite shift in our transition towards the Light Age.

October 11 – Pournima, Valmiki Jayanti

The Full moon Day or Pournima is the day when all energies are at their maximum potency. Because of this factor, this day is very good for both material and spiritual activities.

On this day, we are blessed by the Divine for any of the good deeds we do. Rishis say that it’s a very good day for Meditation, Prayers, Inner Healing and Positivising because the Spiritual Energies are at their best.

Valmiki Jayanti 

Maharshi Valmiki is famous for writing the epic Ramayana –the story of Lord Rama. It is said that the sage witnessed a bird felled by a hunter’s arrow and, unable to bear the suffering of the dying bird, uttered a verse which became the starting point of the epic poem. The Rishis say that Maharshi Valmiki experienced Lord Rama, received the knowledge from the Lord Himself at the astral level and then composed this epic.

This great Rishi has also given us one of the Light principles along with Purushothama Maharshi, which states: Balance the Material and Spiritual Aspects by Surrendering to God.

The spiritual and material parts are two facets of anyone’s life and they have to be balanced without ignoring one or favouring the other. The easiest way to do this is to surrender to the Supreme Intelligence and allow Him to guide in achieving this balance.

As we celebrate his birthday on this day and offer him our respects, let us consciously follow the principle that he has lovingly given us. Let us surrender to Light and lead a balanced life filled with spiritual and material riches.

October 26 – Amavasya, Diwali, Lakshmi Puja

This is a day we go within to introspect, contemplate and learn.

This is also a day where we can connect with our departed elders and ancestors easily. We connect with them mainly to express our Love, and also to learn from them and apply the Wisdom in our lives.

A simple way of doing this is to take the help of Light. We sit down like in Meditations facing North. We imagine a golden ball of Light collecting in our mentally extended hands for about 2 minutes. We then link up to our elders and ancestors with our strong intent and then offer this ball of Light to them.

Experience the golden Light that we offered to the elders for 7 minutes. Through this Golden Light, we will be able to interact with them.


The tradition of the festival of Diwali began in the times of Lord Rama when the people of Ayodhya celebrated the return of their beloved king after he killed Ravana and rescued Sita (on Vijaya Dasami day). The people decorated the entire city with lamps and celebrated this joyous occasion by bursting crackers.

The tradition of the festival continues even now where the festival of lights is celebrated for three days across India. People greet their relatives and friends, share sweets, decorate their houses with soft glowing lamps and burst fire crackers.

The new moon day, is the day of return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya.

The preceding day is known as Naraka Chaturdashi. This was the day when the evil rakshasa, Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna. The victory of God’s Light over the darkness of the demon is celebrated on this day.

The day following the New Moon day is known as Bali Padyami. It is the first day of the new month, which commemorates the defeat of the demon king Bali at the hands of Vamana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Mythology tells the tale of the righteous but power hungry king, who was pushed down to the netherworlds by a small boy, Vamana, who was the Lord Himself. It is said that the king returns to Earth from the underworld on this day and is worshiped and given a farewell.

These 3 occasions are symbolic of the victory of Light over darkness and hence also known as the festival of Lights. This is the occasion when energies are available to remove the darkness present within us and replace it with God’s Light and purity.

Lakshmi Pooja 

During this occasion, the energies of Goddess Mahalakshmi are available on Earth, at its peak in the evening of the New Moon Day. She is the Goddess of both the Material and Spiritual wealth. Let us all link and talk to her and gain knowledge and energies. Let us also pray not only for ourselves but also for the entire world.

Her energies will be available on our Earth for 10 days (26th to 4th Nov). We can make use of Her presence by meditating more and absorbing these sacred energies.

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