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Special Days for Meditation – February 2013

Submitted by on February 5, 2013 – 3 Comments

Days of winter enhance the comfort of warmth. Hunger increases the taste of the food. Difficult times make us value the freedom and ease that is earned later. Loss makes humans wise and deep. Like a piece of stone which slowly morphs into a beautiful statue with every blow it takes, the turbulent times and travails enrich us and help us appreciate the beauty of God’s Creation. We live in a paradoxical World!

While journeying through this life, we face crossroads at every step we take. One way is to choose the obvious, from the top of our minds. The other way is to pause, connect to our all-knowing, all-powerful core and allow It to choose for us. We have allowed the first, obvious way to operate for so long that connecting to our hidden wisdom appears difficult and arduous. We believe that ‘enlightenment’ is something to be achieved and gained after great difficulty and is possible only after many life-times. We believe that contacting the Rishis is possible only for the select few. We forget our own possibilities and settle into a mediocre life, devoid of mystery and magic.

Fortunately, the times we live in is so abundantly rich with energies and support from the Higher Intelligence that we are pushed to choose the ‘new’ way, at every step. We face situations in our lives which force us to rethink our priorities, take a step back and allow a higher wisdom in us to operate. Letting go of the old ways and adopting the new is easier now. What is needed on our part is a leap of faith, a trusting of the heart and a small courage in choosing the right things, whenever prompted.

Let us resolve to walk the new paths lovingly laid out to us by the Divine. Let us connect to ourselves, to each other and to Nature at every given opportunity. When problems surface, let us find the hidden wisdom they bring and adopt it in our lives — without grumbling and with a smile. As winter slowly fades away heralding the arriving days of fresh leaves and happy bird-songs, let us remember that we’re already in the beginning of a beautiful New Age. The Universe is waiting for us to open our eyes to the new possibilities all around us. Let us open up to its abundance and embrace these possibilities.

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The Special days of Meditations for the month of February are:

1st Feb – Birthday of Maharshi Amara

The birth anniversary of Maharshi Amara is celebrated today. He will be present on our Earth for the entire month; hence during this period it will be easy for everyone to contact and communicate with him. Rishis also mention that the more someone is open and surrendered, the more of new knowledge, energies and Love can be gained from him.

10th Feb – Amavasya

The New Moon day is an occasion where we can go within ourselves to introspect, contemplate and learn. We can also connect with our departed elders and ancestors to express our Love and also learn from them.

Sometimes the dark forces use these occasions to release a lot of their energies. Hence the Rishis advice all to shield themselves more on this day and hold an abundance of Light within them. Let this information not lead to any panic. We should remain calm and composed and, as it is the day of introspection, spend more time focusing on manifesting our goals.

17th Feb – Ratha Saptami

This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Suryanarayana – The Sun God. Long back after our Earth had formed, life was yet to begin. The Planet was still covered with clouds of dust particles and gases all over. At some stage the dust clouds cleared and the Sun’s rays became visible for the first time on our Earth. This day, when the Sun became visible directly for the first time is celebrated as the birthday of the Sun God.

On this day, let us worship the Sun God and offer our respects. Many special energies from the Sun relating to Pralaya will be brought by the Rishis and released which we shall absorb during Meditation.

25th Feb – Purnima

This Purnima is important spiritually due to the energies which will be available. It is a very good day to introspect, review our spiritual priorities and our progress and then take the necessary spiritual oaths.

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