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Special Days for Meditation — May 2018

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“Why should Pralaya be so tough?” is one of the most frequent questions posed to us.

There are numerous processes ongoing all over the world and it is difficult to comprehend all of them logically and explain. In general, the processes of Pralaya forces us to move out of our old ways, and compels us to work on our inner transformation. This is a necessary phase before the spiritually advanced Light Age can begin.

We have all settled into a familiar pattern and comfortable way of life, along with its limitations and negativity. We are unwilling to come out of these comfort zones even though it may not lead to the best results. Many have also adopted shortcuts and unethical ways to the extent that they have become a common way of life.

Pralaya shakes things up. It help us to move from such a zone towards the ways of Light, towards Spiritual growth and inner transformation.

As long as we are doing our sincere best to tune to Light and consciously making efforts to improve, we will be less affected by the processes of Pralaya. The toughness comes only because we resist the change and are not in tune with the growth required. We experience the toughness as we are unwilling to let go of the old or the corrupt ways, and don’t learn the lessons from our mistakes.

Light Age is a Yuga of purity and Light. We need to grow to that level and it occurs only we clear all negativity from within, be full of Love and Peace, and are capable of manifesting the Divine Principles always. Growing to that level will require change and transformation. The journey becomes easier when we embrace it, rather than getting forced into do it.

With the ongoing events, we mainly connect only to difficult aspects and complain. All the events occur for a reason and they have different dimensions to them. The challenge for us is to maintain a neutral perspective at all times so that we can see the bigger picture, and the positives as well. It will take a lot of hard work and patience, but yield amazing results as we progress.

Spiritual growth is not something we have to prove to others. It is a personal journey. To begin with, the way we react, emote and think in a particular situation shows our spiritual maturity. We begin with observing these and then make efforts to change. It happens with persistence and time. Using more Light in our life helps to improve all these aspects. Regular Meditation strengthens and propels us even further.

Ultimately it comes to our compassion and consideration towards the fellow beings and humanity. This is our responsibility as we progress, as we all go through this phase collectively.

There is an abundance of help available to us from the Divine level. Regular prayers and Meditation help us to connect to the assistance. A lot of work is done by the Rishis and Light beings all over the Earth to ease life for humanity. The Rishis have healed and removed a lot of karmas of the individual’s and the Earth. New energies are periodically released to help us. Humanity is also educated and counselled, and various healing sessions occur at the astral level.

In fact, if not for the intervention of the Rishis, most of humanity would be undergoing a much tougher phase than the present.

¬       ¬       ¬

This month, many new Energies will be released and anchored to the Earth. New energies relating to clearing and cleansing, are already available now. They help to clear lot of karmas and inner issues that we are undergoing.

These energies also influence in the individual towards change and in some instances life changing decisions.

Breathe more, connect to Light and make efforts. If you feel the circumstances tough, hold a lot of dark-Blue Light and pray to the Divine. It will help you tune up. Being aware and conscious of our actions will help us deal with most of the issues.

The following is a technique given by Veda-Vyasa Maharshi. This technique will help the individuals to clear many karmas and runas. Try to practice the technique regularly. It will yield wonderful results and miracles. The technique will also help to balance and cope up with life in the present transition period and reduce the “burdens of life”.

Technique for Clearing Karmas and Contracts

Face North
Duration – 24 minutes

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with Orange Light.

Then imagine bright-Orange Light coming from Agni Brahman and allow the Light to fill your head, chest, abdomen and your feet. These are the regions where the karmas are present (in the Manomaya Kosha). Imagine that as more Light keeps filling these regions, they begin to radiate with the Light.

Imagine the Light to burn your karmas and unwanted contracts and that they are getting transmuted into Light.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Kesara Agni Brahmaya, Karmena Prachalithaya Namaha” silently.

Practicing the Pranayama with Orange Light daily will be quite effective and helpful to you, especially in this period.

¬       ¬       ¬

Other than the energies of cleansing, a lot of energies will be released that helps deal with oneself— self-compassion, self-love, self-nurturing and care. They also aid introspection and contemplation. They will help us to identify and address the root of the issues.

These special energies will be released and anchored to the Earth between 12th May and 19th May. Be open to receiving these. The energies will also establish a platform for resolving many issues we face and aid in the burning of our karmas. They also tune the individual to flow along with the present phase.

This month also has many opportunities to connect to the Divine and experience. Prayers and Meditation help. Try to hold Light within you as much as you can. For any problems you face, hold Blue Light within and keep sending it to the Issues. It will help you in overcoming them.

