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Special Days for Meditation – November 2010

Submitted by on November 1, 2010 – 4 Comments

November is the doorway to the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere. The trees begin shedding their leaves, as the wind starts getting cooler, hinting at the cold frozen months waiting ahead. The days begin getting shorter and gloomy. Clear starry nights lead to frosty, misty dawns. Warm pullovers shake off the dust accumulated over months to get a new life.

Spiritually, this month is when a lot of new energies flow from different parts of the Creation. Maximum Spiritual and material benefits can be gained this month. This month has golden opportunities to experience Light and gain a lot of knowledge and Wisdom.

There is a lunar eclipse in December (21st) and a solar eclipse in January. The effects from the energies of these eclipses begin during this month itself and slowly intensifying, as the month progresses.

November 3 – Beginning of the 7th Day of the Galactic underworld

On this day, the process of absorption of the old energies and release of the new energies by the Golden Solar Disks and the places connected to the Galactic Centre, begin.

For the individuals who are open to the new energies, the processes of replacing the old and worn out cells in our physical body with new ones gets initiated.

On this day, let us all connect to the Galactic Centre, preferably at 12 noon and pray for positive changes to occur on our Mother Earth.

November 5th, 6th and 7th – Diwali and Lakshmi Pooja

The tradition of the festival of Diwali began in the times of Lord Rama when the people of Ayodhya celebrated the return of their beloved king after he killed Ravana and rescued Sita (on Vijaya Dasami day). The people decorated the entire city with lamps and celebrated this joyous occasion by bursting crackers.

The tradition of the festival continues even now where the festival of lights is celebrated for three days across India. People greet their relatives and friends, share sweets, decorate their houses with soft glowing lamps and burst fire crackers.

The new moon day, is the day of return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya.

The preceding day is known as Naraka Chaturdashi. This was the day when the evil rakshasa, Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna. The victory of God’s Light over the darkness of the demon is still celebrated.

The following day to the New Moon day is known as Bali Padyami. It is the first day of the new month, which commemorates the defeat of the demon king Bali at the hands of Vamana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Mythology tells the tale of the righteous but power hungry king, who was pushed down to the netherworlds by a small boy, Vamana, who was the Lord Himself. It is said that the king returns to Earth from the underworld on this day and is worshiped and given a farewell.

These 3 occasions are symbolic of the victory of Light over darkness and hence also known as the festival of Lights. This is the occasion when energies are available to remove the darkness present within us and replace it with God’s Light and purity.

◊       ◊       ◊

Lakshmi Pooja – During this occasion, the energies of Goddess Mahalakshmi is available on the earth. She is the Goddess of both the material and Spiritual wealth. Let us all link and talk to her and gain knowledge and energies. Let us also pray not only for ourselves but also for the entire world.

Her energies will be available on the earth for 10 days (5th to 14th). We can all make use of this opportunity.

November 6 – Amavasya

This is a day we go within to introspect, contemplate and learn.

This is also a day where we can connect with our departed elders and ancestors easily. We connect with them mainly to express our Love, and also to learn from them and apply the Wisdom in our lives.

A simple way of doing this is to take the help of Light. We sit down like in Meditations facing North. We imagine a golden ball of Light collecting in our mentally extended hands for about 2 minutes. We then link up to our elders and ancestors with our strong intent and then offer this ball of Light to them.

Experience the golden Light that we offered to the elders for 7 minutes. Through this Golden Light, we will be able to interact with them.

November 13 – Star Alignment with Sualocin

Sualocin (Alpha Delphini) is a star of the Delphinus constellation and on this day, the star is in direct alignment with our Earth. Rishis say that on this day, due to the availability of energies from this star, it is a very auspicious day and they will be initiating a lot of new activities. Apart from that, a lot of new energies will be released to the Earth. The energies will also facilitate the birth of many new Souls on our Earth.

In the individuals, many churning process will be initiated which help us to move towards the newer energies and Light.

November 21 – Pournima, Shiva Deepa and Inner Earth Day

Pournima (Full moon day) – The Full moon Day is when all energies are at their maximum potency. Because of this factor, this day is very good for both material and spiritual activities.

On this day, we are blessed by the Divine for any of the good deeds we do. Rishis say that it’s a very good day for Meditation, Prayers, Inner Healing and Positivising because the Spiritual Energies are at their best.

On this day, Spiritual works like anchoring of energies can be successfully done as there will be a direct guidance from the Source God, ParaBrahma Himself. All spiritual activities can be easily accomplished because they evoke the grace of God Himself.

◊       ◊       ◊

Shiva Deepa – This occasion is also known by the name of ‘Karthigai’ in South India. On this day, special energies from Shiva Loka are available. These special energies help us to glow with Light, transform and be like divine beings.

◊       ◊       ◊

Inner Earth Day – This occasion has energies that helps a lot of inner healing to take place.

November 22 – Vishnu Deepa

This day is when special energies from Vaikunta (Vishnu Loka) are available and they help us further to glow with Light.

◊       ◊       ◊

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  • Capt CM Srivastava says:

    Dear Vishwaamara,you have truely transformed us. I thing Lord Kalki has arrived. guide us more.

  • Jith says:

    We peoples are the choosen ones to first to be the members of this site!!
    No doubt!!
    Those who have a destiny will surely comes to this site.

    Love n Light
    Om namah Shivaaya


  • Ninad Phatak says:

    I would like to share the way I was automatically guided towards the spiritual purpose as mentioned above on special dates.
    I had not read this particular page.But on 13th November during meditation I experienced that new energy has helped me to enter into light more and more and I also realized that on inner planes some new process of transformation has begun.Now I read here that on 13th indeed energy was available for it.
    On 21st during meditation I automatically felt like starting inner healing for 10 days and again I read here about the same thing.
    Again on 21st morning before waking up I saw a dream in which I saw myself visiting a Shiva temple and receiving energy from there.Again I read it now on this page about same.
    It is amazing for me once again to realize that LIGHT indeed keeps you on right path and information given here is so correct!

  • NJ says:

    Namaste all,
    I just want to say this is a great website. It is on my favourite bar and it is a great reminder of important prayer and meditation date.
    Many thanks

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