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Special Days for Meditation — April 2014

Submitted by on April 2, 2014 – 6 Comments

We are approaching an interesting period ahead. An amsha of Lord Shiva who came to our Earth during Shivaratri is still here and He is assisting the Rishis in many important works. We also have the presence of Adi Shakti and will have the presence of MahaVishnu later. We will also be witnessing an important set of eclipses in the second half of April and a minor event known as a Grand Cross (the alignment of four planets to form a plus shape in the Solar System). The presence of the Divine Personalities and their works and the energies of the eclipses will intensify the transformation phase and nudge our progress towards Satya Yuga.

The Full Moon Day and Equinox of March were very important. New and potent energies were brought down on these days and anchored by the Higher Intelligence on the Earth. The Rishis also invited a special Rishi, Prakasha Mula Maharshi to our Earth, to assist them in various works. He is a very advanced Master adept in many areas of work and he came to our Earth on the Equinox day. During the peak of Equinox, he anchored a special energy that will help all individuals to introspect and in achieving clarity about their lives. All individuals can linkup and connect to him and seek his help and guidance for any spiritual matter.

The entire last month was meant for reflecting and contemplation. It was for understanding the shortcomings and weakness and then taking clear steps to outgrow them. This phase continues till the Lunar Eclipse (15th April). Till this date, it is the right time to make resolutions relating to both the spiritual and material aspects of our life.

There are many warnings of chaos ahead. We need not fear or get panicked. The phase of Pralaya is to bring about transformation and the sooner we embrace it and move along, the better it is. If we resist, the Pralaya energies will coerce all to transform and it is then that we have to undergo turmoil. It is the personal responsibility of each individual to choose, make the necessary efforts and utilize the opportunities.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Rishis recommend practicing a Collective Prayer from now till Rama Navami (8th April). Make this Sankalpa everyday before beginning your Meditation.

With your intention, connect to every Soul on the planet. You can imagine a small ray of Light connecting your Soul to the Soul of the other person. Begin with your immediate family members, then the neighbours, friends, colleagues, relatives and keep expanding the connections to all the individuals on the Earth till we are connected to the entire humanity.

Experience this Connectedness and Oneness for a couple of minutes.

Then send a clear affirmation to everyone that we shall all collectively start manifesting more Love and Peace in our living. Let us affirm that we shall outgrow hatred and violence and all negativity which is holding us back. Let us finally affirm to start adopting and upholding all the virtues of Light.

Then, let us as One Humanity send a prayer to God and the Rishis for Peace and Love on the Earth and for the dawn of Satya Yuga.

♦       ♦       ♦

The Special Days of April are-

31st Mar to 8th April — Chaitra Navaratri

The period of nine days from Ugadhi till Rama Navami (first nine days of the Lunar month of Chaitra) is observed as Chaitra Navratri. Normally, less energies from Devi Loka flows to our Earth during this period and is not given much importance.

This time, an amsha of Devi descended to our Earth on the 31st (Ugadhi day) and will present for these nine days . We can connect to Her and experience Her daily, during this period. Other than helping humanity, She will be assisting the Rishis in the various works being executed.

As soon as Devi descended on the 31st of March, She first struck her Trishul into the Earth. This was to accelerate the Pralaya processes. The pace of Time has also hastened because of this. This act of Hers will also start shifting everyone’s focus towards the spiritual values. Slowly and gradually, there will be a shortage of material comforts and issues relating to money worldwide.

On Rama Navami Day, Adi Shakti and MahaVishnu will be working on a special project. They will also be taking many decisions relating to the future events including that of the impact of the energies of the eclipse on the Earth and Humanity.

8th April — Rama Navami

The birthday of Lord Rama is observed as Rama Navami. On this day, special energies and blessings from MahaVishnu will be available. The day will also be influenced by the eclipse energies.

The special energies will help in the preparation of the physical and astral bodies of every individual for a thorough cleanse of the negative energies and then opening them up to the more intense eclipse energies.

With our intent, we can linkup to Lord Rama, worship Him and spend some time communicating with Him. Then let us experience Him and absorb the special energies available that day.

14th April — Solar New Year

This day is an important day for our earth as many changes will be initiated by the Higher Intelligence, both at the global and individual levels.  We shall have the blessings and energies from Lord Suryanarayana (Sun God) and Ugadhi Purusha, and they will supervise these changes.

The energies of this day are also interlinked with the energies of the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse of the next day (15th).

At the individual level, the changes will be specific to each one. The energies can help in clearing many karmas, begin new journeys and bring clarity to those who are stuck in various degrees of confusion.

At the global level, it will trigger further climatic changes and other natural calamities.

15th April — Purnima
— Lunar Eclipse (10:23am to 4:08pm IST)

The duration of the eclipse is between 04:53 to 10:38 GMT/UT. Many new and higher frequency energies will be available on this day, especially during the period of the eclipse. These energies will help every individual to align themselves to value system and in the manifestation of the qualities of Light.

During the period of Shunya Masa, the special Batch of Rishis had executed many works in our Solar System. New energies from the Moon were released to our Earth in January. On this day, new energies from the planets Venus and Mars will be released to our Earth.

Prakasha Mula Maharshi will also be executing many works during the eclipse. We will be able to sense many new changes manifesting and new opportunities for spiritual growth will open up.

18th April — Good Friday
20th April — Easter Sunday

Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi (Vishwamitra Maharshi) will be on our Earth during these three days. It is a good period to experience and seek guidance from this great Rishi.

The energies during these three days will further strengthen the individual to go through the new phase of Pralaya with less turmoil.

Easter is observed as the day when Christ was resurrected after his crucifixion. Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi and the Rishis will be releasing new energies and tuning up the energy system on the Earth and make this day as the “Resurrection of Light” and its values on our Earth.

The Rishis suggest practicing the following technique on these three days. This will help a lot in the inner healing of the individual, progress of their Sadhana and in opening up to the higher values.

Face North-East
Practice for minimum of 12 minutes; maximum – as long as you can.

Practice Pranayama with Light

Then imagine an abundance of Violet Light flowing from above, through your head and filling you completely. Take time and experience the Violet Light in every cell of your system. Then imagine the Violet Light spreading from you and forming a Cross which surrounds you completely.

Keep experiencing the Light in you and the Cross. You can repeat “Christ” or “Aum” silently throughout the Meditation.

29th April — Amavasya
— Solar Eclipse (9:22am to 1:45pm IST)

The duration of the Solar Eclipse is between 03:52 to 08:15 GMT/UT. The Solar Eclipse will witness the conclusion of many astral initiatives on the Earth. Many energies will be anchored all over the world by the Rishis and Lightworkers. Details about the various works will be revealed later.

Try to meditate for the entire duration of the eclipse and absorb the special energies. 

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