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Special Days for Meditation — November 2019

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The Rishis have been emphasizing on connecting to Light and experiencing it, for a long time. This is an important part of our Spiritual practice. Light is the formless aspect of God and the more we connect to it, the better we establish a relation and intimacy with God.

The simplest way to do this is to imagine a lot of Golden Light within you and then keep experiencing it. Then we connect to it as and when we remember, and strengthen our awareness of it. This may begin as a practice or a technique, but becomes a natural part of our life in due course. Establishing this connection is vital as we progress ahead.

Through this connection, we can start experiencing and manifesting all the qualities of Light, which is the purpose of our Spiritual efforts and practice. We can always seek guidance and help in all areas from Light. And this continues till we become Light.

Light carries all the Spiritual qualities. Experiencing one quality leads to adoption and manifesting of numerous others. For example, when we begin to experience and manifest Love in our life, we automatically start becoming patient, tolerant and accommodative. The more we are able to adopt this, the more Peaceful and happy we become. Similarly it leads further into manifesting other aspects as well.

The next phase of experiencing Light is connecting to our Soul and experiencing it. Beginning with this aspect is more difficult and it is better to practice experiencing Light first. There is a lot of Light, guidance and assistance available within.

Connecting to the Inner Self will be a different experience for each individual in the beginning. It may vary from connecting to the kindness, to hardwork, to compassion and empathy. As we spend more time in this (over months and years) we begin to experience the Love and the Light. It will then gradually expand to other areas like that of Stillness to the Expandedness, the multiple aspects of Light to Oneness.

The more we connect and tune, our Awareness merges and experiences all these and we will be able to gradually manifest all that to the physical level.

•       •       •

We are in the phase after Chatur-Masa (four months) which is meant for assimilating the energies, contemplation and stabilising. The previous few month have been intense with numerous energies and a wealth of knowledge from the Divine. During this period, we spend quality time in our Meditation so that the energies can properly assimilate within and we can tune up.

Tuning up requires us to shift ourselves mentally and intellectually to the vibrations of the energies we gathered so that we can make best use of it. Part of the tuning up also involves contemplation and conscious efforts. We reflect on various areas of ourselves; on what we were to where we are presently and analyse any incremental progress. Based in this we strengthen our efforts in the areas we fell short.

As mentioned earlier, strengthening our connection to Light is important. Let us focus on this aspect and make renewed efforts.

There are not many special occasions by themselves this month, but many new energies will be released by the Rishis through the month. These energies will prepare us for the period ahead where we will have the Shunya Masa and a couple of important Eclipses.

In the last few months, many Astral works were carried out by the Rishis and Divine Personalities. Various ongoing process were tuned and a multitude of new and important energies were also anchored across the Earth by them.

During this period, the Rishis and the workers will be observing its impact on the Earth and on humanity and make necessary adjustments if required. Most importantly, they will observe humanity response the energies and the messages transmitted to all at the astral level. Based on the observations, the next set of decision will be taken by the Rishis at the end of Shunya Masa.

•       •       •

On the 11th of November, the planet Mercury will transit across the face of the Sun. Normally during such times, special energies are released. The transit happens roughly between 6:05pm and 11:35pm IST (12:35 to 18:05 GMT/UT). You can tune into this event at that time and meditate.

•       •       •

The Special days of November are –

12th Nov — Purnima

The Full Moon Day is a wonderful opportunity for strengthening our Sankalpa, prayers and to focus on our Spirituality. Pray for strength to accept the changes occurring on Earth and in our lives and to move along with the transition. This is also a wonderful day for contemplation and working on Balancing our life.

The Full Moon Day energies are quite strong and many of the Spiritual energies are at their peak. It would be a good day for Meditation and experiencing. Connecting to and experiencing Light, or any Divine Personality is easier on this day compared to others.

We can practice the following technique on this day –

Face North
Duration – 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Golden Light.

Then imagine bright-Golden Light coming from Chandra Deva (Moon God) and filling your physical body. Experience for some time. Then extend the same Light to your Spiritual pursuits, Prayers and Sankalpa, and finally to your Sadhana.

Keep sending the Light throughout the Meditation and experience it. Repeat the mantra “Om Chandra Svarna Shaktiyai, Shresta Brahmaya Namaha” silently.


26th Nov — Amavasya

This day is favourable for connecting to our respective ancestors and seeking their blessings. It is also an opportunity to work on issues that arise due to the ancestral karmas. The Amavasya energies help in clearing obstacles and runas associated with the departed elders.

The day is also an opportunity for introspection and contemplation and the energies aid in making the necessary changes.

We can practice the following technique to experience the Amavasya energies-

Face North
Duration – 1 hour

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with light-Blue Light

Pray to your ancestors for their blessings, guidance and also for ways to grow and evolve better.

Imagine bright light-Blue Light coming from the Moon and light-Green Light coming from your ancestors. Allow these energies to fill your entire body slowly and gradually. Experience for a couple of minutes and then imagine the body to be radiating and shining in this Light.

Then extend the same energies to your decisions and actions, behaviour and thought processes.

Keep experiencing this throughout the meditation. Repeat the mantra “Om Chandra Shaktiyai, Pitru Haritha Tejasayai Namaha”

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