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Special Days for Meditation – April 2011

Submitted by on March 31, 2011 – 6 Comments

The first three months of this year have zipped past at a supersonic speed as if Time is on a great hurry. These three months have been witness to very unusual events across the world. The churning which was going on at the higher levels have begun to manifest at the physical level, as is evident in the political unrest in the middle-eastern and African nations and the Earthquake in New Zealand and Japan. It’s now clear, even to the non-believers that we are in the middle of a massive transformation which will change our lives forever.

The churning will intensify in the coming days and months and go on until the end of Pralaya period. As we enter deeper into the energy field of the Photon Belt, the transition processes which help us move from the dark ages to the Light Age will hasten up. We will have many new opportunities to open up to Light and God’s way of living.

With the intense churning that is occurring around, humanity has to wake up and start making use of the opportunities provided by the Higher Intelligence. Otherwise there will unfortunately be more pain and suffering.

The Solar and Lunar New Year’s day fall in this month and bring with them new opportunities. The presence of Divine Personalities and their special energies during this month also help us hasten our spiritual progress, transmute our old stuff and move towards Light.

The Creation series at VishwaAmara in which we were describing the details of the Divine Cosmoses will be put on hold for some time. We will be publishing three articles in a small series, where some information about the ‘Pralaya’ processes will be shared, as this knowledge is most required at this point in time. We shall resume the Creation series later.

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The Special days for meditation in this month are —

April 03 – Amavasya / New Moon Day

On this Amavasya day, Rishis will be releasing a lot of new energies to the world. The purpose is to help herald many new projects which will be initiated on the Lunar New Year called as Ugadi (4th April).

Having a constant awareness about the new energies is sufficient to absorb them. These new energies will benefit each and every individual on the Earth. Many new changes which will occur due the energies will be clearly evident in the following weeks and thereby help people to wake out of their slumber and open up.

The presence of the Higher intelligence helping humanity to transform will also become more apparent from now on.

April 04 – Ugadi

Ugadi is the Lunar New year day. This is one of the most important and auspicious days. Many decisions about the spiritual projects of the next two years will be decided and implemented from this day onwards. A lot of energies will also be released on this day, mainly between the period of 6am to 6pm. Vasishtha Maharshi will be personally monitoring and coordinating the various activities.

The new energies will help the individuals system to tune up to the various new energies being released periodically all over the world and also help in coordinating the inner spiritual processes efficiently.

Every individual can also absorb these energies and take new resolutions and decisions about their further course of actions.

An amsha of Lord MahaVishnu by the name of ‘Ugadi Purusha’ is in charge of this phase of time. Due to the presence of Ugadhi Purusha and Vasishtha Maharshi on this day, we can interact with them and take their guidance. We can also experience the love and energies of these personalities in our Meditations.

April 12 – Rama Navami

This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Rama, who was present on the Earth in Treta Yuga. On this day, his energies and presence will be there on the Earth. A lot of new energies from Vaikunta (MahaVishnu) will also be released.

Meditate more to absorb the energies.

April 14 – Solar New Year

On this occasion, again there will be a shift in the energies of the Earth as we complete a year as per the Solar Calendar. On this day, equal opportunities for the Light and dark forces will be available.

Events like destruction and other disasters could increase and hence Rishis advice all to be calm and composed and have a positive attitude to all developments. Strengthen the links with Light and go about life without panicking.

April 18 – Pournima / Full Moon Day

Our Earth entered into the energy field of the Photon Belt last Full Moon Day (19th March). On this Full Moon Day, we enter into the next phase. This will bring about an acceleration in the Pralaya processes and more of the energies related to Pralaya will also be released.

Overall, the energies available will help us accelerate our spiritual efforts and move towards Light.

April 22 – Good Friday,

April 24 – Easter Sunday

Vishwamitra Maharshi, who had taken birth as Jesus Christ will be present astrally on the Earth during these three days (22nd to 24th). We as humanity can make very good use of his presence by interacting with him, and experiencing him.

Good Friday and Easter symbolises the life of Jesus – that of unconditional Love and his surrender to God.

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Image Courtesy – Mericiana Howard

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