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Special Days for Meditation — February 2024

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February is a month of joy, love and kindness. The energies of the month also help us to experience a better balance, sustainability and contentment. The Purusha and Shakti of 2024 will be working actively in these areas.

The Shunya Masa Rishis, our Rishis and the Personalities of 2024 make various decisions regarding the future year on Sankranti. February and March are the months when the decisions start getting implemented.

During this month, various existing energies on Earth are also revived. These energies are cleansed and made stronger.

This month will be a good period to connect to nature as such, especially the Rivers. The energies from these Bodies will aid our Sadhana. The Rishis suggest that we can connect to the major River(s) present in the country that one resides in.

In fact, various Rishis present on Earth connect to the river Ganga during Amavasya, and to Brahmaputra during Purnima to get cleansed and energised.

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The Leap Day (Feb 29th) should be interesting. Many times in the past, on Feb 29th, there have been big shifts in energies on Earth. The pattern and intensity of energies change and have a strong influence on the year ahead.

Lord Kalki is also expected to release the sixth phase of Power of Pralaya energies from this day.

Many initiatives at the astral level connected to the Olympics also begin. The Olympics are an important event as it brings the global awareness together, to a common event. At the physical level, it is the coming together of various nations. Spiritually, such events showcase the best and finest of humanity in the field of sports. It also showcases the diversity of life like the emotions of victory and defeat, the struggles, passion, discipline and devotion…

The Divine always uses such important occasions to its advantage. Many new projects are initiated to tap into this unified Awareness, and important energies are released during the event.

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The special days of February are—

9th Feb — Amavasya

One key observation of the 2024 Purusha and Shakti is that most of those who connect to the Amavasya energies on Earth do so out of fear and obligation. And many individuals do not understand the essence and the importance of Amavasya.

One important factor that we miss out on is to be thankful and grateful for our lives. Our ancestor’s wisdom and efforts are a big part of what has gone into creating us today. Right from the creation of the body to the surroundings, runas, karmas… we acquire from our ancestors.

This is also an important day to work on balancing the different aspects of your life. For most of humanity, it is also a day to remind ourselves of our responsibility to pass the proper values, and good spiritual and material deeds to our descendants and the future humanity.

The energies of Amavasya help us evaluate our shortcomings and accept them. They also help us to deal with them. It is never a pleasant process dealing with one’s shortcomings or negativity. Yet outgrowing this is part of our growth and evolution. We do this with love and kindness and constantly encourage ourselves through the process.

2024 Purusha and Shakti are working hard to clear various limitations that were present in the flow of Amavasya energies. The Shunya Masa Rishis have also worked and enabled a better connection of Earth with the Moon in this regard.

The changes in the Amavasya energies are one of the important features of this year. Let us be open to these changes and make our efforts to receive them and manifest them through us.

Amavasya Technique
Face North
Duration— 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Blue Light

Pray to the Pitru Devatas, your ancestors, Chandra Deva and then to the Purusha and Shakti of 2024. After this, place your prayers, fears, shortcomings, and family-related karmas and runas to them.

Then imagine Violet Light coming from the Pitru Devatas, Purusha and Shakti of 2024, the year 2024, and Chandra Deva. Imagine dark-Green Light coming from your Ancestors. 

Imagine these to fill your Mind (Manomaya Kosha) and getting engulfed by it. Experience for some time.

Then send the Light to your Shortcomings, fears, conditioning, superstitious beliefs, reluctance to receive, and reluctance to change. Imagine all these aspects absorbing the Light and have an intent that you are willing to accept, Inner heal and Inner transform.

Also, intend that you are willing to get connected to the true Human Nature. Imagine all these aspects to absorb the Light and shine with it. Experience for some time.

Then imagine your entire Physical body absorbing the Light and keep experiencing. 

Repeat the mantra “Om Dvi Sahasra Shaktiyai, Pitru Amavasya, Charanayai Namaha” silently.

16th Feb — Ratha Saptami

We observe the birthday of Lord Surya Narayana on this day.

2024 Purusha and Shakti have been working with the energies of the Sun from the beginning off the Year itself and anchoring energies here. On This day, they will be anchoring a lot of new energies to our Earth.

Part of the energies will help in educating humanity on the transition and in our transition to the Light Age.

The Rishis too are awaiting this day to begin various new projects.

This Ratha Saptami, more energies from the Second Sun (Twin of our Sun)— Dwitiya SuryaNarayana. These energies are very important and carry softness, nurturing and Love from the Sun. The energies will also have an impact on the way the different planets influence our Earth.

The combination of the energies from our Sun and Second Sun will be a very beautiful balance of characteristics.

They will have the energies from our Sun and the Compassion from the Second Sun; the Powers from our Sun and the Love and acceptance from the Second Sun; the Discipline from the Sun and the Exploring and Experimentation of the Second Sun; and finally the New Age and Higher Realities from the Sun and the bridging gaps of conditioning to transition from the Second Sun.

From this, we will be able to experience more of the Provider and Nurturer energies of the Sun’s.

Connect to Lord SuryaNarayana on this day and express your love and gratitude to him. Also, be thankful for all that he is doing for our Earth and the Solar System.

Imagine bright Orange Light coming from Lord SuryaNarayana and Purplish-Blue Light from Lord Diwitya SuryaNarayana and keep experiencing.

24th Feb — Purnima

They will contain Spiritual gems, knowledge and energy. When we connect to these in meditation, it will help us to evolve and have a better understanding of the higher worlds. Various spiritual characteristics of ours like Unity, Oneness, tolerance and compassion begin to develop and strengthen.

We can also strengthen our prayers and Sankalpa and go deep in Meditation.

During this Purnima, many crop circles across the Earth will also get strengthened and activated. These crop circles are non-permanent energy points that the Divine uses for various purposes.

2024 Purusha and Shakti will be anchoring many new energies to benefit humanity. We can consciously connect to these during Meditation.

Practice the following technique for Purnima—
Face North
Duration— 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

Then pray to 2024 Purusha and Shakti. You can place your prayers and Sankalpa to them.

Imagine bright Golden-Blue Light coming from above and allow this to fill your physical body. Experience for some time.

Then extend the Light to your prayers, Sankalpa, and concerns. Imagine each of them absorbing the Light and getting engulfed by it. Experience this for some time.

Then extend the Light to your Mind (Manomaya Kosha) and keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Sampoorna Brahmaya, Purnima Sanketa Shaktiyai Namaha” silently.

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