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Special Days For Meditation — June 2015

Submitted by on June 1, 2015 – 4 Comments

An epiphany is sufficient for our life to transform. We should be willing to put all our might and efforts behind these understandings and pursue them to their logical end.

The Pralaya processes create many such opportunities of insight and realization. It assists each individual to open up and see the drawbacks of a selfish and greedy living. It shows us the true nature of ourselves, about others and also the way the world is functioning at the moment. We have to make the right choices and start adopting the higher value system in our living. The main aim of Pralaya is to assist every individual to live a spiritual life full of Light, Love, Peace, Honesty and Righteousness.

The intensity of the Pralaya energies has picked up pace from the beginning of the year and everyone can feel its presence. Yet, humanity in general has not bothered to act on it and is unwilling to change even a bit. Sadly, the egoistic nature of most has strengthened and they continue to pursue their selfishness.

The pralaya energies churn and bring to the fore all that is not aligned to the spiritual values. We have to let go of the aspects in us which are not aligned and choose Light and its qualities. The beauty of the pralaya energies is that help comes to those who are genuine and sincere.

The Pralaya energies help everyone to open up and grow. Individuals who are making efforts to improve will find the strength and encouragement to keep up their momentum. Many will also find solace in midst of the prevailing chaos when they are sincere and persistent in their efforts.

During this period, only intentions and affirmations are insufficient. Spiritual practices are important and required to supplement our efforts. The energies of Pralaya are tough and it is not easy to go through the churning period unaffected. The spiritual practices, especially Meditation helps in our growth and to go through this phase with relative ease.

There are a couple of simple practices the Rishis suggest to begin with.

First, connect more to Light. Fill yourself with Golden Light as soon as you get up and experience it for some time. Also, Pray to the Light to guide you the entire day. Connect to it as and when you need any help, support or strength. In the night before sleeping, again experience the Light for some time, thank it and then merge with it as you sleep.

This practice will help the individual connect to Light, take help and assistance from it and also make it a part of their life.

The next aspect is to experience and spread love. Initially it is a practice till it becomes a natural part of your life. Connect to your Soul and request it to emanate a lot of Love and Light. You can consciously imagine a lot of Pink Light radiating from your Soul and allow the Light to fill you up completely. Keep experiencing and enjoying this radiance. You can also allow the Light to spread all around you and also send it to other individuals.

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The Special Days for Meditation of June are –

2nd June — Purnima

It is a very opportune day to meditate more, strengthen our resolutions and to work on implementing the decisions we have taken so far.

The general spiritual law is that we reap multiples of our action; both the good and the bad. This aspect gets further strengthened and every individual will notice and undergo this in their lives. So the more of love and peace we manifest, the more of same we receive. The more selfishness and ego we manifest, the more of that we receive.

This aspect will also help every individual to understand their qualities easily based on how their life is progressing and then make the necessary changes. An abundance of help is also available from the spiritual plane.

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We can practice the following technique on this day to connect to the special energies of the Full Moon Day


Face North-East
Duration — minimum 24 minutes; maximum 60 minutes

Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light.

Then, imagine an abundance of Blue Light radiating from your Soul and allow the Light to fill every cell of your body. Keep experiencing the Light in your system.

Repeat the mantra “Om” silently for the entire duration of the Meditation.

16th June — Amavasya

During this period, the Rishis mention that amazing revelations will take place. It may be small things pertaining to each individual to various global phenomena. Each individual will encounter a situation where they will be pushed towards change. These are opportunities and should be well utilized.

Use a lot of Light, deep breathe and during every breath, breathe out all the suffocation and sufferings. And begin to experience more Love.

21st June — Solstice

The churnings and intensification of Pralaya energies continue. Many new energies will be anchored across the earth on this day. Individually, we can make use of these new energies to aid our transformation.

In May, Lord Kalki released some energies from Shambala. More energies from there may be released.

The battle between the Light and the dark also intensify. The new energies released during this period will help expose the dark individuals and groups. The energies of the Solstice will also punish the false guides and prophets.

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