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Special Days for Meditation — January 2022

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We will have the presence of the Shunya Masa Rishis till the 13th of Jan. These Rishis are working very hard and implementing various new projects. They are also anchoring and spreading new energies, and enabling fresh opportunities for humanity.

The Shunya Masa Rishis are experts in Maya and they have released a lot of these energies to our Earth. We can consciously connect to these energies, absorb them and tune to them. It will not be easy, as by nature Maya is illusionary and complex. It can also be tough and confusing many times.

The Maya energies will largely define the year ahead. On Sankranti day, the Rishis will combine the energies from Lord SuryaNarayana and the energies of Maya and release them to the Earth. This will initiate a new phase of Pralaya.

The energies of Maya will help the Divine to monitor and handle the transition phase with better efficiency. The Rishis explain that humanity has been given sufficiently long time and opportunities to change, and to correct themselves for the better. Yet, most are still stuck in the old ways.

The Maya energies will help awaken us from the old patterns. In the bigger picture, the Maya energies also help in reducing the duality characteristics and move us towards Unity Consciousness. The energies are more efficient in mirroring our Inner to us. It also helps with developing our inner faculties like Intuition and Clairvoyance.

We are in for a new phase, sort of re-birth of Pralaya. The phase can be overwhelming for many, but individually, we can always tune to it and learn to go with the flow. The Rishis have given various guidelines that will assist us further, which we published in the article New Year—2022.

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January Shakti

This year, the Rishis have not invoked a Personality for the entire year. They will be invoking a different Personality(s) each month and for January, they have invoked a Devi. We can refer to and connect to Her as January Shakti.

Following is the message from January Shakti—

The coming year will indeed be tough. Self-care is important, along with minding one’s own business. You can take these two aspects as a mantra for the year.

Mental health and Physical Health are very important. Consciously device ways to strengthen these. Treat your body like a temple. Keep it healthy. Also, fill yourself with good positive energies and vibrations. Take the help of Light for all this. Similarly, do the same for your home as well. Be in a good positive environment. Adding your love enhance these.

The mirroring aspect will strengthen in 2022. Various life situations and experiences that you will go through are mirroring what is within you. Introspect, identify, learn and then outgrow. You will find solutions to all the problems.

All your intentions and thoughts will also mirror back to you. If you have hatred and anger, or wish ill for others, these will impact you as well. Similarly, the positive qualities. The more love, compassion and gratitude you send out, the more you will receive them too.

Finances— It is important to save for the future. Ideally, start saving 30 to 40% of your income. It will really help in the coming years.

The pace of time is very quick and the period is running fast. Your busy lifestyle is always forcing you to play catch-up. In spite of this, make efforts to slow down. Make time for yourself. It will help immensely.

Among those who are aware of the transition period, many are constantly curious about when the Pralaya period will end. Please train your mind to go with the flow and to use the present period to your advantage. In some cases, you will have to learn to work around the influence of the Pralaya period. This will bring a balance to your life.

The pandemic is a reality and each has to accept it. Make efforts to reduce your socialising and gatherings. Mentally get comfortable staying at home without feeling confined. This will help your mental health.

Focus more on your strengths and positive affirmations. Make efforts towards manifesting them. Involve yourself with a hobby or activity of your choice to channel your energies

Also, be open and try to learn what the period is trying to teach you. Adopt into your life.

Breathe often. Hydrate yourself well. Then equip yourself with various methods through which you can deal with anxiety and any tough situations that may arise.

Keep experiencing Love. Take the help of Pink Light.

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The Special Days of January are—

14th January — Sankranti

Sankranti marks the end of Shunya Masa. It is when the Saptarishis return from their month long Tapas and resume their administrative responsibilities of the Brahmanda.

On this day, a Personality called Sankranti Purusha is also invoked by the Rishis who will guide humanity for the first half of the year. Many new initiatives and projects are also initiated by them based on the advice and guidance they receive from the Shunya Masa Rishis.

We can connect to Sankranti Purusha and to Lord SuryaNarayana on this day. Take the help of bright Orangish-Golden Light. Pray for good health, a lot of Peace, Love, Compassion and Light, for each of us and our surroundings. Then keep experiencing the Light.

It is a wonderful day for Sankalpa’s and to begin new projects and routines. When connecting to the Divine Personalities, be open to receiving guidance and energies.

17th January — Purnima

The energies present on this day help us to heal the past and move forward. Focus on moving on towards a better and healthy future. The time has come for us to evolve from the different shades of darkness to complete Light.

Purnima is another wonderful opportunity to strengthen our Sankalpas and to connect to the Divine. Make the best use of the opportunity.

Practice the following technique for Purnima—

Face North
Duration– 24 to 60 minutes

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Golden Light

Imagine bright-Golden Light coming from above and allow this Light to fill you. Experience for some time.

Then extend the same Light to your material and Spiritual aspects of life. Keep sending the Light throughout the Meditation and keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Purnimaya Shaktiyai, Jeevana Kaalaya Namaha” silently.

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