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Special Days for Meditation – August 2013

Submitted by on August 1, 2013 – 7 Comments

We are nearing the end of Ashada Masa. During this month, we have been receiving an abundance of energies directly from our Source and they have been illuminating our Earth like never before. The availability of these new energies has prompted the intensification of various astral works occurring on our Earth. Many Rishis including Vishwamitra Maharshi, Amara Maharshi and the Saptarishis are on our Earth and they are executing many new projects for the well being of humanity. These works assist us not only in the present but help us in the future as well.

A special project is being spearheaded by Vishwamitra Maharshi. Many astral beings and special personalities are present on our earth specifically to assist him in this project. They mention that they are here to help him mainly because of his unconditional and selfless service to humanity.

During this month, it is easy for us to connect to the Rishis, especially to Vishwamitra Maharshi and Amara Maharshi.

In August, the month of Ashada ends and Shravana begins. This is the month where we shall have the presence of the Divine Personalities on our Earth beginning with Goddess Mahalakshmi, followed by Lord Krishna and then Lord Ganesha.

Their presence will intensify the astral works and many new energies will be brought down to our earth and distributed to the humanity. Various special energies will also be anchored at various places on our Earth.

This phase is the appropriate time to regularise and strengthen our Sadhana and work towards attaining inner purity. Many individuals want an instant transformation and spiritual perfection gifted to them. But it will never happen that way. We will have to make continuous efforts, each day removing a little of the negative and outgrowing a bit of the old.

Change and transformation takes time and we need to commit to it sincerely and work hard towards realising it. The energies support us. They will give us the necessary strength and wisdom and guide us further. They will help in healing and change. But they will not work on their own and do it for us. They will manifest only through our efforts.

Let us make use of opportunities presented by the presence of the Divine Personalities and new energies on the Earth.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Special Days of August are –

6th Aug – Amavasya

The New Moon day is an occasion where we can go within to introspect, contemplate and learn. We can also connect with our departed elders and ancestors to express our Love and also learn from them.

Let us spend more time in introspection on this day.

11th Aug – Naga Panchami

Traditionally this day is observed to worship the snake God. This year, Nag Devatha, the Snake God expresses that other than worshipping them, it is also the day to experience Oneness with nature and the plants and animals and with the fellow humanity.

He says that many things can be learnt by observing them. The main pointer is that they are always connected to the Earth and grounded. Nag Devata mentions that it is this aspect of being egoless, that enables everyone to accept the others without conditions and experience Oneness with all.

16th Aug – Worship of Goddess Mahalakshmi

The Rishis are eagerly anticipating her arrival on our Earth. She will be present for 10 days on our Earth and all of us can easily connect to and experience her.

Devi Mahalakshmi wants to personally work towards educating humanity, pass on knowledge and new energies to every individual and then help in the manifestation of many positive changes on our Earth. She wants to help in establishing better co-existence amongst the people and help them to live in harmony and peace.

The Rishis mention that she will be helping them to bring down many rare energies and knowledge and also in the implementation of many of their projects. They also express that sadly humanity keeps praying to her only for material wealth and riches while she can offer so much more. She is the Goddess of Abundance and also Spiritual wealth. She has a lot of spiritual powers to offer. They request everyone to make use of the opportunity of her presence to grow spiritually and meditate more during this period.

20th Aug – Purnima

The energies on the Full Moon day along with that of Devi Mahalakshmi present opportunities to cleanse ourselves further and to experience Oneness and Abundance. We have to spend more time in solitude and introspect. Then with clear resolutions, in deep Meditation, we gather the necessary energies to strengthen our decisions.

Upakarma’ is also observed on this day, which is the occasion where we strengthen our vows and resolutions towards our Spiritual growth and righteous living.

On this day, the function of Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated here in India which is the occasion of strengthening the bonds between a brother and sister.

Aug 25th – Punyathiti of Maharshi Amara

Maharshi Amara is one of the greatest Spiritual Masters who has lived on our earth. He still continues to assist humanity in all areas, and help in the growth and progress of humanity. This day would be an excellent day to reflect upon and learn many things from his life. We can learn from his patience, tolerance, love and humility. We can also learn from his hardworking nature and his dedicated service to humanity.

Even now he is one of the strongest spiritual pillars on our Earth and the Saptarishis can execute many works only because of his efficiency. He has single-handedly taken up the responsibility of helping every individual who is ready, to open up to Light.

Ahalaya Maharshi, one of the great Rishis mentioned that many Rishis themselves observe and learn from him due to his dedication, hard work and humility. She mentions that by incorporating Maharshi Amara in one life, it is easy to manifest humility, simplicity and hard work from the level of our Soul.

This is the day to experience him, learn from his Wisdom and to embrace Light into our lives.

Aug 28th – Krishna Janmastami

Krishna Janmastami is the occasion of celebrating the birthday of Lord Krishna. An amsha of Lord Krishna will be on our Earth for a period of 10 days and he will spread himself as Light all over the Earth. Hence it will be easy to connect to him and to experience him very easily.

Lord Krishna will also be carrying with him a lot of new energies and energies of MahaVishnu this time to assist in the ongoing work of the Rishis. The Rishis mention that after his work here, Pralaya could be intensified further and Lord Krishna will work personally to clear many of the non-positive things on our Earth.

Let us meditate more and experience Lord Krishna as much as possible during his presence here on our Earth for the 10 days.

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  • anand says:

    Dear Vishawamara team

    Very encouraging article as usual. Having said that, do you know when we will start seeing tangible impact of all work done by the rishis? The dark forces still seem to be more visible than the rishis positive energy and work, hence me raising this question and also seeking advice as it’s getting harder for lots of people who have pure intentions but cannot implement them due to the dark foreces.

  • Gopal says:

    Dear Vishwaamara team..thanks a lot for this article.with divine love

  • Mayur says:

    Dear VA team..thanks for the article..sir when all the old systems will be replaced by divine one and when Rishis allow full energies of photon belt by removing filters for more positive impact on earth.thanking you

  • shreya says:

    dear Vishwaamara team,
    Like vasishta arunadhati, atri anusaya, do all light bodies and rishi workers have consorts?

  • shreya says:

    dear vishwaamara team thanx for this article

  • Krishna Kumar says:

    There is so much abundance of energies for us to take as much as we can and grow spiritually during this period. I feel that we are all so involved (due to the chaotic environment around us) with our day to day lives that we are only able to partake some of the energies.
    Let us all pray for divine guidance and help and meditate as much as we all can so that we can grow spiritually!

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