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Works of the Rishis during Shunya Masa 2013-14

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Shunya Masa is the period when the Saptarishis go into Tapas for a month and their responsibility of administration is substituted by another group of Rishis. This year during Shunya Masa we had the presence of Four very Great Rishis. It was a rare blessing and the grace of God that they came to assist and the Saptarishis were able to take their help in many areas and also learn several things from these great Rishis.

These Rishis have amazing knowledge and capacities. It is these Rishis who through their Tapas energies created the Sudarshana Chakra and Trishul that is used by MahaVishnu and Lord Shiva respectively. They created these gadgets (weapons) and gifted it to ParaBrahma, who further gifted it to the Divine Personalities. They have also created many powers, weapons and Jewels for Devi and Lord Brahma.

These Rishis had earlier come to our Earth more than 5000 years ago to assist Lord Krishna in his work. The decision to invite these Rishis during this period was taken more than a year ago when the preparation for the initiation ceremony of Vishwamitra Maharshi was underway.


Abhyudatta Maharshi is the leader of these Rishis. Vishwamitra Maharshi describing them mentioned “these Rishis are some of the few individuals who have been able to go beyond Unconditional Love. They also have the capacity to shift their awareness beyond the ‘Time’ of Mula Brahman”.

These Rishis are very well organised in their work. For many months before coming to our Cosmos, they studied the requirements and decided upon the areas of work they will execute and started to implement them as soon as they took charge.

Their love for God and His creation is so vast that they mainly used the energies from their Tapas Shakti for all the work. These Rishis have a lot of Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom, and even now Lord MahaVishnu takes the advice of these Rishis for his work and decisions.

The Rishis are very radiant due to the quantity of Light in them. They were specially shielded and brought to our Material Cosmos. Yet when they entered, our entire Cosmos began to glow. Then, many additional layers of shield and camouflage were added so that they could work undisturbed.


The Rishis are very wise Beings and have an amazing in depth knowledge in many advanced areas of Spirituality. They brought down a lot of this knowledge and have anchored it into our Creation.

Many finer secrets about Light and the energies were taught to the Saptarishis by these Four Rishis. This knowledge will help them immensely in their work. It was interesting to observe that the Saptarishis themselves had to undergo many tests and initiations to become eligible for this precious knowledge.

One of the Rishis is an expert in working with the aspect of Time. He educated Vasishtha Maharshi about various events to occur in the future and also warned him about certain betrayals that would occur. He also showed the different works that the dark forces were planning to execute in the Cosmos which would impact the project of Pavitrena Karyam and asked him to be very careful.

Another one of these Rishis is an expert in reading the language of Beings – the human to the Universes. He was sharing his knowledge and expertise on how to understand the ‘body language’ of the entire Creation and on the different ways of utilising the information. He is also an expert in the art of Laughter, Humour and Joy and shared the knowledge regarding these aspects and the ways to use them for God’s work.

One of the finest and valuable contributions by these Rishis is to bring down the knowledge of going beyond Unconditional Love and beyond Time to our Creation and storing the knowledge.

Beyond ‘Unconditional Love’ and Beyond ‘Time’

The knowledge of these Higher Realities has been brought down to ParaBrahma’s Creation for the first time. It is now available at the deeper spiritual levels and anyone can access the knowledge from there. While we tried to understanding the concept, the following is what the Rishis shared –

““The common fabric of the entire Creation and the fundamental attribute of God is Unconditional Love. It is this aspect that sustains the Creation and all the entities in it. The concept of ‘Beyond Unconditional Love’ and ‘Beyond Time of Mula Brahman’ are to say, beyond God. This is not the Unmanifested, but experiencing Realities far more nascent than that. It is the state from where Love manifested, the state from where all the laws and ideas and desire for Creation emerged and from where even the Unmanifested and all the definitions of Creation emerged.

Going beyond Love, beyond Time, is experiencing the Intelligence at a deep Unmanifested Level which is beyond all the known Creation. Such realities cannot be just explained in words. In fact, experiencing this is also very difficult even by the most advanced Spiritual Beings and only a very few have been able to do so.

By the time an individual reaches the stage to experience these states, the entire Soul itself transforms. The individuals Awareness is always merged with the Source in all intensity, all the time and no limitations come in between. From this state, in further deeper experiencing, the individual will be able to go beyond the Source and experience the deeper Intelligence which is beyond Love and Time. ””

The Four Rishis also explain that only a few attributes like Unconditional Love have manifested from here so far. There are thousands of other such qualities, each attribute which can sustain its own fabric of Creation. But as they are yet to emerge and manifest, they cannot yet be understood and experienced.


