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Special Days for Meditation – April 2012

Submitted by on March 31, 2012 – One Comment

‘The Mystical isn’t hidden, it is ignored’ goes a saying. Life has more to it than what we normally see, hear and perceive. If we are unable to recognize the sublime and the mysterious, it’s because we are distracted by our repetitive daily lives. The noise of the everyday world overpowers a silent music that runs in the background. The moment we tune to that hidden music, our life is transformed, never to be the same again.

Anyone and everyone can tune to the mystical. All that’s needed is a willingness, a bit of effort and perseverance until a ‘connect’ happens. Regular meditations practiced everyday goes a long way in making this connection happen. Equally important is the practice of being aware of Light, at any available opportunity. We need to be passionate about establishing a link with Light, this moment itself. We should have a burning, intense longing to experience Light and become transformed. Enlightenment should be the foremost priority of our lives, while we continue to experience the life that has been given to us by the Divine, on this Earth.

This quest needs a higher priority as greater opportunities to embrace Light and a higher way of living will exist from this month onwards. The earth will also be receiving newer energies in this month on various occasions.

The Solar New Year brings many opportunities. Vishwamitra Maharshi too will be present on our Earth for a period of three days where many spiritual works will get hastened.

At the level of churning, the processes of Pralaya do intensify further and many changes will occur at the global level. But this month is also the dawn of many new beginnings. We have to recognise them and make efforts to further consolidate them.

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The special days for meditations in this month are:

April 01 – Rama Navami

This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Rama, who along with Devi Sita and Lakshmana brought down enormous knowledge, principles and values of righteous living during His lifetime on our Earth. Although they lived in Treta Yuga (Silver Age) they embodied and manifested the principles of Satya Yuga. Our scriptures which give us a glimpse into their lives do not have the complete information about these personalities.

This is the day to experience them and absorb their energies.

April 06 – Good Friday.
              – Pournima
April 08 – Easter

Vishwamitra Maharshi will be present on our Earth for the duration of these 3 days. Let us meditate more and experience him.

During this period, Vishwamitra Maharshi will also help each and every individual. He will talk to them, give them new energies, burn some karmas and execute many such works. He will also be doing a lot of work on Mother Earth to heal and help her.

This day in combination with the Full Moon Day will see the weakening of the darkness and strengthening of the positive on our Planet.

April 13 – Souramana Ugadhi (Solar New Year)

On this day, we will be receiving many new energies from the Second Sun and the Photon Belt, and their presence will be felt more as we progress further. Many new energies from Lord Suryanarayana (Sun God) will also be available on Earth.

Hence let us meditate more and make use of these opportunities.

April 24 – Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya means abundance. This is an auspicious day when special energies for manifesting abundance in our lives are available on our Earth.

On this day, many opportunities are provided to grow spiritually as well as materially. It is also the day to make resolutions to pursue both spiritual and material goals. The energies available will help us towards this.

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You can read our eBook – “Communing with Light” to know more about the higher ways of using Light in our day to day life.

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  • O says:

    Dear VishwaAmara team,

    Many Thanks for this wonderful and crux article, which re-iterates and draws our attention to the immediate necessity of tuning to the inner world and stresses the fact of becoming CONNECTED!!!

    We are able to perceive the Rishis Care and Love more evident through this article…

    Again many many loving thanks to the ‘Ground Crew’!

    In 1ness

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