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Special Days for Meditation — December 2020

Submitted by on December 5, 2020 – One Comment

We are in the period between two eclipses and the first half of the month will be highly influenced by the Eclipse energies. The second half of December will contain the energies of Shunya Masa. We will also have the Solstice and Christmas in the second half of the month and all these combined make it a very energetic and important period.

Along with the various Eclipse energies, new energies of Hope, Joy and Unity, will be released during the Solar Eclipse and these aspects will be strengthened at the Global level. These energies will be influencing various aspects and decision that affect humanity as a whole.

The energies of the next year begin to influence from the Solstice onwards.
There are numerous important occasions each month during which special energies are released. The best way for us to make use of them is by meditating. We absorb these energies and allow them to manifest through our actions.

In parallel, it would really help if we try to tune into the energies and contemplate on what they are trying to tell us or how it is trying to influence. When we can consciously do this, we can utilize the occasion and the energies better. This in turn improves our Sadhana and our progress.

For example, this year, during each month a Personality is invoked by the Rishis. When we connect to them and the 2020 Purusha, we try to understand more about the energies they are releasing and the benefits of them. This will enable us to consciously work on those particular aspects within efficiently.

In general, all the various energies help us to understand more about the transition and Pralaya, and helps us to tune to them. The more we can internalize and become “One” with the period, the smoother and simpler our lives become.

••      ••       ••

We will have five special Rishis present this year during Shunya Masa, who will be in charge of the administration of the Cosmos.

They will be bringing with them a very special Energy called “Ranga Randharva”. These energies are in a spiral form and it interacts a lot with “Time”. The main special feature of this energy is that this will cleanse and heal the effects of “Time Pollution”.

In the past Kali Yuga as well as in this transition period so far, there has been a lot of changes and fluctuations in the Time period and in the Time aspect of our lives, which has had a negative effect on Earth. In parallel, the mentality of humanity has largely been negative, further harming the Time period adversely.

The special energies of Ranga Randharva will play a major role in cleansing and purifying the Time aspect of life on Earth, making it clean and beautiful. Indirectly, this will also hasten the Pralaya period and processes.

Try to aware of this during the Shunya Masa period and experience.

••      ••       ••

This month, the Rishis have invoked two Personalities, a Shakti and a Purusha. On some days the energies will be that of Shakti and on some, that of the Purusha. There will also be days where we will receive a combination of both. We can connect to both of these Personalities daily and then absorb their energies.

Practice the following technique to connect with them and experience—

Face North
Duration — 12 mins to 60 mins

First offer your love, Light, respects and gratitude to December Shakti and Purusha. You can pray for their guidance.

Then imagine bright Fluorescent Blue Light coming from December Shakti and Purusha and allow it to fill you completely.

Then extend the Light to the remaining days of the year. Pray to the Light to help you proceed smoothly through these days and manifest as much Spirituality as possible. Also, pray that the Light helps you balance your life. Keep experiencing.

Repeat the mantra “Om Dvadasha Tejasayai, Pushpa Viraalaya Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

••      ••       ••

The Special Days of December are—

14th December — Amavasya
Solar Eclipse — 7:03pm to 12:23am (15th) IST

The duration of the eclipse is between 13:33 to 18:53 UT/GMT.

The Solar Eclipse will bring multiple changes. There will be a large shift in the energies on Earth. The Divine is also using this occasion to bring a shift in energies and in Time across the entire Solar System. There will be a change in the energies of every Planet.

The pace of time will also compress further. New energies relating to Time will be released, and it will have its influence on all individuals and lay a base for the life of 2021. We can consciously connect to the energies of Time during the eclipse and absorb it.

New energies of hope, joy and Unity will be released all over the Earth and they will influence our life. The more we can accept the energies and tune into them, the better our lives become. It will tough on those who resist.

The energies of Shunya Masa also influence the Eclipse. 2020-Purusha and DashaAmsha Purusha will be very active on this day and play an important role. Many important decisions will be taken and implemented.

It is an important day for internalising and Meditation. Try to meditate as much as you can during the Eclipse period. Practice the following technique during the Eclipse—

Face North
Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Golden Light

Between 7:03pm to 8:30pm IST (13:33 to 15:00 GMT/UT)
Practice the Amavasya technique (refer to Special Days of October)

Between 8:30pm to 12:23am IST (15:00 to 18:53 GMT/UT)
Imagine bright dark-Blue Light coming from the Eclipse formation and allow this to fill you. Experience this for some time.

