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Special Days for Meditation — May 2012

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One thing which can solve all our problems, difficulties and struggles in an instant —
is Love!

Those who have experienced the highest have said that, at its very core, Existence is pure love. Love is the most refined vibration in Creation. It is the essence of what we understand as the Supreme Intelligence, God. The whole of Creation manifested because of this Love; and it is the Love of the Creator which sustains and enriches all that exists. Our poets are not exaggerating when they say that it is Love which makes the world move.

We who are a part of this Existence also carry a reservoir of this Love at the centre of our Being. We experience it in short glimpses — in our human interactions, in the midst of Nature, in situations where everything in our lives falls in place. We also experience it in moments of deep stillness and calm, which can be reached through Meditations or by having our awareness totally anchored in the present moment. The mistake we do is to associate this emotion with something external, or even to consider it as an emotion. Love is our true nature, which emerges out as a response to favourable circumstances. With practice, it can become a natural state of living, where Love flows automatically irrespective of the external situations.

Manifesting love unconditionally, in any given situation is a very powerful spiritual practice, one which tunes us to the most sacred and divine vibrations of Existence. There is no specific technique to experience or practice Love. When we deeply realize that everything and everyone around us (including ourselves) is a part of the Divine and hence sacred, it is easy to vibrate with Love without any conditions.

The month of May brings many opportunities to manifest such divine qualities in our living. It is an important month where a lot of spiritual activity will take place at the astral level, furthering the Pralaya processes. It is also a very important month to focus on our spiritual growth. Many new Energies will be released periodically on various occasions during this month.

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The special days for meditations, in this month are:

05 May — 5-5-5 Global Consciousness Meditation

Courtesy Soluntra King – 5-5-5 [5th May 2012 (2+0+1+2=5)]

The global consciousness meditation is at 5:55 pm, your local time on May 5th. It is an opportunity to see the world, humanity and all beings as whole and healed. It is also an opportunity for us to link together by connecting to the Source within and coming from our Divinity, seeing the Divine in all beings in a state of peace and love right now. It is a day when we can connect deeply into our heart and open more fully than ever to the love and divinity we are.

Take a moment to envision a beautiful world:  What would your health be like? Your finances?  Your family? What would your community be like?  Your neighbourhood? Your government?  How can our representatives be responsible? How can we re-create the way we do life?  Free energy? Healthy Food? Clean Water? Access to all?

If the Entire Universe is trying to contribute to you, what can you receive?  What else is possible?

Please share this information with friends to create a wave of a new reality across our beautiful planet.

06 May — Buddha Pournima

The Full Moon Day of the lunar month of ‘Vaishaka’ is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Buddha. In the Himalaya’s, there is a special place known as ‘Vaishaka Valley’ where He materialises every year on this day. Rishis and other Divine personalises will be present on that occasion along with some select people from across the World who visit the valley astrally. They pay their regards and interact with Lord Buddha.

This Pournima is also very important because a very special Rishi has been invited by the Saptarishis to assist their work on our Earth. He is coming from another Universe and will be helping Lord Kalki and the Saptarishis in their Pralaya related activities.

Many new and special energies will be released by the Rishis on this day. Let us pay our regards to these personalities, meditate more and experience Light.

20 May — Amavasya

The energies present on the New Moon day help everyone to go within and introspect, contemplate and learn.

This is also the day where we can easily connect with our departed elders and ancestors. We connect to them mainly to express our Love and learn from them.

21 May – Solar Eclipse 2:26am to 8:20am IST

GMT – 20:56(20th) to 02:50(21st)

This annular solar eclipse has many special properties. This is the first of a series of important Cosmic events, with many spiritual projects commencing at the astral level.

Lord Kalki and the Rishis will be active and will be releasing many important energies on this occasion. The pralaya processes are likely to get intensified further. Let us try to meditate during the entire Eclipse period, in order to receive maximum benefit from the opportunities.

24 May – Kalki Jayanti

On the birthday of Lord Kalki, we worship Him and try to experience Him. Rishis say that normally Lord Kalki is associated with the activities of Pralaya, destruction etc, yet He is a personality with immense Love. This day would be a beautiful opportunity to experience this aspect of Lord Kalki.

Lord Kalki and the new Rishi who would be coming to our Earth on the 6th, will be executing many works relating to Pralaya and the Light Age. We can try to be aware of these processes.

31 May – Dasha-papa-hara Dasami

According to mythology, this was the day when Goddess Ganga descended to Earth for the first time. Her energies can be used to cleanse ten different sins, hence this occasion is called as Dasha papa hara (removal of ten sins). We worship the Goddess on this day.

In view of the larger picture of Pralaya and transition, we shall use the opportunity and utilize the energies for inner cleansing and embracing Light in our life.

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You can read our eBook – “Communing with Light” to know more about the higher ways of using Light in our day to day life.

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