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Special Days for Meditation – March 2014

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The purpose of Pralaya is to bring about transformation—both at the individual and the global level. The churnings and some destruction is a part of this transformation process. From the beginning of the year, this particular phase of Pralaya is focused on the individual not spreading negativity, even unconsciously.

If we observe life around, there is a some confusion and chaos present everywhere. Fortunately we are able to work through it and achieve results although wondering why the lack of clarity existed all along.

The confusion exists not only in our individual lives but also at our work places, governments and in the international relations. Because many are not able to work through it, the strife’s and discords are increasing.

This chaos is simmering. It exists partly because of the effects of the Pralaya energies and partly due to the work of the dark forces. And this chaotic phase exists not only in our Earth but across the Galaxy too.

The chaos could come to a boil in the months ahead. It will depend entirely on the humanity. Our choices and efforts to positivise collectively will shape up the destiny and way forward on the Earth.

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We need not get scared or overwhelmed by this information. This phase is about positivising all our actions, emotions and thoughts.

At the physical level it means that each individual should start minding their own work and not interfere with the others and not thinking negatively about others. We have to work on our emotions in an honest manner. The individuals who consciously wish or pray ill for the others will be the ones to get seriously affected.

Each individual should take strong resolutions and work hard towards positivising. Regularizing the Sadhana and consciously manifesting the qualities of Light is the need of the hour. This itself will help the individual to focus more about themselves, tune to the positive energies and reduce the impact of the Pralaya energies acting on them.

Due to the chaos present, the times ahead could be volatile. We can always be tuned to Light, remain composed and be disconnected from the confusion. The present phase of Pralaya is about creating this space of positivity in and around us and the more efforts we make towards achieving this, the lesser the impact of the negativity and pralaya energies on the individual.

This churning period will intensify as we approach the eclipses in April which are quite crucial in our transition to the Light Age.

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The Special Days in the month of March are –

01st Mar – Amavasya

We will have the presence of Lord Shiva and his energies will be predominant on the New Moon day. We can connect to him and learn a lot. This is a good day to begin the process of tuning within and understanding ourselves better.

 16th Mar – Purnima
                      Holi, Kamadahana

The spiritual energies on the planet will be at their peak on the Full Moon day and it is a very opportune moment to take spiritual oaths, make resolutions and strengthen our focus in the spiritual areas and consciously chart our way ahead.

The festival of Holi is celebrated which is symbolised by colours. The Rishis explain that the multitude of colours actually symbolise the diverse spiritual characteristics of Divinity, Love, Oneness, Peace, Abundance and Acceptance.

On this occasion, Kama Dahana is also performed which is to consciously cleanse ourselves of the energies of the negative vices or the Arishadvargas. This practice has an additional significance this year as the focus of the Pralaya phase is on individual positivity and purity.

To assist all, the Rishis have given a special technique this year, to be practiced on this occasion. It will help the individual to burn the negativities, cleanse themselves and hasten the growth. Click here for the technique. Practice the technique after moonrise, ideally at 7pm. The technique can also be practiced on other days if the individiual want to work on their inner aspects.

The Rishis reiterate the importance of every individual consciously positivising and working on their transformation and request everyone to make the best use of the opportunities presented.

20th Mar – Equinox

The Equinox is when the Sun is directly over the Equator. On this day many new energies will be brought down and anchored all over the Earth. It is also the period when one can easily connect to Light and manifest its qualities into our living.

30th March – Amavasya

This New Moon day is a fortnight before the first of the eclipses and will be highly influenced by those energies. It is a day to focus on our internal Sadhana and not on material activities.

31st Mar – Ugadi (Lunar New Year)

Ugadi is observed as the Lunar New year on the earth. Every year on the day of Ugadi the Rishis invoke an amsha of MahaVishnu known as Ugadi-Purusha. Let us welcome and honour this Personality.

This is also the day of Blessings, Opportunities and New Beginnings. The Rishis will be bringing many new energies and spreading it all over the Earth to help humanity go through this phase and to absorb the eclipse energies.

Many new projects will be implemented by the Higher Intelligence and this day will mark many changes at the individual and global levels including the climate and environment on the Earth. The Pralaya phase will also peak from Ugadi and strengthen itself over the period of the eclipses.

As mentioned earlier, the emphasis of the whole month of March is towards the individuals introspecting and focusing on their transformation and Ugadi is the time to have stabilised this process. It is also the time to implement all the resolutions takes and arise from our old ways and consciously manifest the new.

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You can read our eBook – “Communing with Light” to know more about the higher ways of using Light in our day to day life.

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