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Special Days for Meditation — December 2015

Submitted by on December 1, 2015 – 3 Comments

Many of us who are aware of the Earth’s transition and following its progress and developments are anxious to know when the Pralaya phase will conclude and eager for the beginning of the actual Light Age.

The transition is not smooth. There is a good percentage of humanity which is resisting and do not want the transition. They include the various terrorist organisations and their supporters and similar groups who are very active at the astral level. Similar to the work of the Light workers who strengthen the positive energies, these groups are also anchoring and storing a lot of dark and negative energies.

The transition also deals with educating and helping humanity to transform. Presently we too contribute to the overall negativity on the Earth through our negative emotions and attitude. Though many indications and wake-up calls have presented themselves, we have not collectively given up the old ways.

Change cannot happen externally. It is for each individual to realize by themselves and make efforts towards improving. The Higher Intelligence can only nudge and accelerate the efforts but cannot bring about changes in the individual. And humanity by nature is lethargic when it comes to making efforts and getting out of the familiar comfort zones even though they understand these things intellectually.

We have to be patient. The transition will surely happen but it takes more effort and time.

♦       ♦       ♦

The next phase of our transition began from the 25th of November. This new phase facilitates subtler energies and energies of Satya Yuga to flow to the Earth. These new energies will not accommodate adharma and negativity. This could lead to more chaos in the short run on the Earth, but eventually will bring about many positive changes.

The Rishis are yet to finalize the course of this phase and are awaiting the New Rishis of Shunya Masa for better options and new opportunities. These Rishis will be given the responsibility of the next phase of our transition.

♦       ♦       ♦

Ved Vyasa Maharshi was present astrally on the Earth and in Tapas for many years till he left in the year 2011. He will be returning to Earth in the beginning of Shunya Masa. His return is eagerly anticipated and very important. He will be bringing a lot of new energies and powers of Satya Yuga along with him and then spread these energies all over. These energies will be allowed to vibrate which hasten the progress of the transitory period.

From the 17th onwards, we can connect to Veda Vyasa Maharshi and seek help or knowledge anytime.

♦       ♦       ♦

Considering the period of transition we are in, the Rishis emphasise that it is high time that we sincerely pursue our inner growth and development. We are stuck largely because our intentions and efforts do not match and hence do not make much progress. They request each to give their best and to also connect to the Divine as often as possible, as all help and assistance is always available with God.

They also mention that we have to also learn to open up and go with the flow. Resisting or pursuing our ego will only bring more problems.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Special Days of December are —

11th December Amavasya

Amavasya is a good day to introspect and to express our love to our ancestors. Let each such opportunity help you move closer to purity and inner Peace.

Pralaya triggers continuous churnings. Do not allow negativity to dominate your judgment or take hasty decisions. On this Amavasya make more efforts to strengthen your connection to Light and reflect on how to use more Light in your daily life. Allow the Light to lead your way and be your guide.

17th December to 14th January Shunya Masa

The Saptarishis go into Tapas for a month, each year. Because of their absence, this month is known as Shunya (Zero) Masa.

The Saptarishis invite another group of Rishis to substitute them and take care of their responsibilities during this period. Each year it is a different group of Rishis and they are experts in various areas. Other than the general administration of the Cosmos, they also take up special projects and execute many works. There is usually a large spiritual shift during this period because of their works.

For each of us, it is a wonderful occasion to utilize the special opportunities. This is a period to meditate more and take important resolutions.

This year, a batch of Six Rishis are expected to take charge and they are experts in working with the energies of Pralaya. Vasishtha Maharshi has specially requested these Rishis to help the Earth and humanity to cope with the intense Pralaya.

They will also be assisting Lord Kalki in various important works.

Vasishtha Maharsi has devised a special technique which can be practiced during this Shunya Masa. It will help everyone to connect to these Rishis, take help and guidance from them and to receive the special energies.

Duration – 1 hour

Face North
Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light

Then imagine an abundance of Bright Blue Light coming from the new Batch of Rishis and allow the Light to fill every cell in your body. Then allow the Light to fill your Soul.

Then imagine a link getting established between the Soul and the New Rishis and experience them and the Light within.

Keep repeating “Om” silently throughout the entire Meditation.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Rishis request each individual to not miss such opportunities and meditate everyday and to absorb as much energies as possible. The spiritual progress we make during this period is very important in the coming times.

22nd December Solstice

The December Solstice is when the Sun is directly over the tropic of Capricorn. This year on the Solstice, we will be receiving an abundance of new energies from the Sun.

Tough situations and difficult circumstance are expected leading to this date and the energies will be very helpful to tide over them. Many questions and issues will be answered. We have to surrender and go with the flow.

Many astral works will also be carried out by the Rishis and Lightworkers all over the world.

25th December — Christmas
                         — Purnima

Vishwatejas Maharshi will be present for three days on the Earth — the 24th, 25th and 26th. It will be a wonderful opportunity to connect to this Rishi and experience his Love, Wisdom and Light and allow it to shine through us. We can also pray for Inner and external Peace and for more Love and Accommodation.

The Rishis suggest a simple technique to be practiced on these three days –

Duration – 1 hour
Face North

Imagine a lot of Purple and Blue energies coming from Vishwatejas Maharshi and allow the Light to fill your Soul. Then imagine this Light to be radiating through your Soul, astral body and the entire physical body and experience this throughout the Meditation.

Repeat “Om” silently.

31st December — New Year’s Eve

On this day, let us take some time to reflect on the year gone by. There have been many positive developments and some unfortunate ones too. In the bigger picture, we have progressed and more spiritual qualities have manifested on the Earth.

At our individual level, let us think of all the positives and difficulties and put these thoughts into a ball of Light and surrender it to the year. Let us also express our gratitude and thanks for the year gone by.

Similarly, as 2016 begins, we can welcome the year, place our wishes and prayers for the year ahead in a Ball of Light and express them to the New Year.

Let us also pray for humanity to Unite and for more Peace and Love to manifest on the Earth. Let us pray to we can connect better to Light, and embrace the tough periods ahead. Let us also pray that we can accommodate and adopt to the qualities of the Pralaya energies.

We can also specially connect to the new batch of Rishis and express our sentiments.

♦       ♦       ♦

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