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Special Days for Meditation – July 2013

Submitted by on July 1, 2013 – 6 Comments

The processes of churning are slowly picking up pace as we enter this month and it will intensify further as we proceed. Our Meditation and overall Sadhana is very important during this period. The highlight of this phase is on our transformation process.

There will be some disturbances or upheavals in all the individuals lives due to the churning processes. But these can be handled by everyone. To begin with, a lot of patience is required. We cannot afford to panic or get worked up with the situations. We need the help of Light to deal with the situations and we have to take its help in every way for all activities of our living. 

Due to the churning processes, many tend to feel that life is being unfair and that they are going through the worst. The churning processes occur to help us clear our karmas, learn lessons from our past mistakes and then to transform us into better beings. The positive growth prepares us for the New Age ahead wherein we have to be pure and full of unconditional love.

These churnings will also test everyone’s faith towards all the things they believe in. The individuals can feel confident about their orientation towards truth, about themselves manifesting unconditional love and their surrender to God. The pralaya processes will test all the spiritual values and help us understand where exactly we stand so that we can make more efforts in the areas that we fall short.

The lunar month of Ashada also begins from the 9th of this month and it is an ample opportunity for everyone to Meditate and experience more Light. There will be a huge flow of energies from our Source and let us make the best use of the opportunity.

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The special days of July are –

8th July — Amavasya

The New Moon Day is the day to go within and introspect. With the important month of Ashada beginning from the next day, it is vital that we spend time understanding our spiritual progress and then taking decisions regarding our Sadhana and towards working on our issues. The Rishis emphasise that we have to make resolutions to meditate regularly and then allow the influence of the Meditation to improve the quality of our life.

The Pralaya processes will intensify one more step from this day onwards.

 9th July — Lunar Month of Ashada begins

The period of Ashada is from the 9th of July till the 6th of August. This is the period when we will receive energies directly from Parabrahma and these energies will be at its peak on Purnima (22nd). This is the period where we meditate more and absorb as much as the energies as possible into our system.

The Rishis mention that this year, the month of Ashada is not just another opportunity that comes and goes every year where we hardly makes use of it. This time, it will be a phase where all external processes occurring will influence the individuals to make choices and these choices will be monitored carefully by the Higher Intelligence.

We have passed through the different outer layers of the Photon Belt and we are in the main energy field. The full force of the energies will begin to act. The first impact is the ongoing changes in climatic patterns on our Earth. In the next phase, the impact of the energies will be to surface the ego’s of the individuals, their love for power and dominance and the violence and greed in the individuals.

This Ashada Masa is about the individuals making choices and taking the help of the energies and Light to strengthen their resolves. This month is a platform for all of us to implement our choices and strengthen our will power to do so.

The Rishis also mention that so far, the Higher Intelligence showered humanity with unconditional support and energies and counselling. We will henceforth begin to transit towards a stage where we have to work towards earning all this with our efforts and actions. It will be a pre-requirement for all individuals to choose Light from a deeper level. Henceforth it will become the duty of every individual to consciously let go of old ways and adopt the higher values.

Hence this month is very important for all to meditate, positivise and make conscious efforts to move towards Light as fast as possible.

22nd July — Guru Purnima

This is the day dedicated to worship the formless God. The energies from ParaBrahma will be at its maximum and everyone can easily connect, talk, listen and experience Him. We can easily experience the Love and Oneness with the Ultimate.

Let us meditate more, and try to be connected with Light the entire day. It is also a very good day to make resolutions. 

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Image Courtesy – Imaginary Foundation

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  • Gopal dhumal says:

    Dear VishwaAmara Team..thanks a lot for sharing this divine core knowledge to us..sir when we enter in photon belt energy fully activated

  • sunny says:

    To rishis and kalki baba…

    thanks for the information, it is badly needed as i am seeing turmoil in life from June only… but just one question how we can connect with Rishis directly… and know we are going in right direction or not… please enlighten me..

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @Sunny –
      The main criteria for having a deep connection with the Rishis are purity, love and surrender. It usually takes years of sincere Sadhana to achieve this.

      Knowing about the progress of our growth is mainly through our intuition. A person who is more advanced Spiritually than the individual like a Guru, will also be able to help and guide.

  • shreya says:

    Thank u for this article

  • Shikha says:

    Dear VA Team,

    Nice info and pic, somehow the latter says quite much in itself. I really like the picture, goes well with the imp info. Perhaps we all need to be the “witness” and “see” the process of churning within and without. Being in the main energy field in photon belt and the compression of time—perhaps these two factors are causing a faster way of learning, as if we have the opportunity to learn the lessons of 3 to 4 lifetimes in one. Seeing the churning of our own ego is an interesting process indeed. Thanks for sharing.

    Divine Love.

  • pragti says:

    Dear VishwaAmara Team

    So true…that the churning processes are intensifying. We are all feeling it one way or the other in our lives. Very interesting info about the being in the main energy field of Photon belt..!!

    Dear Team..”we will have to earn this through our efforts and actions”…Could you shed a bit more light on this ? As in..we have to take responsibilities of our actions ?

    Liked this info ! Thank you for your incessant work towards giving information during this crucial times..

    Love and Regards

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