¬       ¬       ¬

There are not many “auspicious” days in this and the next month. It is during this period that the Rishis will be working hard on many of their projects, intensely and without disturbance. This is an opportune period for us to meditate more, connect and link to them. The knowledge, messages and energies we receive from the Rishis will be very much useful.

Be aware of your surroundings and be alert. The awareness will help us to receive intuitive communications. It can be a hunch, a premonition or clear communication. They will be the ones best suited for the individual at that point in time.

We are stuck in a particular pattern or mode and these situations will help to expand beyond our usual ways of approach. It will help us to detach from the pain and negativity in a situation and also help us to escape the cycle of reliving the same situation repeatedly.

The Era of Light is approaching and it is time for us to change. We have to adopt and experience more Light in our life. That is the only way.

¬       ¬       ¬

The Special Days for Meditation are—

15th May — Amavasya

The energies for resolving issues will be released from the 12th to the 19th and these energies will be predominant on the New Moon Day. These special energies will be tough and will be constantly cleansing and clearing— both at the individual and global level.

The energies bring out our weakness and shortcomings and the unresolved issues. Hence it may be overwhelming when dealing with it. Allow the energies to flow through you and surrender. Resisting these will only increase our difficulty. The energies may make us feel low emotionally or some may have mood swings due to the cleansing processes occurring. Do not worry. Imagine a dark-bottlish-Green Light shield around you. This will bring stability within.

These are wonderful opportunities to actually identify them and connect to the root problems and overcome them permanently. Do not panic at any stage. Drink lots of water, and hold Light.

The purpose of Pralaya is to bring about an inner transformation, so that we become purer and transit to the Light Age. In this larger perspective, such occasions are wonderful opportunities. The Light workers around the World work very hard to bring the new energies and manifest these situations for the betterment of humanity.

¬       ¬       ¬

It is easy for us to connect to our ancestors on this day. This practice is more important in recent times as they enable us to clear the karmas and runas related to them as well as connect to their Wisdom.

Practice this with love. And a lot of gratitude. Be open to receiving – Light, love, knowledge, their wisdom and energies that they want to give you and your family.

We practice the technique of Amavasya to connect to the special energies as well as our ancestors.

Face North-East
Duration – 1 hour

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with light-Blue Light.

Then imagine Golden Light coming from above and Greenish-Blue Light coming from our ancestors and allow these energies to fill your entire body slowly and gradually. Experience for a couple of minutes.

Then with your intention, send the Light to any difficult situation you are facing. Keep sending the Light for the entire duration of the Meditation.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Viryayai, Chandrena Shaktiyai, Tejasayai Namaha” silently.

29th May — Purnima

The Full Moon energies aid introspection and prayers. It is the day for Sankalpa. Utilize the energies to strengthen your prayers and intention.

Constant efforts along with regular prayers and Meditation will help us grow faster. In the process we overcome various blocks and suffocations and karmas are burnt. It also helps us to bring a balance between the material and spiritual aspects of our life.

From this Purnima onwards, Rishis will be anchoring many special energies from Chandra Deva, the Moon God to our Earth. The energies from the Moon God are always connected to the prevailing time period and events/situations occurring and absorbing these energies help us connect to these aspects better. The energies also help in overcoming our rigidity and mental blocks.

We can practice the following technique on this day—

Face North-East
Duration – 1hour

First practice 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Golden Light.

Then offer your regards and respects to Chandra Deva (Moon God).

Then imagine light-Violet Light coming from above and allow this Light to fill your entire body gradually. Imagine the Light to fill every cell in the body.

Then imagine the Light to fill your astral body. Let each of the koshas be filled with the light-Violet Light.

Keep experiencing this Light and mediate. As you progress imagine the Light to be radiating from you and yourself shining with this Light.

Repeat the mantra “Om Sanketha Shakti Prakashaya Namaha” silently for the entire duration.

¬       ¬       ¬       ¬       ¬

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  • anant says:

    Namaste VA Team,

    Amidst dark clouds throuogh which the common man of this once a Great country paving his/her way,Your Spiritual Herculian Task of uplifting the humanity definitely consoles us,that a Silver Lining is not too far now..
    Thanks to VA Team..

  • Archana. says:

    Thank you for your monthy articles.
    Timely required information to look towards hope and strength!
    Thank you for the joy one feels to connect towards Rishi’s and their love for us in the articles.

  • Som says:

    Thanks VA Team

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