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Special Days for Meditation – March 2013

Submitted by on March 1, 2013 – 5 Comments

When a baby opens its eyes to the world for the first time, it might feel a bit weird and out of place—as if it has arrived on an alien planet. That uncomfortable feeling must be the reason for its cries and wails. But very soon, it finds comfort in the warm embrace of the Mother, the soothing guidance of the father and the joyful company of siblings and friends. It finds it foot holding and begins to crawl, walk, hop and run into a confident adult—in a matter of time.

   We on this Planet seem to be experiencing the awkwardness of a new-born at this point in time! The energies are new, the situations are bewildering and there is a deep sense of alien-ness—something which is more pronounced for some, while very subtle for others. We are still in the transitory period, yet to step into the early dawn of the New Age. And many of us are able to feel as if we’re dropped out of nowhere, in the middle of an unknown planet, without a roadmap, no directions and absolutely no clue about what’s happening. It could be scary as well as very interesting and an exciting period for us.

   The Rishis say that the energies which are flooding the Earth are working on people, at an individual level. These energies are pushing each one of us to face our own deeply hidden issues, shortcomings and fears. They are shining a light on each of them, so that we can work them out and find a resolution. This process is accelerating and we are facing situations which will force us to take a hard look at ourselves and confront our own weaknesses. We cannot escape or run away from resolving our shortcomings, henceforth. The quicker we accept the situation and outgrow, the faster we are out of this chaos.

   This is a major step in our movement into the New Light Age. Let us welcome and embrace this phase without hesitation or fear. The churning we all are facing is in fact a learning and cleansing process which will make us shine brighter and brighter, so that we can move swiftly into the new consciousness that awaits us. The more we resist, the greater will be the churning, so we need to work on our lessons patiently, in total acceptance and open-mindedness. We should not lose hope at any stage. This is the time for reflection and self-introspection!!

   The Month of March brings us the powerful energies of Lord Shiva on Shivaratri, the soothing radiance of Christ on Good Friday and the joyous light of Lord MahaVishnu during the celebrations of Holi. Let us absorb these energies through our meditations and awareness, and allow them to assist our ascension. Let us connect to our own Light in any given situation, to find guidance, support and solace. And let us also be aware that we are being held gently by the greater forces of the Universe, the way parents hold a new born in pride. We are not alone in this bewildering phase; let this knowledge give us immense strength, comfort and joy.

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The special days of meditations for the month of March are:

10th March — Maha Shivaratri

Let us welcome and worship Lord Shiva who will be arriving on our Earth on this day and will be present here for a period of 10 days. Let us welcome him, experience him and utilise this period of 10 days for our Meditation, introspection and spiritual growth.

The Rishis mention that absorbing the energies of Lord Shiva will bring about many positive changes in every individuals life.

This visit of Lord Shiva is special as the Rishis will be working with him to spread many of his energies to the entire Milky Way Galaxy. In fact many astral works have already been undertaken before this grand event of spreading his energies. Lord Shiva and the Saptarishis will also be executing many other astral and spiritual works during this period of 10 days.

11th March — Amavasya

Due to the presence of Lord Shiva, the whole focus would be on experiencing Him even on this day.

20th March — Equinox

Equinox, the day when the Sun is directly over the equator, is a very auspicious day. An abundance of energies will be released all over the world and many new energies will also get anchored to our Earth on this day. This will also be the last day when Lord Shiva will be present on our Earth.

Rishis mention that it is a very important day. We shall have the presence of so many energies—the Pralaya energies, energies of the Equinox, new energies from the Divine plane and that of Lord Shiva. Hence it is an important day spiritually. The Rishis also mention that this day will be a doorway to the next phase of the Pralaya processes. Let us be open to the new energies and the further new processes that will be initiated.

We shall be having a series of three eclipses from the 25th of April. The energies on the Equinox day will also be tuned up with the eclipses. New churning processes will get initiated and many other astral works will commence. It will be a good period for those individuals who are working hard towards positivising and spiritualising their lives.

27th March — Pournima, Holi

The festival of Holi is symbolised by colours. The Rishis explain that the multitude of colours actually symbolise the diverse spiritual characteristics of Divinity, Love, Oneness, Peace, Abundance and Acceptance.

The Rishis highlight that it is time to start imbibing these qualities into our life. Normally, the energies of Lord Shiva are invoked on this day every year to purify and cleanse ourselves, but this year, the Rishis will be invoking the energies of Lord Mahavishnu who is the God of unification, diversity and sustenance, in order to help humanity adopt these qualities.

Let us be aware of His energies and meditate as much as possible. This is also the day to consciously burn our inner negativities—the arishadvargas. The energies of the Full Moon and of Lord Mahavishnu will help every individual to radiate with Light.

29th March – Good Friday
31st March – Easter Sunday

We shall have the energies of Jesus Christ on our Earth during these three days—29th to 31st. Let us worship Him and experience him during this period. We will also be able to connect to him easily and communicate with him.

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