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Special Days for Meditation — March 2023

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This period presents various spiritual opportunities for each individual and it is up to us to make use of them. Most on Earth do not focus on their spiritual aspect. We need to balance our spiritual and material aspects of life, or else our transition will be quite turbulent.

For those who are not practising much, begin with simple practices like Pranayama and taking the help of Light, and focus on balancing your different aspects of life. Mentally be open to change, be grounded, and learn to go with the flow of life. Once you stabilize with these aspects, you can subsequently begin adding other practices.

••      ••       ••

The cyclone in New Zealand and the earthquakes in Turkey/Syria last month were major disasters that affected innumerable people. There is a spiritual dimension to such occurrences as well. In the case of the last month’s events, they helped to release a lot of Kali Yuga energies from the Earth. This laid a foundation for new Light to flow in and various other projects getting anchored.

Energetically, more places on Earth will undergo the cleansing process which will aid bringing in change to these places.

••      ••       ••

The Shiva Ganas initiated the planting of the special trees last month. It has been done only in a few places so far and the functions of these plants are being monitored. The trees contain Satya Yuga energies and they have various functions and new characteristics. Much is not revealed at this point.

••      ••       ••

Lord Kalki and the Rishis are planning to experiment with the pace of Time. In most areas, the pace of time will hasten, but they are also in parallel planning to slow the pace of time in certain areas of the Earth. Though technically on the clock, all areas will go through the same 24-hour cycle, the way an individual experiences the pace of time in these areas will be different.

In the areas where the pace of time will be slowed, it gives the Divine more opportunities to work with the energies of Maya, which will help achieve many of the bigger missions of Lord Kalki.

The Principle of “Exchange of Energy” will also start strengthening from now on. This will help us to focus on the fact that nothing comes for free and there should be a fair exchange energetically for the goods or services we receive. There are many aspects in which this Principle will start manifesting, right from preventing shortcuts like bribery and corruption, to the prevention of the exploitation of the vulnerable.

Gradually it will coerce humanity in taking energies and Light more seriously.

••      ••       ••

The occasion of Ugadhi is an important day. Many important decisions regarding the next steps of our Earth will be implemented by the Rishis and Divine. There will be various shakeups and a hastening of the Pralaya processes

The energies from Lord Rama at the end of the month will focus towards evolving, transforming and in pushing humanity to change.

The awareness of Lord Kalki will also gradually start increasing in humanity. For those that are tuned, they will begin to feel and experience Him more.

••      ••       ••

The special days of March are—

7th March — Purnima
                 — Holi/Kamadahana

The Full Moon Day helps each individual to focus on their Spiritual aspects. It is the day to strengthen one’s prayers and Sankalpa. It is also a very good day for introspection and internalizing.

It is suggested that we make a note of our prayers and Sankalpa, and then periodically going through the list. It will help us understand what has been achieved and where to channel our efforts to manifest the unresolved ones.

The Rishis mention that we have to start making substantial efforts towards taking more help from Light and making Light a part of our daily life. The Rishis also want us to start depending more on our Inner-Self and gradually wean away from external gadgets. This will take time to achieve, hence we begin the efforts now.

Lord Kalki will be releasing a lot of important energies on Purnima and this day will be highly influenced by these energies. The Rishis mention that some of the energies will be in the shape of “Silver Bows”. Be open to receiving them and allow their influence in your life.

This Purnima will also be a gateway for various Divine patterns to manifest on Earth.

••      ••       ••

We will also observe the occasion of Kama Dahana on this day. The special energies will help us to burn our negativity within. The special energies being released by Lord Kalki and the Rishis also help us cleanse various heavy karma, diseases and family issues.

The Rishis are working hard to help each individual on Earth to start manifesting the best version of themselves. It is up to each of us to make use of these opportunities and allow the influence of the energies in our lives.

The energies of Holi also have the capacity to shake the old patterns and belief systems and various other rigid patterns.

Take the help of Orange Light, experience and send it to your respective difficulties and shortcomings.

21st March — Equinox
                  — Amavasya

The combination of Equinox along with the New Moon Day makes it a very important and energetic day. There will be many changes energetically on Earth which can also hasten a few natural phenomena.

The energy of Equinox will focus towards the change. It is the changes in our beliefs, our rituals, and our way of life. This will also give rise to new opportunities and shape a newer vision for the future. The new principles will be in sync with the concepts of Oneness and Unity of humanity.

The aim for each of us is to embrace these with love, and not in fear.

••      ••       ••

The Pitru Devatas will also be using the energies of Equinox to help each of us. They will start segregating the karmas of the individuals as Pralaya-related, self-acquired and ancestral karmas, and then help each of us deal with each of these separately.

Practice the Amavasya technique mentioned last month.

Practice the following technique to connect to the Equinox and experience—

Face North
Duration­— 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Orange Light

Imagine bright Orange Light coming from the Equinox formation and allow this to fill you completely. Experience for some time.

Then extend the Light to the transition process of your life, towards the balancing of your material and spiritual aspects, and to the remaining months of 2023. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Swarna Mangalaya, Vishuvaya Shaktiyai Namaha” silently.

22nd March — Ugadhi

Ugadhi is the Lunar New Year. This occasion coming on the next day of Equinox means two consecutive days of major changes on Earth.

On the occasion of Ugadhi, the Rishis will invoke a Personality called Ugadhi Purusha. This year Ugadhi Purusha will be manifesting with many important missions to be executed.

Most of these works involve bringing changes on earth and related to our transition to the next phase, in our evolution to Satya Yuga. He will be working on clearing the old energies from Earth, and coercing humanity to work on their shortcomings. The Rishis mention that Ugadhi Purusha will also lay the foundations for simplifying life and having a better clarity of the future.

Ugadhi Purusha will also be working on the aspect of humanity’s obsession with digital life. We are less tolerant, impatient and have less focus on the purpose of life. The fast-paced life focuses everything towards a materialistic life. All need to improve their physical and mental health and be happier. He will be touching on these areas seriously.

The energies on this day will help increase the awareness towards sustainable living, and becoming self-reliant.

Ugadhi Purusha will also touch upon the Political and Financial systems on Earth. He also wants to work on grounding the ego and arrogance of humanity.

Many of these will take many years to yield results but there will be upheavals and impact all. In case anyone is affected by these processes, or struggle to cope with the changes, the Rishis ask each to connect to Lord SuryaNarayana (Sun God) with the help of bright Orange Light, and to experience the Light in each of the cells and Naadis. This will help us through the phase.

On this day connect to Ugadhi Purusha with bright Golden Light and experience.

30th March — Rama Navami

This year, we will have the energies from Lord Rama for three days, the 30th March to 1st April. The main aspect of the energies will be “Truth”. Lord Rama was the epitome of truth and honesty. Manifesting this Principle will give us the utmost clarity about every aspect of our life

The Rishis want us to connect to the energies from Lord Rama and experience them as much as possible as it will help us to understand the Pralaya period and our situation in the transition much better.

We can connect to Lord Rama and place our prayers to Him. Be open to getting cleansed, as well as gaining Inner Strength from Him. Then imagine receiving a lot of Blue Light from Lord Rama and keep experiencing it.

••      ••       ••       ••       ••

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