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Special Days for Meditation — May 2019

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We receive an abundance of energies and love from the Divine. We have to be open to receive and accept. Otherwise these energies do not imbibe within. The Divine will not thrust it on us.

The energies are usually tuned for the respective period and to strengthen our Spirituality. They also help us to overcome our issues and problems that we face. Normally, we do not learn from the issues and continue with the old patterns which causes the problems to remain. In such instances, the energies will not help repeatedly.

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The Rishis mention that Pralaya period is testing, and tough situations prevail for many. At such periods, pray to Lord MahaVishnu for his guidance and Blessings. It will definitely help. After the prayer, imagine a lot of Blue Light within you and keep experiencing.

This month is a good period to connect with the 2019 Purusha and experience Him. We can understand a lot more about the year, the importance and also about ourselves. We can also connect to the Love and energies of the Purusha and experience.

Each month, we can also connect to the energies of the respective month. Be open to receive energies, messages and guidance. It will help in both our material and spiritual life.

Let us also hold more Love (Pink Light) in our heart. Regularly practicing this helps immensely. We can also hold more Light and Peace within.

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We will have the occasions of Akshaya Tritiya and Buddha Purnima this month. Both are very important and amazing opportunities to strengthen the Spiritual aspects within. Utilise the opportunity and Meditate more. Absorb the energies and with your sincere intent and affirmations, strengthen your Sadhana.

We shall have an amsha of Lord MahaVishnu on Buddha Purnima. Usually an amsha of Lord MahaVishnu comes with an abundance of Light and energies to deal with the current period. The Rishis also eagerly await His presence so that take his assistance in their work. We too can connect and experience.

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The Special Days for Meditation in May are

4th May — Amavasya

The New Moon Day gives wonderful opportunities for us to silently focus on our spiritual aspects. We receive an abundance of help if we are open, ready and want to receive.

The energies help in contemplation and preparing for the various events and situation’s in the individual’s life. They help us to accept and to gain more inner strength.

Other than this, it is also a wonderful day to connect with our departed ancestors. It is the day to express our love and gratitude to them and also to receive their blessings, energies and wisdom.

We can practice the following technique to experience the Amavasya energies

Face North
Duration – 1 hour

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with light-Blue Light

Pray to your ancestors for their blessings, guidance and also for ways to grow and evolve better.

Imagine bright light-Blue Light coming from the Moon and light-Green Light coming from your ancestors. Allow these energies to fill your entire body slowly and gradually. Experience for a couple of minutes and then imagine the body to be radiating and shining in this Light.

Then extend the same energies to your decisions and actions, behaviour and thought processes.

Keep experiencing this throughout the meditation. Repeat the mantra “Om Chandra Shaktiyai, Pitru Haritha Tejasayai Namaha”


7th May — Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya means abundance. This is an auspicious day when special energies for manifesting abundance in our lives are available on our Earth. The day also symbolises “Radiance”, and “Prosperity”.

On this day, many opportunities are provided to grow spiritually as well as in the material area. It is also the day to make resolutions to pursue both spiritual and material goals. The energies available will help us towards this.

The Akshaya Tritiya energies contain Abundance, Purity and Divineness. When we experience the energies, we also experience a type of Bliss and contentment which further helps in manifesting of the Divine nature from within.

We can practice the following technique to experience the energies of Akshaya Tritiya. Meditate for a longer period if you have time.

Meditate after 11am till 11pm on the 7th May (respective local time)

Face North
Duration – As long as you can.

Begin with Pranayama with light-Blue Light.

First mentally connect to the energies of Abundance, Purity, Love, Prosperity and Contentment. Think of each of these aspects one by one.

Then imagine bright-Golden Light and bright-Blue Light coming from above and filling you completely. Imagine these energies to contain the above aspects and experience them within you for some time.

Then imagine the Energies with the above aspects filling your entire Astral Body too and experience.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Sampathi Tejasayai, Akshaya Shaktiyai Namaha” silently.


18th May — Buddha Purnima

This is a wonderful occasion to connect to and experience Lord MahaVishnu. His energies are very relatable and meant for this period.

We can also connect to Lord Kalki as his energies will be available on Earth to connect and experience.

In the Spiritual picture, the energies of Buddha Purnima emphasises on connecting to the Truth, purity, radiance and Bliss. Consciously connect to these aspects and strengthen it within you. These will further strengthen other aspects within.

It is also a day to be peaceful and spread it around as much as possible to the whole humanity. This begins with the individual first.

Please practice the following technique on this day

Face North
Duration – 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with Blue Light.

Then offer your love, respects and gratitude to Lord MahaVishnu.

Imagine Fluorescent Blue Light coming from Lord MahaVishnu and allow this to fill your entire body slowly and steadily. As more Light fills you, imagine yourself radiating and shining in the Light.

Then extend to same Light to your prayers, wishes and Sankalpa. Imagine these to also shine and radiate with the Light.

Finally extend the same Light to your Soul and keep experiencing the Oneness and the Love of Lord MahaVishnu.

Repeat the mantra “Om MahaVishnave, Mangala Tejasayai Namaha” silently throughout the Meditation.


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