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Special Days for Meditation — June 2017

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The energies of June will generally be unassuming but they also contain strong turning points for the individuals. The energies that will be released during the different occasions this month will silently and subtly coerce the individual towards Inner change and Transformation. It will also help more individuals to awaken to the realities of the ongoing changes in the World.

The new energies will reach each Individual and all the living organisms. The Rishis and Light-workers are working hard towards this and to manifest other Divine projects that will help the Earth transit smoother.

The energies available this month also contain lot of Knowledge and Higher perspectives. We will be able to understand the depth of it when we connect to the energies present. The energies can educate us about our purpose in this life, more about the present phase and the necessary efforts required by the individual.

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The lunar month of Aashada begins later in the month. This is the period when we have the energies from ParaBrahma flowing directly to our Earth. It is an important period and we have to make use of the opportunities. Not only does it accelerate and enhance our Sadhana but it also brings a lot of positive benefits and answers to our prayers – both material and spiritual.

This is also a period for introspection and deep contemplation. It is the period to let go of the unnecessary baggages, affirm to improve ourselves and work towards strengthening this. Organise your life, prioritize and then execute. The more we establish harmony within, the better our journey through this phase. And the energies of Aashada help immensely in this.

There are sudden manifestations of violence, hatred and unnecessary commotions all over the world. This is the result of the very aspects present within us. The collective Consciousness of such emotions manifest in the physical world. This period is to be utilised to identify all these things within us and solve them.

Let us be more aware of ourselves—our actions, emotions and thoughts. We will be able to discern the good from the negative. This should also help us to open up further and be flexible to change; rather than the rigidity and conditioning we are used to.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Special Days of June are –

9th June — Purnima

It is a wonderful day for Sankalpa and prayers. The Rishis mention that this is also a good period to organise our activity and goals, prioritize them and act. The energies on the Full Moon Day help towards this. Be open and try to receive as much energies as you can. Also pray that you can transcend your limitations and old patterns and work towards your inner transformation.

From this Purnima special energies will be released. Every day, before our Mediation, let us pray for more Light, Love and Happiness in each Individual and the whole Earth. Let us accept each other with their shortcomings and lead our life with love and kindness.  

We can practice the following special technique on Purnima.

Face North-East
Duration – 1hour

First practice 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Golden Light. Inhale slowly and along with your breath, inhale the Golden Light also. Hold your breath comfortably during which imagine the Light to spread to your entire body. Then exhale slowly and exhale the Light also.

Then imagine light-Violet Light coming from above and allow this Light to fill your entire body gradually. Imagine the Light to fill every cell in the body.

Then imagine the Light to fill your astral body. Let each of the koshas be filled with the light-Violet Light.

Keep experiencing this Light and mediate. As you progress imagine the Light to be radiating from you and yourself shining with this Light.

Repeat the mantra “Om Sanketha Shakti Prakashaya Namaha” silently for the entire duration.

21st June — Solstice

The Solstices are usually very energetic days. On this day there is also an exchange of energies from one zone to another on the Earth. The overall energy field on the Earth is recalibrated and balanced according to the necessity.

The energies on this June Solstice help in cleansing and lays a platform for the next phase. The energies will also be connected to the eclipses in August and to the energies of Aashada beginning later in the month.

Utilize and opportunity and try to spend more time in solitude and contemplation. We can also practice the following technique on this day.

Face North
Duration – 1hour

Practice 12 rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light.

Then imagine bright Goldenish-Green Light coming from above and allow it to fill your body slowly and completely.

Keep experiencing the Light within for the entire duration of the Meditation. Repeat the mantra “Om Sangamitraya Aayanaya Prakashaya Namaha” silently throughout.

24th June — Amavasya

Due to the ongoing Pralaya processes, sudden developments do occur. We should not panic or react with impulse. Let us deep breathe, hold a lot of Light and then deal with the issue at hand.

Each New Moon Day is also bringing in a lot of energies of justice to the Earth. They help impart some tough, but essential and valuable lessons.

Every New Moon Day, we utilize the opportunity to internalize and stabilize. We also connect to our ancestors, seek their guidance and blessings and also clear the karmas and runas relating to them.

This New Moon Day also is the beginning of Aashada Masa where the energies from ParaBrahma start flowing to our Earth. Let us meditate more on this day and make use of the opportunities.

Face North-East
Duration – 1 hour

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with light-Blue Light.

Then imagine Golden Light coming from above and Greenish-Blue Light coming from our ancestors and allow these energies to fill your entire body slowly and gradually. Experience for a couple of minutes.

Then with your intention, send the Light to any difficult situation you are facing. Keep sending the Light for the entire duration of the Meditation.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Viryayai, Chandrena Shaktiyai, Tejasayai Namaha” silently.

25th June to 23rd July — Aashada Masa

Aashada Masa is when the energies from ParaBrahma flow directly to Earth. This year, the energies of Aashada Masa will be a little different. The Rishis will be bringing some special Healing energies for the first time in our Cosmos and they will release these energies along with the energies from ParaBrahma.

Please try to meditate for an hour at least, ever day during this period. It will be extremely beneficial. Each day, also strengthen your Sankalpa and prayers and surrender all to ParaBrahma.

This is also a period to really start trusting God and connect to Him with genuine faith. Most have a conditional faith or pursue their spirituality for societal and superficial reasons. It is time to delve deeper and start imbibing God within.

♦       ♦       ♦

We can practice the following technique for the entire duration of Aashada Masa.

Face North-East
Duration – 1 hour

Connect to and Pray to ParaBrahma. Offer your Love and Gratitude. Then, you can place all your prayers, worries and concerns to Him.

Then imagine Bluish-Violet Light coming from ParaBrahma and allow this to fill your entire physical body slowly and gradually. Experience the Light for some time.

Then with your intention, extend the same Light to your Soul and imagine the Light filling the Soul. Then gradually imagine the Soul merging with the Light and becoming One.

Keep experiencing this throughout the Meditation.

Repeat the mantra “Om Antarathmayai Param Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

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