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Special Days for Meditation — August 2015

Submitted by on August 10, 2015 – 3 Comments

We are nearing the end of Aashada Masa. This period has been an amazing and wonderful phase and contained new opportunities and magnificent energies. This continues through August month also. This is the phase where we reflect deeply, strengthen our Love, pray for Grace and surrender to the Divine.

During the first fortnight of Aashada, we had an astral travel every day. It was an important and crucial event that took place. The entire humanity was counselled by Lord Kalki who highlighted the importance of change and growth and the urgent necessity for it. He also taught the ways to strengthen one’s inner growth, will power and the means to connect within for all help. Lot of individual specific guidance was also provided to those who were open and willing to learn.

He also passed on His energies to every individual which is stored in the astral bodies. These energies are dormant presently and they will be utilized from the end of the year. Sadly, like many occasions previously, large parts of humanity rejected this and were unwilling to give up their old ways. But amazing results were also observed amongst the individuals who are open and working on their spirituality.

On Guru Purnima, our Earth received an abundance of energies from ParaBrahma. In fact, this is the highest quantity of energies our Earth has ever received from ParaBrahma. These energies are helping in nurturing and healing.

From the end of the month, our Earth will be influenced by the energies of the eclipses in September. We can prepare ourselves mentally from now itself to receive these energies as they will be very beneficial for our growth and transformation. The next phase of Pralaya will expose and reveal many things about the selfish, egoic and corrupt practices of humanity and these eclipse energies contain solutions and ways to deal with them.

The energies from the upcoming eclipses could be strong and it may be difficult to cope with them. The sensitive individuals especially may feel a lot of unease and tire easily. The Rishis mention that in case we experience such things, practice more of deep breathing and hold a lot of Gold Light in the system. This will help us go with the flow.

We shall also have the presence of Mahalakshmi on the Earth towards the end of the month. Let us utilise this opportunity to internalize. We can seek all the help from Her. Meditate more during this period and surrender to Her.

♦       ♦       ♦

The important days in August are –

14th August — Amavasya

This is the last day of Aashada Masa and energies from ParaBrahma will still be available on the Earth. In fact the Rishis will be releasing more energies from ParaBrahma to our Earth and the intensity of the energies will be like that of Guru Purnima itself.

This is a special blessing and a gift to humanity from God. Pray to Him and spend long hours in Meditation and experience Him.

On the night of the 14th, we shall have an astral travel to meet Lord Kalki. Go to bed early after light food and pray to the Rishis and Lord Kalki to be taken astrally.

♦       ♦       ♦

Pralaya will intensify further from this day and the pace of time will also be hastened. This is the day to make resolutions, accept our shortcomings, note down the areas we have to work on, and begin implementing them. Connect to Light as much as you can and use it in your day to day life.

19th August — Naga Panchami

Today is the day when we honour the Snake God and Goddess. Snakes in general are very spiritual beings and they are very intimately connected to Mother Earth. On this day, after expressing our love and gratitude to these Beings, let us spend some time interacting with them.

The Rishis mention that the Snake God and Goddess have abundant information relating to Pralaya because of their connection to the Earth and they will be able to guide each individual seeking their help. Make use of this auspicious day.

25th August — Punyathiti of Maharshi Amara

Maharshi Amara is one of the greatest Spiritual Masters who has lived on our earth. He still continues to assist humanity in all areas, and help in the growth and progress of humanity. This day would be an excellent day to reflect upon and learn many things from his life. We can learn from his patience, tolerance, love and humility. We can also learn from his hardworking nature and his dedicated service to humanity.

This year, he will be releasing energies from Shambala to our Earth. We can consciously connect to him, express our Love and gratitude, and experience him and absorb these special energies.

A simple technique to assist us in the process would be –

Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Light. Then connect with Maharshi Amara. Express your love and sentiments. Then imagine an abundance of light-Green Light coming from him and allow the Light to fill your entire body and then with your intention, allow it to fill your Soul.

Keep experiencing the Light. You can repeat the mantra “Om” silently. Practice for any length of time.

28th August — Worship of Goddess Mahalakshmi

An amsha of Mahalakshmi will be descending to our Earth on this day and she will be present till the night of 4th September. Let us make use of the opportunity of Her presence. She is the Goddess of material and spiritual wealth and She is also the Deity who can bestow abundance and contentment.

This year, one of Her main works is to continue educating humanity about Pralaya and help every individual to deal with their shortcomings. The energies she will be releasing will help surfacing of every individual’s negativity. These energies will also carry the Wisdom and solutions to deal with them.

Let us pray to Her for a balanced spiritual and material life, and for our growth and transformation. Let us also pray for World Peace, Love and Unity on the Earth. Strong intent and prayers always help easing the pain of Mother Earth.

29th August — Purnima
                  — Upakarma and Raksha Bandhan

The energies on the Full Moon day along with that of Devi Mahalakshmi present opportunities to cleanse ourselves further and to experience Oneness and Abundance. We have to spend more time in solitude and introspect. Then with clear resolutions, in deep Meditation, we gather the necessary energies to strengthen our decisions.

This Full Moon day is a fortnight before the eclipses in September. The energies from the eclipse will begin to have its impact from this day. New doors are being opened and the effects of our karmas and runa’s will start intensifying. Let us pray to Lord Kalki for His grace on humanity.

♦       ♦       ♦

Upakarma’ is also observed on this day, which is the occasion where we strengthen our vows and resolutions towards our Spiritual growth and righteous living. We can pray for a spiritual shield around us which protects us from the dark. In Meditation, let us imagine the shield to become radiant with Light.

On this day, the function of Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated here in India which is the occasion of strengthening the bonds between a brother and sister.

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