Then with your intention, send the Light to your time and period, and the coming year of 2021. Have a strong intention that these aspects absorb the Light and then shines and radiates with it.

Repeat the mantra “Om Pritvi Kaalayai, Surya Grahanaya Shaktiyai Namaha” silently.

15th Dec to 13th Jan — Shunya Masa 

Shunya Masa is the period where the Saptarishis go for Tapas and a new group of Rishis take over the administration of our Cosmos during this period. This new group of Rishis usually bring an abundance of new energies and knowledge and will carry out various new projects.

These Rishis are usually very busy with their work, but we can connect to them and experience their love, energies and also receive knowledge and guidance. The Rishis who come during this period are highly advanced masters in various fields of Spirituality and it will be an amazing opportunity to learn more from them. Shunya Masa month is a wonderful period for Meditation and contemplation.

For Shunya Masa this year, we will have the presence of five Rishis. They are all related to each other. Among them, one is a very old and wise Rishi and another is a very young boy Rishi. The other three are Rishikas.

Maharshi Amara has worked very hard to facilitate these Rishis to come. He has been inviting them for several years and they finally accepted at the beginning of 2019. It has taken them so long to be able to come to our Earth. These Rishis are very radiant and pure and they cannot come here in one shot. They have to come step by step into our Creation, with multiple layers of protection along the way.

Presently these Rishis are residing in Andromeda Galaxy and they are working on the effects of Ranga Randharva there. They will come to our Earth on 15th December.

During this period of Shunya Masa, we will be able to experience varied paces of Time – fast, normal and slow at the same time. Similarly, the energies will also be intense, normal and smooth at the same time. These are the various effects on “Time” and it will be something incredible to experience (yet difficult to comprehend intellectually).

The following technique can be practised for the entire Shunya Masa –

Face North
Duration – 1 hour

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light.

Offer your love, respects, Light and gratitude to the Shunya Masa Rishis. Be open to receiving from them. This can vary from energies to guidance or whatever they are offering.

Then imagine very bright Violet Light coming from these Five Rishis and allow it to fill you completely. Experience for some time.

Then extend the Light to your time period, remaining days of the year, to the coming year 2021, and then towards balancing your spiritual and material aspects of life. Keep sending the Light and imagine all these aspects to absorb the Light and then shine with it.

Repeat the mantra “Om Pancha Nakshatraya, Shunya Shaktiyai, Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

21st Dec — Solstice

December Solstice is when the Sun is over the Tropic of Capricorn. The energies of this Solstice will influence the shift in Time as well as the energies of Pralaya. The Shunya Masa Rishis will be working throughout the entire Cosmos during the Shunya Masa period, and there will a coordinated change in energies across the entire Cosmos.

On this occasion, an abundance of new energies will also be anchored across the Earth. The Rishis suggest that we consciously connect to the energies of Peace, especially that of mental Peace, and energies of Nurturing and experience it.

This is a wonderful day to make Sankalpas and long term prayers. The energies also help us in balancing our material and Spiritual aspects of our life. We can also pray to the Solstice energies for guidance and solutions to our prayers. Practice the following technique to connect to the energies of the Solstice and experience.

Face North
Duration — minimum 30 minutes, max – as long as you can.

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with dark-Blue Light

Imagine dark-Bluish Golden Light coming from the Solstice formation and allow this to fill you completely. Experience for some time.

Then extend the Light to your mental health and physical health and imagine these aspects to shine with the Light.

Then extend the Light to the remaining days of the year and the next year 2021 and imagine these to also absorb the Light and shine with it.

Repeat the mantra “Om Ayanaya, Mana-Sharirena Tejasayai, Annamayi Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

25th Dec — Christmas

Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi will be present on Earth for 3 days 25th to 27th. We will be able to connect to him easily during this period and experience his love and energies.

Millions across the Earth get emotional and look up to him as a saviour for their problems. He will help everyone but the most important thing for all to remember is to be open to receiving, and open to suggestions. Then the individual has to make efforts. Solutions do not always occur in the way an individual wants.

