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Special Days for Meditation – May 2014

Submitted by on May 1, 2014 – 4 Comments

This month comes after two very important eclipses. An abundance of new energies have also been released on our Earth throughout April and many of them are still available. This month is a good period to regularise and strengthen our Sadhana. Getting in tune with these energies will be very beneficial to all.

The last couple of months were focused towards introspection and inner growth. Those individuals who have been able to do this will find many miracles manifesting in their lives. Many astral developments have also occurred in the last month. We shall see some of them manifesting in the next two months and the others will manifest gradually.

The two eclipses of April were important. Gaia (Mother Earth) was able to open up to many higher energies and transform Herself and vibrate with higher frequencies.

Lord Kalki has become very active now. He executed many works to bring down and anchor a very rare and special energy. Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi (Vishwamitra Maharshi) then built a new Energy grid with anchor points in specific locations to contain this energy on the Earth.

Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi also utilized the eclipse energies and changed many laws of karmas that will be applicable on the Earth henceforth during the Pralaya period.

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Throughout this month, a lot of healing energies will be spread all over the Earth in phases. These energies can be utilised for healing, spiritual growth and also for experience the Highest.

Lord MahaVishnu will also be present on our Earth from the 13th for many days to come. During this period, other than the various works, He will also be educating and helping the entire humanity. From the 13th, we can consciously linkup to Him every day before our Meditations and connect to Him. We can seek help, guidance and knowledge and any assistance for our Spiritual growth. Make use of this opportunity.

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The Special Days for Meditation in May are –

2nd May – Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya means Abundance. This is an auspicious day when special energies for manifesting abundance in our lives are available on our Earth.

On this day, many opportunities are provided to grow spiritually as well as materially. It is also the day to make resolutions to pursue both spiritual and material goals. The energies available will help us towards this.

The Rishis mention that for most of humanity, it is time to shift towards Spiritual abundance. The adaptation of the Higher value system by every individual is the way ahead through this tougher phase of Pralaya.

Let us strengthen our prayers and Sankalpa to open up to the Higher Intelligence further, be able to experience and absorb the new energies and transform.

13th May – Presence of MahaVishnu.
14th May – Buddha Purnima

We shall have the presence of MahaVishnu on the Earth from the 13th of May and the presence and works of Lord Kalki can also be sensed easily.

On both these days we all shall have an astral travel. On the 13th, it will be to Vaikunta (Vishnu Loka) and on the 14th, it will be to Vaishaka Valley.

Connect to MahaVishnu and Lord Kalki on these two days. Place your prayers before them and spend time experiencing them.

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The Rishis suggest the following technique to be practiced on these two days –

Face North.
Duration – Practice for minimum 24 minutes, upto an Hour.
Practice Pranayama with Light

Imagine a Globe of Dark Blue coloured Light roughly about 5 feet in diameter. The Dark Blue energies are from MahaVishnu. Imagine that you are sitting inside the globe and keep absorbing the Light. First allow the Light to fill up your entire physical body. Then imagine that it is filling up your Mind and Intellect and finally connect to the Globe of Light from your Soul and allow the Light to strengthen your Soul.

Keep experiencing this.
Repeat the mantra “Om Vishnave Prakruthi Brahmaya Namaha” silently throughout the Meditation.

28th May – Amavasya

The period from the 20th of May till the 12th of June will be a tough phase and the New Moon Day falls in between that. Gear up, Meditate more and hold lot of Light.

Lord MahaVishnu and Vasishtha Maharshi will be carrying out many new works on our Earth during this period and also be involved in protecting Mother Earth.

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