The Four Rishis were involved in many works in our Earth and the Cosmos. Most of the works have been carried out with a lot of secrecy and are not shared. The following are some of the works that we are allowed to share.

In the initial part of the one month period, they carried out numerous projects and anchored various energies on the Earth. They wanted many processes to be completed before the beginning of the New Year. As a few processes were requiring more time to manifest at the physical level on our Earth, they postponed the New Year energetically. A New Year is defined as the date on which the energies have a clear shift and this year, the New Year began on the 6th of January!

After that, for the remaining 10 days, most of their work on our Earth was related to training workers, counselling people and conducting astral classes.

These Rishis have halved the duration of a year to six months. The reduction in the time period will help in better execution of the Spiritual projects and will hasten up the transformation processes.

There were many blocks and obstacles in the smoother transition of our Earth during this Pralaya phase and the Four Rishis helped to clear many of them. They also brought a lot of Light and new energies from various sources and stored them in our Earth.

Among the Energies stored on our Earth, there is a new energy anchored by these Rishis called as the Transparent Platinum energy. This energy is very potent and is not accessible by all. When the individual is able to absorb these energies, the old and damaged cells can be easily replaced by new cells. Also these new cells have the capacity to hold more Light. Once the individual’s body is constituted with a good percentage of these advanced cells in the system, they will be able to tune up to the Higher realms easily. With this energy great changes can be brought about in the human system and its spiritual evolution.

It is also the hard work and grace of the New Rishis that the regular astral travels have been restarted which had been suspended for many years. More astral classes will be held regularly henceforth to help humanity.

The Four Rishis also equipped all the Rishi-workers with new energies and spiritual capacities so that they can execute their works with better efficiency. Abhyudatta Maharshi personally trained the Rishi-workers on the Earth to open up many of their inner faculties and taught ways of using newer energies and advanced techniques. New methods of anchoring energies efficiently, dealing with the attack by the dark forces, drawing new knowledge from various sources and using various frequencies of sound including music for the work of the Rishis were some of the main areas of training.

Various astral classes were also conducted to all those eligible and new information regarding the creation of ParaBrahma and the different aspects of the Creation were explained by these great Rishis.


One of their main responsibilities during this period was to be the facilitators of the initiation ceremony of Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi. Read the details in this article.

In one of their most important works relating to the project of Pavitrena Karyam to be implemented all across our Material Cosmos, the Four Rishis brought down a very special energy field to our Brahmanda called as the “Krishtha Ambu Amulaya Brahma”.

The work of spreading and anchoring of these energies in the entire Cosmos involved many advanced Rishis and it took place on the 12th of December, in our Earth’s time. This energy field acts like a filter which will trap all the negative energies and the unwanted energies from our Cosmos and transmute them into positive energy which can be used by the Rishis for their work.

Then the Four Rishis along with Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi also executed various works with the Unmanifested Universes which hadn’t been explored before and brought down new energies, gadgets and special matter from these Universes. These are being experimented upon by the other Rishis and will be utilised in their work subsequently.

The Four Rishis had an important discussion with Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi, Vasishtha Maharshi and Amara Maharshi regarding the curtailing of Free-will in the Cosmos. They were thinking of beginning its implementation from the end of Shunya Masa itself. After discussions and many experiments, they discovered that implementing these changes immediately will have various drastic impacts on the Creation leading to more pain and destruction before the desired results could be achieved. So one of the Rishis will be conducting further more experiments and Tapas to understand ways of implementing this in a smooth manner.

The New Rishis also conducted various experiments on the different elements of the creation, and how to use and alter them to get better results without violating the divine laws.

The Four Rishis also brought down many new symbols (spiritual) and anchored them in our Creation. These symbols will be used by the Rishis in various spiritual gadgets, in the execution of auspicious works and in other important energy works across the Cosmos. Some of the symbols also connects to rare energy fields which helps in the easier exploration of new areas of the Creation.

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These Rishis handed back the responsibilities to the Saptarishis on Sankranti day. Other than sharing the various positives, they also have warned the Rishis that the transition to the Light Age on the Earth will not be an easy process. The dark forces too are very active and during this period, anchored many negative energies and that the future could see a lot of chaos due to their works.

They also expressed their happiness to be part of the work and will continue to assist the Rishis in their work whenever needed.

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