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Special Days for Meditation — November 2017

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Wonderful energies are available this month for Meditation, though there are less specific occasions. This is the period to assimilate and make optimum utilization of the energies and also equip ourselves better.

Like the previous month, the Rishis will be anchoring and releasing energies from all the planets of our Solar System this month also. This is the second phase of the project. This will help more old energies to release from the Earth. The effects will also influence the weather patterns.

Many changes are expected to happen by the end of the year. Connect to the Purusha and Shakti of 2017 for their blessings as well as for individual guidance and further instructions and directions.

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After Diwali, the Rishis have introduced various energies. These will hasten the “value of Time” rather than the pace itself. This is to aid better functionality and quality.

The impact of this will vary across different parts of the Earth. There are areas where the impact of Pralaya will have to be more compared to other places. The Rishis want to distribute the effect of Time and the value of Time equally and reduce the impact of Pralaya.

The Rishis are giving a powerful technique that all can practice. This technique helps in accepting and absorbing the right amount of energies available on Earth. It also enhances our growth during this period.

It will also help the individual to understand this period better and go through the Pralaya phase more smoothly.

Technique –

Face North
Duration – 24 to 60 minutes

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light.

Then pray to Time, to Light and to the Rishis.

Imagine dark-Purplish-Blue Light coming from above and from the Time and Period of that particular year. Allow the Light to fill you and keep experiencing this throughout the Meditation.

Repeat the mantra “Om Samaya Prapthi Prakashaya Namaha” silently.


The technique can be practiced even while travelling/ working which doesn’t require much attention. But sitting and practicing is definitely more effective.

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The Special Days for Meditation in November are—

4th November — Purnima

The energies of Purnima will help us strengthen our spiritual pursuits. It also consists of a lot of guidance and assistance which we can tap into through our Meditation. We have to be open and accept them.

The energies also help us to balance our life and purpose and many valuable lessons can be understood. When we genuinely try to connect to the energies, we will get a sense of what the period is trying to inform us.

We can practice the following special technique on Purnima.

Face North-East
Duration – 1hour

First practice 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Golden Light.

Then offer your regards and respects to Chandra Deva (Moon God).

Then imagine light-Violet Light coming from above and allow this Light to fill your entire body gradually. Imagine the Light to fill every cell in the body.

Then imagine the Light to fill your astral body. Let each of the koshas be filled with the light-Violet Light.

Keep experiencing this Light and mediate. As you progress imagine the Light to be radiating from you and yourself shining with this Light.

Repeat the mantra “Om Sanketha Shakti Prakashaya Namaha” silently for the entire duration.


18th November — Amavasya

The energies on the New Moon day help us to connect to our ancestors more easily and therefore aid in clearing the runas and karmas related to them.

It also enforces the value and energies of Satya Yuga and systematises our life. It is also easier to work on our insecurities and fears that we have embedded deep within. It gives opportunities to identify and accept them so that we can work further on them.

Overall, the energies of Amavasya helps us to connect to many unknown areas of ourselves as well as identify them. This is vital for our spiritual growth and development. Connect to the energies, meditate more and pray for a balance in our life.

Technique to be practiced on Amavasya—

Face North-East
Duration – 1 hour

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with light-Blue Light.

Then imagine Golden Light coming from above and Greenish-Blue Light coming from our ancestors and allow these energies to fill your entire body slowly and gradually. Experience for a couple of minutes.

Then with your intention, send the Light to any difficult situation you are facing. Keep sending the Light for the entire duration of the Meditation.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Viryayai, Chandrena Shaktiyai, Tejasayai Namaha” silently.

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