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Special Days for Meditation — July 2012

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We are in a period of important changes and transition. Having just completed the twin eclipses, Venus transit and the Solstice, we are moving into a phase where many divine personalities will be descending down on our Planet in the coming months. This phase brings us many auspicious occasions, the first among them being Guru Purnima.

Guru Purnima is the full moon day of the lunar month of Aashada, which is dedicated to worshipping and experiencing the formless God. The Rishis will be releasing many new Energies on that day. Lord Kalki will also be active and playing a major role on that auspicious occasion. It is an important event for the entire humanity to take the guidance of Light and manifest its qualities of Love and Humility. It’s also an occasion for us to strengthen our resolve against Adharma (injustice), both within and without.

The second half of the month brings another important phase of transition with the advent of Dakshinayana. It’s a six month period where the Sun appears to be moving towards South with respect to our Earth. The churning of Pralaya begins to intensify in this period and life in general could become tougher. Many corrupt activities will be exposed so will the activities of the dark forces.

With all these important events and a huge influx of Light and energies towards our Earth beginning from this month, it is important for all of us to regularise our meditations and other spiritual activities and strengthen our sadhana. As the churning processes intensify in due course, the positivity we manifest and our alignment with Light will be the factors which help us go ahead smoothly. Experiencing and manifesting Light assumes prime importance.

The Rishis specifically advise all of us to focus on spiritualizing our lives and take Sadhana seriously. They also mention that some form of physical exercises is a must as they help in quickly removing the older energies from the body. Physical culture helps overcome lethargy/inertia and keeps our bodies rejuvenated and healthy.

Another important suggestion from the Rishis is to consciously practice Pranayama with Light in case of any distress, pain or suffocation in our lives. We can also imagine an abundance of dark Pink Light in our system and silently repeat ‘Om Adi Shaktiyai Namaha’. This gives a lot of healing and relief.

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The special days of July are –

3rd July Guru Purnima
Birthday of Maharishi’s Vyasa and Vasishtha

Guru Purnima is the day to worship the real Guru, the formless God—Parabrahma. This is a sacred day to completely surrender and experience Him.

 Rishis will be releasing many important Energies on this day. Try to meditate as much as you can, be open and absorb these Energies.

It is also the birth anniversary of two very great Rishis—Vyasa and Vasishtha. We offer our respects and love, and seek their guidance. We can also pray and take their help to experience the formless.

 19th July Amavasya

This New Moon Day is an important day. Pray to the Rishis and meditate more on this day. Rishis suggest that everyone experience a lot of Pink Light in their system. This practice helps everyone in every way.

24th July Naga Panchami

This day is dedicated to the worship of the Snake God and Goddess referred to as Lord Nageshwara and Nagini. We offer our respects and love to these personalities.

We also pray for Love and Peace to manifest on our Earth.

27th July Worship of Devi Mahalakshmi

Mahalakshmi is the Goddess of Spiritual and Material wealth. She is also the Goddess of Abundance. An amsha of Mahalakshmi descends and stays on our Earth for 10 days starting from this day; hence this entire period is considered auspicious.

She brings an abundance of Knowledge, Energies and most importantly, unconditional Divine Love. Experience Her as much as you can, interact with Her and try to be aware of Her presence on our Earth.

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You can read our eBook – “Communing with Light” to know more about the higher ways of using Light in our day to day life.

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