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Special Days for Meditation — July 2015

Submitted by on June 30, 2015 – 5 Comments

The Solstice last month was a very significant day in the transition of our Earth into the Light Age. An important platform was laid for the work of Lord Kalki on that day. At a deep spiritual level, Lord Kalki gave the entire humanity options relating to everyone’s transformation and all were made to choose. These choices will be manifesting gradually to the physical plane in course of time.

The Rishis along with Lord Kalki also worked on identifying and removing certain blocks in the Earth which were preventing its smooth transition. This facilitated the downpour of wonderful New Age energies on the Earth.

Many old and difficult energies were also removed from different parts of the Earth and the planet was cleansed. Then fresh Pralaya energies were anchored and the transition and churning processes were strengthened.

All this work lays a foundation for the upcoming months. July is the beginning of a very spiritual and auspicious period. We shall have the energies flowing from ParaBrahma directly, followed by the presence of many Divine Personalities subsequently.

This period provides an abundance of opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation. In parallel, this is also a period of intense churning and cleansing. Humanity is taking further steps into the Light Age and the need to tune to the Higher energies and to let go of the old and limited ways of behaving, is paramount.

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Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi (Vishwamitra Maharshi) has been working for many months in different parts of the Creation and expected to come back to our Brahmanda (and visit our Earth) sometime during this month. He will be coming with new energies, Light, and solutions to various problems of our Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy.

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The Special Days for Meditation of July are –

2nd July — Purnima

This Purnima will lay the base for various processes to be initiated on Guru Purnima.

New spiritual energies will be available on our Earth on this day. These new energies will assist in our spiritual growth and hasten the transformation processes. As usual the day is also very conducive for introspection and to work on our inner shortcomings and negativities.

♦       ♦       ♦

We can practice the following technique on this day to connect to the special energies of the Full Moon Day

Face North-East
Duration — minimum 24 minutes; maximum 60 minutes

Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light.

Then, imagine an abundance of Blue Light radiating from your Soul and allow the Light to fill every cell of your body. Keep experiencing the Light in your system.

Repeat the mantra “Om” silently for the entire duration of the Meditation.

16th July — Amavasya

This New Moon day will be the preparation for Aashada Masa. We can prepare ourselves with a lot of positive thoughts and intentions of a Peaceful World. We should accept Light and the new energies and all its qualities. We should also gear up by opening ourselves and be willing to accept our shortcomings and work towards outgrowing them.

We can make efforts to grow and connect to the abundance of Grace and Blessings available. We should also take responsibilities for all our actions, make efforts to improve and utilize all the opportunities provided by the Higher Intelligence.

Prepare to Meditate regularly and tune to the flow of energies from ParaBrahma.

17th July — Aashada Masa Begins

During this Lunar month (Aashada), the position of our Earth is in direct alignment with ParaBrahma. Due to this, we receive an abundance of energies directly from there. This is the period to connect with the Formless God and be in commune with Him. The flow of energies from ParaBrahma increases as the month progresses and peaks on the Full Moon Day, also known as Guru Pournima (31st July 2015). It is the day to worship the real Guru — God Himself.The Pralaya processes will also be intensified further with the flow of these energies. The new energies will create further churning and help surface all the suppressed and hidden issues, both at the global and individual levels. Go with the flow of the Pralaya processes. These are wonderful opportunities to let go of the old conditionings and to expand and accept the new energies.

This is an amazing month for spiritual activity, prayers and spreading the intention and energies of Peace, Unity and Light to be within us and all over the Earth. This is also the period where the genuine prayers are answered to humanity.

During this Aashada Masa, Lord Kalki will be very active. He will be bringing down and spreading an abundance of energies to begin various cleansing processes and prepare the Earth for the further phases of transition.

The Rishis mention that Lord Kalki will be counselling humanity everyday in the first fortnight of Asada Masa (17th to 31st of July). He will be talking to all of us in batches everyday and educating about the coming transition. He will also help everyone understand the necessity of transformation.

We can consciously make an astral travel to attend these gatherings. The Rishis suggest the following practice every day (between the 17th and 31st) before going to sleep in the night.

Face North
Duration – 7 to 10 minutes

Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light.

Pray to Lord Kalki and to Lord Hanuman for protection and a safe astral travel and for help in recalling the events during the travel.

Then imagine a lot of Fluorescent Violet Light coming from Lord Kalki and filling your entire body. Keep experiencing the Light. Keep repeating the mantra “Om” silently.

♦       ♦       ♦

Vasishtha Maharshi will also be present on our Earth during Aashada Masa. He will be working directly with ParaBrahma and the energies flowing from there. We can connect to him easily during this period.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Rishis suggest practicing this Meditation technique everyday during the Aashada period. It is an opportunity to absorb the energies from ParaBrahma and help us evolve into radiant Beings. Pray to ParaBrahma, Vasishtha Maharshi and to the energies to help you grow and transform.

Technique (Between 17th July to 14th August)

Face North
Duration – 24 minutes to Maximum 60 minutes

Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Light.

Imagine an abundance of very Bright Golden Light flowing from above. Allow the Light to enter you gradually and fill up every cell in your system. Do not hurry at any stage. Enjoy and experience the flow of the Light.

Then with your intention, send the Light from your system to your house and work place. You can also send this Light to all the difficulties and hurdles you are facing.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Prakashaya Namaha” silently for the entire duration.

31st July — Guru Purnima

The occasion of Guru Purnima is dedicated to the worship (experiencing) of the Formless. On this day, it will be easy to connect to our Source; ParaBrahma and experience Him to the best of our ability. It will naturally be a highly energetic, loving, nurturing and joyous day.

As this occasion provides the best opportunity and experience of a communication between God and us directly, let us make the best use of the opportunity. The maximum energies would be available between 12 noon and 4pm (local time of your place). Spend the time in Meditation and absorb the maximum energies.

The Rishis mention that on this day, linkup to Lord Kalki also and pray to Him for Righteousness, Justice, Love, Peace and Light on the Earth.

Guru Purnima is also the birthday of Vasishtha Maharshi and Vyasa Maharshi. We can connect to these great Rishis too and experience them.

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