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Special Days for Meditation – July 2014

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This entire month, we shall have special energies from ParaBrahma flowing to our Earth. It is an amazing period to be involved in spiritual activities, and in Communing with Light. The abundant energies available will benefit humanity in many ways. These energies also help in establishing a base for the next phase of Pralaya energies and towards our transition to the Light Age.

During the first phase of 10 days of Aashada, Lord Kalki and the Rishis will be very active with many astral works. The next 10 days will aid in connecting to everyone on the Earth and experiencing Oneness. The Rishis mention that especially on the 12th and 19th of this month, they will be bringing many special energies from the Core of ParaBrahma and made available to the entire Brahmanda. These days are very opportune for Meditation and experiencing Oneness.

The last phase of Aashada is for experiencing Light. We will be able to experiencing the energies of ParaBrahma directly. It will be easy to connect to the Source and experience the Love and Bliss. It is also a wonderful opportunity for Inner Healing.

This month is a period of opportunities and individually we can make great strides in our spiritual progress. Meditate regularly. Each day of the month carries different energies and will aid in different benefits.

To assist everyone, the Rishis are suggesting the following technique. It can be practiced on all the days during Aashada Masa.

Technique –

Face North

Duration – Minimum 24 minutes, maximum 60 minutes.

On Guru Purnima (12th) it can be practiced for the entire day.

Practice Pranayama with Light – 7 Rounds

Connect to ParaBrahma with your strong intention. Thank him for your Wellbeing and the Blessings and Grace. Pray for the welfare of the entire Creation and for the transition of our Earth to the Light Age.

Then imagine a Bright Light Blue coloured Light coming from ParaBrahma and filling you up completely. Experience the energies for some time. Then imagine the Light to spread from you and form a globe around you, roughly about 5 feet diameter.

Spread your awareness to the entire globe, and experience yourself as the entire globe of Light for the entire duration of your Meditation.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om” silently throughout the Meditation.

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The Special Days of July are –

12th July — Guru Purnima

This is the day dedicated towards experiencing the Guru, who is God himself. This year, it is the best day to experience Oneness with everyone and the Creation. Spend more time in Meditation and Solitude. In you meditation expand your awareness and experience Unity with all the human beings, plants and animals, the planets and Galaxies and strongly affirm that everything is One and United. Consciously we also experience the love and Peace that interlinks the entire Creation.

26th July  — Amavasya

The energies available on Amavasya help us to connect with our departed elders easily. The purpose of connecting with the departed ancestors is to express our Love for them and also to learn from their Wisdom.

Though this is the last day of Aashada Masa, the energies from ParaBrahma will continue to be available on the Earth till the end of the month.

28th to 30th July Anchoring of Special Energies

During the entire period of Aashada, the Rishis are executing a special astral work to facilitate a special energy to be brought down to our Earth. They will be bringing down this energy during this period. This energy is very potent and its intensity is one of the highest. Each individual can absorb this special energy during their meditation. These energies will induce many positive and good changes and will also assist everyone to sail through the upcoming phases of Pralaya very smoothly.

Try to spend maximum time possible in Meditation on these three days.

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