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Special days for Meditation – July 2011

Submitted by on June 30, 2011 – 7 Comments

July of this year coincides with the lunar month of Aashada – the most auspicious duration of the entire year. This is the month where the energies from our Source, ParaBrahma flows directly to our Earth. This flow peaks in the middle of the month on the full moon day, which is also known as Guru Pournima, the day to worship the real Guru – God Himself.

In this month, all material activities were set aside so that maximum time could be spent in spiritual activities to absorb the special energies. Those who do not know the significance of this duration have mistaken this to be an inauspicious month where no venture is undertaken. This distortion exists to this date among religious circles.

July begins with a partial solar eclipse – the third in the series. This occasion makes it an important phase of shift towards the Light Age. Let us make the most of these opportunities by meditating more, regularising our Sadhana and intensifying our efforts to experience the sublime.

♦       ♦       ♦

Guru Pournima of this month marks the first anniversary of VishwaAmara. It’s an occasion of many emotions and of course, a few celebrations. When we penned the first article on Meditations last July, little did we think about the road ahead and the adventures we would have on this journey. One year may not be a big achievement, but for an infant who has just learnt to stand up, it’s a huge step. Words cannot express the subtle feelings of joy, pride and happiness that accompany these small milestones.

We have been working on a special gift for our readers on the day of anniversary. Our hope is that it will turn out to be a wonderful and cherished present to all our friends, well-wishers and unknown supporters, who’ve participated in this knowledge transfer from the Great Masters.

Watch this space on July 15th. It’s celebration time!

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The special days of this month are

July 1 – Amavasya / New Moon Day

Partial Solar Eclipse – 1:23pm to 2:53pm IST

GMT time – 07:53 to 09:22 GMT

Many drastic changes are occurring in our entire galaxy at this period of time and the effects of that can easily be felt on our Earth. This Solar eclipse is the third in the series and on this day, many process initiated during the first eclipse will culminate. Many new energies from different Universes will be brought down by the Rishis and released to the Earth during the eclipse.

Hence it is very important to make the best use of the opportunities presented during this phase. Meditate as much as you can on this day to absorb the special energies.

Lord Kalki and Vasishtha Maharshi will also be injecting a lot of energies related to the Pralaya processes to all the individuals on the Earth.

July 2 – Aashada Masa begins

Due to the position of our Earth during this month, it is in alignment with ParaBrahma and hence it receives energies directly from there. The flow of energies from ParaBrahma increases as the month progresses and peaks on Pournima. Then the intensity of the energies decreases gradually towards the end of the month. Aashada masa is there till the 30th of July.

This is the most auspicious month for spiritual activities in the entire year and many special energies will be released throughout the month. This is the period to regularise our spiritual practices and if possible we try to meditate on all the days during this month.

July 15 – Guru Poornima

Birthday of Vyasa and Vasishtha Maharshi’s

Guru is the formless God Himself and on this day, as we receive the maximum energies from the formless God, it is dedicated to worshipping Him. We surrender and merge with the formless. This is the best way to experience and worship Him.

Humanity in general will also receive a lot of gifts and grace from God on this day.

Last year on Guru Pournima, our Earth received energies from Mula Brahman directly for the first time. This year too, new energies from Mula Brahman will be available.

♦       ♦       ♦

Coincidently, two great masters share their birthday on this day – Vyasa Maharshi and Vasishtha Maharshi. They will be present astrally on the Earth on this day and will bless humanity.

These two great masters are planning to gift many things to our Earth. Vyasa Maharshi wants to remove about 90% of the karmas of Mother Earth to ease Her burden and Vasishtha Maharshi will be involved in further cleansing of many places and will be passing on a lot of new energies related to Pralaya.

July 30 – Amavasya

The New Moon Day is usually the day for introspection and also to connect with our departed elders. This New Moon day in midst of all the activities at the astral level and Pralaya process occurring gives many opportunities to overcome our shortcomings and grow.

♦       ♦       ♦

Image Courtesy – Keith Inov

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  • Rahul says:

    Om Shree Gurubhyo Namaha(Salutations to all the holy masters) on this auspicious Guru Poornima day. May light and love permeate us all, this I deeply pray to, and prostate before two of the Greatest masters ( Rishi Vyaasa and Vaasishta).

  • Sandhya Raghu says:

    Thanks for giving us so much of information and enlighting all of us about LIGHT AGE. Advance congrats for completing 1year on GURU POORNIMA DAY. Waiting eagerly for your surprise.

  • Rama says:

    Congratulations on your 1st anniversary……Keep posting.. there are a lot of admireres and a lot more will join…………Keep it going……

    Thank u for all the info shared here. It has been of immense help….

  • Kalyani says:

    Congratulations Vishwaamara!

  • Gopi says:

    🙂 Advance Congrats VA team, waiting for Guru Poornima…

  • Shikha says:

    I pray that all of us, all beings on mother earth benefit spiritually from these great energies and alignments ! Much love and gratitude to Vishwaamara team ! 🙂

  • keshavamurthy says:

    Congratulations in advance for the 1st anniversary of Vishwaamara! May the light of Vishwamitra maharshi, Amara and Rishis shine through Vishwaamara forever. Its celebration time for all of us and We are eagerly waiting forward for the July 15th gift. Thank you.

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