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Special Days for Meditation – February 2014

Submitted by on February 3, 2014 – 3 Comments

The special energies that were released by the Rishis in January are subtle but brilliant and their influence is manifesting very beautifully at the Spiritual level! These energies are helping everyone to heal and understand the situations of life they are in. They are also equipping the individuals to tune up to the Higher Realities which is slowly manifesting on our Earth. Many opportunities are being provided to everyone now before the phase of intense churning sets in. These energies will continue to be nurture everyone this month.

In February, we shall also have the special energies from the Sun when we observe his Birthday and then have the presence of Lord Shiva on the Earth towards the end of the month. This is a month to strengthen our Spiritual journey and make more efforts to manifest the spiritual qualities in our living.

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The Special days for Mediation in February are –


On this day, the energies from Devi Saraswati will be available on the Earth. Devi Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge and Her energies aid in learning and developing new talents and skill-sets.

The Rishis mention that this day is important to take Sankalpa’s — both spiritual and material related resolutions, as the energies present will help towards the beginning of new projects.

It is also a day to seek more, understand further and then Experience. It will be easy to connect to the Divine Consciousness, absorb more love from the Divine and manifest the characteristics of Light at the physical level.

Various new energies will also be anchored to the Earth on this day.


This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Suryanarayana – the Sun God. Long back after our Earth had formed, life was yet to begin. The Planet was still covered with clouds of dust particles and gases all over. At some stage, the dust clouds cleared and the Sun’s rays became visible for the first time on our Earth. This day, when the Sun became visible directly for the first time is celebrated as the birthday of the Sun God and observed as Ratha Saptami.

On this day, let us honour the Sun God and thank him for all the help and sustenance he provides to our Earth and to humanity. Let us also meditate for a longer duration if possible and be in the constant awareness of the new energies and Light.


The Full Moon day is generally dedicated towards the Higher energies and strengthening of Sadhana. It is the day for introspection and consciously working towards outgrowing the shortcomings.

 It is also a beautiful day for both the spiritual and material activities.


An amsha of Lord Shiva will be brought to our Earth and his energies will be there for 10 days. Let us meditate regularly and intensify our Meditation during this period.

There will be an astral travel to Mt. Kailash on the night of the 27th. This is an important event for our Earth. Every individual will be taken and Lord Shiva will be communicating many details relating the Light Age and the new energies. He will also educate everyone individually about the new realities and help them to cope up. The Rishis suggest all of us to start mentally preparing ourselves from now itself for this astral session so as to absorb the maximum details from the actual meeting.

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