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Special Days for Meditation – February 2011

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February, the shortest month of the year, is also a short bridge between two seasons. Winter in the Northen Hemisphere will be on its last legs as the Sun advances further North, heralding the arrival of spring, while Summer begins to fade out far south of the equator. With millions of young minds across the globe getting ready for their annual school exams, the usually cheerful playgrounds begin to wear a sullen look. A huge chunk of the workforce dust out their cv’s and prepare to test the waters as the hiring season begins across various sectors of the developed and developing nations. This is a time of change.

In this month, many new energies are released from the higher realms and a lot of changes are expected at the astral level. Abundant help and guidance is provided to all individuals on our Earth to help them change and transform, so that they can go through this pralaya phase easily. Also, many special souls are expected to take birth on our Earth in this month. All of them will be participating in God’s work in future.

February 1st – Amara Jayanti

Feb 1 is the birthday anniversary of Maharshi Amara. He will bless humanity will a lot of love and special energies. Be aware of this and try to experience him and the energies he showers, as far as possible.

With the help of these energies all the individuals will be able to make a spiritual shift and many karmas can be burnt easily.

February 3rd – Amavasya

The New Moon day (Amavasya) is the day when we can easily go within and introspect, contemplate and learn. We can also connect with our departed elders and ancestors to express our Love and learn from them.

Rishis will be releasing a lot of new energies to the entire Material Cosmos today and to absorb these energies, Meditate as much as possible on this day.

February 5th  – Inner Earth Opening

Rishis will be executing a very important work on this day to help the advancement of the Earth towards the Light Age. Rishis say that they will be connecting wires made of light Blue Light all over the Earth and then begin to monitor its influence. When we meditate, we absorb these energies.

February 8th – Vasant Panchami

This is the spring festival celebrated all over India. This is also a day when Devi Saraswati, the Goddess of learning and Wisdom is worshiped as it is believed that Lord Brahma created her aeons ago on this day.

We too worship Devi Saraswati on this day and take her blessings.

February 10th – Ratha Saptami

This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Suryanarayana – The Sun God. On this day, special energies from the Sun are released, and these can be absorbed into our system by meditating more.

On this day, Our earth will also move into the next layer of the Photon belt which hastens the transformational processes occurring on the Earth.

Long back after our Earth had formed, life was yet to begin. It was still covered with clouds of dust particles and gases all over. At some stage, the clouds of dust particles cleared and the Sun’s rays were visible directly for the first time on our earth. This day, when the Sun was visible directly for the first time on our Earth is celebrated as the birthday of the Sun God.

February 18th – Pournima

The Full moon Day is when all energies are at their maximum potency. Because of this factor, this day is very good for both material and spiritual activities.

On this day, we are blessed by the Divine for any of the good deeds we do. Rishis say that it’s a very good day for Meditation, Prayers, Inner Healing and Positivising because the Spiritual Energies are at their best.

On this day, Spiritual works like anchoring of energies can be successfully done as there will be a direct guidance from the Source God, ParaBrahma Himself. All spiritual activities can be easily accomplished because they evoke the grace of God Himself.

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