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Special Days for Meditation — January 2021

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The two eclipses in November and December were very important and vital works were carried out by the Divine during this period. Many of the details are not revealed by the Rishis but we will be able to recognise them by their impact in the coming months.

Some of the works focused on the political and economic systems. These changes are important, as these two aspects can bring about large and intense changes in humanity.

DashaAmsha Purusha (The personality in charge of the entire decade) is closely monitoring various changes that are occurring. Based on some of the observations and in discussions with Lord Kalki, He has decided to implement various initiatives hastening our transition.

With the presence of 2021 Purusha and Shakti, the intensity of the work only increases.

••      ••       ••

As we had mentioned previous month, the Shunya Masa Rishis are cleansing various old energies from the Earth including “Time-Pollution”. As the cleansing progresses, various suppressed and old realities surface faster. It will start exposing various truths globally and at the individual level.

During this month, there will be a combination of new energies released regularly. This combination will keep changing often, causing a large fluctuation in the energy patterns. These changes will have an impact on the individual and each day will feel different. It will have an impact on humanity with the highs and lows and also have an impact on the coming months.

Sankranti Purusha who will be invoked on the occasion of Sankranti will also contribute a lot of his Light, strength and some of his powers to the month, making it a very diverse period.

There will be various experimentation happening too. Usually, the energies of Amavasya and Purnima are well defined. There will be changes to the energies of Amavasya for the first time during this period. There will be new characteristics to the energy, as well as the energies of January will overpower the Amavasya energies!

••      ••       ••

The Rishis will be releasing energies of various Spiritual attributes each month. In January, it is Compassion. During the month, connect more to this aspect. Pray to the month to help you to understand more about this, to experience and benefit from the available energies.

You can connect more easily to the energy of Compassion using Greenish-Violet Light. There is no specific place or time to practice this. Fill yourself with Greenish-Violet Light and mentally connect to Compassion and keep experiencing.

••      ••       ••

The Rishis also request everyone to start having more Gratitude in their life. Make it a part of your life. Be thankful for all the positive aspects of your life, even though you may have “worked for it and earned it”. Connecting to the positive aspects often increases the positivity within. We complain less.

This simple practice of offering our gratitude help overcome various obstacles of Sadhana like the lack of contentment, greed and selfishness. It also helps immensely towards the individual’s growth and balance of their life.

This simple practice done every day for even a month brings large shifts within.

••      ••       ••

The Special Days of January are—

13th Jan — Amavasya

The energies of Amavasya generally aid connecting with our ancestors, learning from them as well as clearing any karmas and runas relating our ancestry.

The Rishis mention that from this year, on the New Moon Day, the Divine will be releasing special energies that will help in burning all karmas and runas and also burn our suffocation, hurdles and shortcomings.

The energies may be tough and heavy at times. The intensity of the energies can cause detoxification and act as a cleanser. Sometimes they can give immense help and guidance, even from your ancestors. The Rishis have worked hard to bring the change in energies and have also requested the Pitru-Devatas to do the needful.

This month, the energies of Amavasya are called as Revolving and Evolving. All good deeds will revolve and multiply and the negative deeds will enforce evolution. Let us make use of the opportunities available on the day and better our lives.

Amavasya technique

Face North
Duration – 24 to 60 mins

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Blue Light

Before beginning meditation, first connect to the energies of Amavasya and tune to them. Try to be open to receiving any message, guidance or even energies that you may receive. Then begin with the technique.

Imagine bright-Blue Light coming from above and dark-Green Light coming from your respective ancestors and allow these to fill you. Experiencing for some time.

After that, extend the Light to your karmas, runas and your shortcomings and imagine these aspects to get filled with the Light. Let each of the aspects absorb the Light and dissolve into it. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Nava Amavasya Shaktiyai, Pitru-Karma Brahmaya Namaha” silently.


14th Jan — Sankranti

This is the day when our Rishis finish their month-long Tapas and resume their responsibilities. They will have discussions with the Shunya Masa Rishis on their work and their findings. Based on this, new initiatives will be anchored by the Rishis.

This is also the day when Sankranti Purusha is invoked. He is the personality who will be in charge of the first half of the year.

This will be an amazing day with the presence of Lord SuryaNarayana, Sankranti Purusha, the Shunya Masa Rishis and our Rishis. The special energies will be available from sunrise itself on the day.

Sankranti is an occasion of new opportunities, new perspectives and new doorways. It can give a fresh start in our life. Connect to the special energies of the day and pray for guidance and help and also pray for overcoming your shortcomings and obstacles.

Practice the following technique on the occasion of Sankranti—

Face North
Duration – 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Orange Light.

Then offer your love, respects, gratitude and Light to Lord SuryaNarayana and to Sankranti Purusha.

Then imagine bright Goldenish-Orange Light coming from both the Personalities and allow it to fill your body. Experience for some time.

Then extend the same Light to your Sankalpas, Spiritual pursuits and towards Balancing Life. Keep doing this for the remaining Meditation.

Repeat the mantra “Om Sankranti Prakasha, Tejasayai Namaha” silently.


28th Jan — Purnima

There will be many new energies that will be anchored to the Earth on this day. It is expected to be a powerful and energetic day.

It will be a wonderful day for prayers, Sankalpa and for Sadhana. The energies will also help us to balance the various aspects of our life.

Following is the technique that can be practised on the day-

Face North
Duration – 24 to 60 minutes

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Golden Light

Imagine bright-Golden Light coming from above and allow this Light to fill you. Experience for some time.

Then extend the same Light to your material and Spiritual aspects of life. Keep sending the Light throughout the Meditation and keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Purnimaya Shaktiyai, Jeevana Kaalaya Namaha” silently.

••      ••       ••       ••       ••

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