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Special Days for Meditation – February 2015

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Surrender is a very important pillar of Spirituality. But strangely, the concept of surrender evokes a lot of mistrust and confusion to those who are intellectual about it. The Rishis define Surrender in a very simple and clear way— “Surrender is aligning the Individuals Will to the Divine Will”. Contemplate on this definition. All the queries like whether a surrendered person makes any efforts, goals, ambitions and other doubts that we had on the concept and practice will disappear.

As we progress spiritually, Surrender is an absolute must. Accepting the Divine Will and tuning up to it, is essential. Anything other than this is the manifestation of our ego. The aspect of ‘Trust’ is also an implicit aspect of surrender and they go hand in hand. Trust and surrender also help every individual to discover and better themselves. They are also a major milestone, which each individual will have to cross someday in their spiritual journey.

All this is more relevant in the present time where we are transiting to the Light Age. Light Age is when Light and its qualities are the way of life and each of us have to learn to trust Light and also to manifest every quality and aspect of it in our living. It is only then we can be in total communion with it and subsequently become Light ourselves.

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February is a crucial and important month. Many important works by the Rishis and Divine Personalities will be executed on the Earth. The first five days of February will witness an important work, the energies of which we can tune to and absorb.

This month also has a base for strengthening our resolutions and realigning our focus. Any amount of special energies or grace will be inadequate without the individual’s sincerity, efforts and hard work.

Lord Kalki is also expected to undertake an important mission during the course of this month. He will be reconfiguring many of the old patterns which exist on the Earth. This is to facilitate many changes on the Earth and unless we tune up to the Divine, we will be affected by it.

We shall also have the presence of Lord Shiva later in the month.

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The Special Days of February are –

1st Feb – Amara Jayanti

The birth anniversaries of a Spiritual Master are occasions to reflect on their life and their teachings and to draw inspiration from it. It is also an opportunity to spend more time connecting to and experiencing them.

We celebrate the birthday of Maharshi Amara on the First of February. He was a Rishi par excellence and his greatest strengths were his Humility and his Trust in Rishis. Maharshi Amara, though no longer in his physical body is still very actively working at the astral level. The values and teachings that he shared are relevant to this day.

The present project of Maharshi Amara is helping humanity transit in to the Light Age. He counsels, guides and helps the entire humanity at the astral level. He also helps in the healing and transfer of Satya Yuga energies to all those who require it.

Another important work of the Satya Yuga project that Maharshi Amara is involved in presently is laying the foundation which will assist every individual to be able to connect to their Soul and to be guided by it in an efficient manner. And for this he has been anchoring many unique and special energies all over the world for a few years now.

As and when the individual absorbs these energies, it leads to the betterment of his living.

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In the following week, Maharshi Amara will be working on a special project that relates to the Peace and Love on our Earth. We can also utilize this opportunity and experience these energies and absorb them into our system.

He will be executing this project from the 1st till the 5th of February. Though the energies will take time for it to manifest and start manifesting at the global level, it can easily help the individuals who are open and willing.

The Rishis suggest practicing the following technique from the 1st till the 5th of February.

There is no specific direction required. Try to practice for atleast an hour on each day and it can be practiced for any length of time.

First Practice 7 rounds of Pranayama with Light.

Then with your intent connect strongly to Maharshi Amara. Express your love and sentiments. Try to spend some time communicating with him.

Then imagine an abundance of Green Light coming from him and filling you completely. Then imagine the Light to form a globe around you. Keep experiencing the Light.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Apoorvayai Namaha” silently for the entire duration of your meditation.


3rd Feb – Purnima

The energies of the Full Moon will bring further churnings and also facilitate the intensification of the Pralaya energies. This will help every individual to move towards Truth, making the right decisions and towards Love.

In parallel to this, the energies from the special work of the Rishis will also be flowing in abundance.

The Rishis mention that it is advisable for all individuals to focus on their spiritual practices. Then the next step is to focus on implementing the values in our day to day living. It is very important.

The Rishis also mention that the effects of the karmas are going to increase. The good as well as bad karmas will increase in multiples. In this light, it will help if each individual is able to identify and then work on overcoming all their inner shortcomings. The more we are able to clear the inner issues, the more we can absorb the higher energies and hasten our transformation process.


17th Feb – Maha Shivaratri

Normally during the occasion of Shivaratri, an amsha of Lord Shiva will descend to our Earth and will be here for a period of 10 days. The Rishis mention that this year, Lord Shiva will be on our Earth only for 3 days – from noon of 17th till the midnight of 19th (India Time).

On each of the three days, he will personally be conducting an astral session for the entire humanity at Mt. Kailash. If the individual is interested, they can pray to Lord Shiva to help them on their astral travel before going to sleep. They will be taken.

During the astral sessions, each individual will be educated further about the Light Age, on how to accept the new energies and on ways to implement them in our living. It may also cover aspects like living in complete Peace even during the turbulent times, adopting Light and in following the ways of Light.

Other than these discussions, lot of energies and love will also be given to each individual and be equipped for the further months.

During these three days, offer your respects and love to Lord Shiva. Then experience him.

For those of you who wish to practice the special technique relating to Lord Shiva, please email us after the 15th of Feb.


18th Feb – Amavasya

The New Moon Day will be dominant with the presence of Lord Shiva and his energies. It will also be a good occasion to pray for Peace and for a better world.

Try to always be in link with Light. Make resolutions and work towards being righteous, truthful and simplifying life.

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