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Special Days for Meditation — April 2013

Submitted by on April 2, 2013 – 2 Comments

Time flips over from one year-end to the beginning of a new year, bringing us to the threshold of a new Dawn; Ugadhi! It is the beginning of a new cycle as per the Lunar Calendar; an occasion to look at life with new eyes, fresh hopes and interesting possibilities. A time to step ahead with the new Energies.

Tremendous changes are underway with respect to our transition into the new Consciousness. The everyday life may appear the same to us without any dramatic transformations or Earth-shattering events. Also we expect such drastic changes to happen in the outside world—and we want them to happen soon, so that we step into the new world and experience a new way of life. Such expectations reached a crescendo with the 21st December 2012 events. But most transitions are subtle and smooth—especially at the physical level. The greater transformations happen at subtler levels, and trickle down into our reality as time permits. And the biggest shifts happen internally—in our perceptions, sensitivity and levels of awareness.

The more we evolve the more evolved world we create and co-habit. Manifesting Light and its higher values of Love, Joy, Accommodation, Purity and Stillness—these are the steps to our evolution. What takes us ahead is a continuous effort at spiritual practices combined with a gentle resolution to implement the values in our lives at every opportunity.

Let the special occasions and new energies from the month of April boost our endeavour to spiritually evolve further.

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The important days for meditations, in the month of April are….

10th April Amavasya

As this is the day preceding the Lunar New Year there will be a mix of old and new energies. This is the day to prepare for the New Year. The effect of the eclipse energies will also strengthen gradually from this day onwards.

11th April Ugadhi (Lunar New Year)

This Ugadhi is a very important occasion. It is the beginning of a New Dawn for humanity; hence let us welcome this new phase with a lot of love and open-mindedness.

On the day of Ugadhi every year, the Rishis invoke an amsha of MahaVishnu known as Ugadhi-Purusha, who will be in charge of our Earth for one year. With him resides the future course of events of our Earth for this new phase. Let us welcome and worship this personality on this day.

The Rishis have made a lot of plans, to execute on our Earth and they are waiting eagerly for this day to begin their implementation. The Higher Intelligence will also begin to monitor every individual more closely henceforth.

New energies will be released during the next series of eclipses. Many of the energies which have already been anchored on our Earth are not yet utilized by humanity, so on Ugadhi the Rishis will be giving these energies to every individual on our planet.

 This is the day to open up towards Divinity, accept the new changes/processes which get initiated and make stronger resolves towards manifesting all of it in our living.

14th April Solar New Year

On this day, there will be a shift in Energies all across the Solar system and many new Energies will be released on our Earth too. This will also be the base day for many of the eclipse related works which will get executed later. Meditate as much as possible on this day.

19th April Rama Navami

The birthday of Lord Rama is celebrated as Rama-Navami. Usually an amsha of Lord Rama will be present on our Earth and bless humanity on this day.  The Rishis mention that this time, they’ve requested for the presence of MahaVishnu himself to assist them in their work and to help humanity.

The Rishis therefore ask us to experience Lord Rama in the form of MahaVishnu for a period of 10 days from this day.

25th April 2013 Pournima,
Lunar Eclipse  11:33pm to 3:42am IST (18:03 UT 22:12 UT)

This eclipse is a new beginning and an important doorway for humanity. The eclipses will make every individual to open up further and also at the deeper level, each will be held accountable for their decisions.

The Higher Intelligence has been very patient with humanity and it has been giving us more opportunities and time so that we can choose and change. This eclipse is the time when action begins against those manifesting Adharma, and gradually increases over the coming years.

Let us try to meditate for the entire duration of the eclipse and make use of the opportunities to change further.

Lord Kalki will be executing a lot of works. Part of His work is to remove the old, unwanted and dark energies from our Earth and cleanse it. This will also involve a lot of churning processes at the individual level. The Rishis mention that Lord Kalki will also release a lot of energies from Adi Shakti as Her energies are required to bring healing and a balance on our Earth.

People who align spiritually had to face many difficulties but henceforth they will be able to see better results, as God will be with them to further assist them.

This eclipse is a new dawn, a good beginning for our movement into the New Light Age!

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