During his visit to our Earth this year, he is expected to bring diverse energies— healing and nurturing to energies that help in the transition, and release it all over the world. He will be working closely with the Shunya Masa Rishis during these three days.

Practice the following technique from the 25th to 27th. During the Meditation try to experience the radiance, strength and intensity of his Light. Try to explore the vastness and depth of his energies.

Face North
Duration — minimum 30 minutes, maximum – as long as you can.

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

Offer your love, Light, respects and gratitude to Vishwatejas MulaBrahmarishi. You can pray for guidance and blessings.

Then imagine bright Violet Light coming from Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi and allow this to fill your entire body. Experience for some time.

Then send the same Light to your prayers, concerns and worries and your emotions. Imagine all these aspects to absorb the Light and get engulfed into it.

Repeat the mantra “Om Vishwa Mula Brahmaya, Roopa Tejasayai Namaha” silently.

30th Dec — Purnima

This Full Moon day will be a combination of many energies. It will be an amazing day to meditate and take advantage of this. We can also use the opportunity to strengthen our Sankalpas and affirmations and orient ourselves for the next year.

The various Divine Personalities on Earth to help us- DashaAmasha Purusha, 2020 Purusha and the Shakti and Purusha of December will be very active on this day. We can connect to each of them, understand more about ourselves and seek guidance. Using their help, we can also fill our upcoming year with a lot of Golden Light.

On this day, the Rishis and various Light-workers are also expected to carry our many astral works.

Please practice the following technique on the occasion of Purnima –

Face North
Duration – 1 hour

Begin with 7 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

Then imagine bright Orangish-Golden Light coming from Chandra Deva and imagine the Light to fill you. Imagine the Light to charge you up and shine through you and that your body is getting cleansed.

Then extend the same Light to your daily Sankalpa and prayers and imagine them to get engulfed by the Light.

Repeat the mantra “Om Paripoorna Chandrena, Prachalitha Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

31s Dec — New Year Eve
1st Jan  — New Year

2020 has been a tough year for many. We have to view this year in the bigger context of the transition and have to let go of the frustration and resentment we may have towards it. This year was when Humanity was Grounded, and the true nature and attitude of various nations were exposed. At the individual level, we were taught to be grateful for what they have.

On the evening of the 31st, (after 7:30pm) let us connect to the past year of our life and genuinely try to see all the positive events and developments and express our gratitude for them. Let us also connect to the 2020 Purusha and thank him for his selfless service to humanity. Without his energies and work and protection, we would have all been in a much worse situation. We can connect to his strength and Light and then prepare ourselves to welcome the next year.

Then post-midnight, let us welcome the New Year with a lot of Light, joy and prayers and also express our Love and Gratitude to it. We can request the Personalities of the next Year to guide us through the year and then merge and experience the Light and energies of 2021.

Practice the following technique to thank the past year and to welcome to New Year—

On the 31st—

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with bright Golden Light

Mentally gather an abundance of dark-Blue Light as a ball in front of you. Then add your gratitude and Love to it and offer this to the Year as well as to 2020 Purusha.

The Rishis mention that the more we have a negative attitude to this year, it will be tougher for us the next. This is an amazing opportunity to overcome all our frustration and resentments if any and genuinely connect to the positives.

On the 1st Jan—
(Note – this technique can be practised on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd)

Face North
Duration – minimum 30 minutes, as long as you can. This can be practised at midnight also.

Gather an abundance of bright Golden Light as a ball and offer this to the New Year 2021. You can also connect to the Personalities of the New Year. There will be a Shakti and Purusha next year to help humanity.

Then mentally connect to the year’s Light and energies (Golden Light) and pray for guidance and support. Keep experiencing the energies and Light of the year.

Repeat the mantra “Om Swarna Shaktiyai, Sahasra Varshayai, Brahmaya Namaha” silently.

••      ••       ••       ••       ••

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  • Rajesh says:

    Really looking forward to the New Rishis who will be arriving on 15th Dec. This month is quite exciting as we have Solstice followed by the arrival of Viswatejas Mula Brahmarishi. More importantly we have a solar eclipse on 14th Dec. All in all lot of activity is happening at a spiritual level(Presence of Dashamsha Purusha, December shakti and Purusha as well as 2020 Purusha) and we must make the most of these opportunities for our own growth. Thanks to VA team for seeping down this wonderful knowledge.

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