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Special Days for Meditation — March 2024

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March has many unique and different energies that will aid our Spiritual and material pursuits. The diverse energies will each have a different purpose, and with the help of these, we can strengthen our Sadhana on various fronts.

There will be various intense energies released throughout the month, but these will always be in a balanced form. The energies can tire us or even confuse us, as the principal purpose is to ground humanity in many areas, and increase the tolerance levels present. They also help in various healthy ways of living.

A lot of work is being done by Lord Kalki and the Rishis to educate humanity about the changes in the Time period and the necessity to change and tune according to the times. This process will be further strengthened by the new energies.

During the Lunar Eclipse and Equinox, a fresh set of energies will be released to further increase this awareness in Humanity.

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At the beginning of the month, the Rishis invoked a Purusha, referred to as Mahagajendra Umesha Purusha. This Personality will be assisting Lord Kalki and Lord Shiva in various works of theirs. He will also release a special energy referred to as the “Elephant” energy.

The Elephant energies are mainly used for Shielding. It has the capacity to prevent attacks from all directions making it very difficult to penetrate. The energies also form a complicated maze and trap the people trying to break through it.

The release of these energies began from today (7th March)

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The Special Days of March are—

8th March— Maha Shivaratri

We will have the presence of Lord Shiva on Earth from the 8th to 11th. This time, Lord Shiva will be coming with many new energies and Light, and a lot of weapons, secret codes and spies. Many of these will be gifted to Lord Kalki and also spread through the energies of “Power of Pralaya”.

The Personalities of 2024 along with Mahagajendra Umesha Purusha will work with Lord Shiva and the new energies. They will also be devising methods to deal with various unexpected situations, events and occasions that develop suddenly across the Earth.

An important mission of Lord Shiva this time is that he wants to work on helping humanity to clear various rigid karmas. He will also help in overcoming rigidities that bind us in the old ways and in clearing various glitches existing on Earth.

Another unique aspect of Lord Shiva’s visit this year is that He will be bringing 27 special energies and anchoring them on Earth. These energies are meant to deal with 27 different issues that humanity is facing on Earth.

We are not aware of the details of these energies. One example that the Rishis mentioned about these energies is dealing with Plastic. Plastics are wonderfully useful and versatile in their use, but their nature of being non-biodegradable has caused various issues. One of the types of energies will help address this issue.

Lord Shiva and 2024-Shakti will be anchoring energies relating to Clarity in Situations, Essence and Absorbing. These aspects are meant to clear various misunderstandings, distortions and complaints.

During the Meditation, we can connect to the Clarity aspect directly from Lord Shiva.

During His presence here, let us also work on our prayers and Sankalpa and offer them to Lord Shiva. His energies will help address various issues and also strengthen our genuine efforts.

Lord Shiva will also be gifting the Rishis with various energies and boons and assist them in their work.

Connect to Lord Shiva with the help of Blue Light and keep experiencing.

10th Mar — Amavasya

We will have the energies from the Pitru Devatas, our ancestors and from Lord Shiva on this day. Mediate and absorb these energies. They will be very helpful in burning various rigid karmas, and overcoming shortcomings, especially the ones we have acquired recently.

Mahagajendra Umesha Purusha and 2024 Shakti will be working intensely with the energies of Amavasya. They are expected to increase the flow of the Amavasya energies to Earth. This should help us to connect more easily with the Pitru Devatas.

During Shunya Masa, the Rishis made various changes and tweaks to the Amavasya energies. Humanity has responded well to this and the influence of our ancestors has also eased. There is less strictness, rigidity and conditioning involved now compared to earlier.

The aspects of empathy, kindness and gratitude are increasing. In fact, Lord Kalki is strengthening the Gratitude aspect on Earth and in humanity gradually, as this brings a lot of healing and aids in overcoming scars.

Practice the following technique on the occasion of Amavasya—

Face North
Duration— 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Blue Light

Pray to the Pitru Devatas, your ancestors, Chandra Deva and then to the Purusha and Shakti of 2024. After this, place your prayers, fears, shortcomings, and family-related karmas and runas to them.

Then imagine Violet Light coming from the Pitru Devatas, Purusha and Shakti of 2024, the year 2024, and Chandra Deva. Imagine dark-Green Light coming from your Ancestors.

Imagine these to fill your Mind (Manomaya Kosha) and getting engulfed by it. Experience for some time.

Then send the Light to your Shortcomings, fears, conditioning, superstitious beliefs, reluctance to receive, and reluctance to change. Imagine all these aspects absorbing the Light and have an intent that you are willing to accept, Inner heal and Inner transform.

Also, intend that you are willing to get connected to the true Human Nature. Imagine all these aspects to absorb the Light and shine with it. Experience for some time.

Then imagine your entire Physical body absorbing the Light and keep experiencing it.

Repeat the mantra “Om Dvi Sahasra Shaktiyai, Pitru Amavasya, Charanayai Namaha” silently.

20th Mar — Equinox

Equinox is when the Sun is directly over the Equator. The energies on such days are intense and powerful. This year, this occasion combined with the upcoming Lunar Eclipse will make it a wonderful period for Meditation.

In fact, the Rishis mention that if anyone is interested, they can meditate throughout the day, from morning to night.

The energies of the Equinox this year will help in adaptability, tolerance, minimalism and in the art of Connecting to the Self.

On this day, 2024 Shakti, and Mahagajendra Umesha Purusha will bring special energies from the core of the Milky Way and be anchoring them along with the Equinox energies. These energies will help in cleansing, especially in tough places and aid in having a fresh beginning.

The Rishis mention that from the 20th till the 31st, we will have a new energy spread on Earth each day. Try your best to meditate regularly during this period. Mentally connect to the new energies and experience them.

The Rishis mention that between the Equinox and the Lunar Eclipse, seven Personalities will be taking birth on Earth. (no details about them) This is highly awaited by Lord Kalki and the Rishis and will aid their work immensely.

24th Mar — Holi (Kamadahana)
25th Mar — Lunar Eclipse— 10:23am to 3:02pm

The duration of the Eclipse is from 04:53 to 09:32 UTC.

The occasion of Holi and Lunar Eclipse will help strengthen the Spiritual aspects of us individuals and humanity collectively. These couple of days are wonderful for Sankalpa, and strengthening our prayers. Mediate more during these days and try to be less involved with the details of life.

The energies will charge and energize us, and help in having a positive impact on your personal life.

2024 Personalities and Mahagajendra Umesha Purusha will carry out various works on Earth, especially during the period of the Eclipse.

Though the Full Moon day falls on the 25th, the evening of the 24th is more conducive to practising Kamadahana (burning of one’s negativities, shortcomings and toxicity)

The Rishis also advise that during such highly energetic days, it is better to be physically hydrated well. This will help to balance our emotions and not get overwhelmed.

29th Mar — Good Friday
31st Mar — Easter

We will have the energies from Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi from the 29th to 31st. We can connect to these and experience him.

During these three days, we can also experience the energies of Lord Brahma. Energies from Lord Brahma will be anchored by the Rishis on Earth during this period. They are sacred and will help us immensely in various aspects.

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Techniques for the Special Days are available through a subscription service. Details here

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