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The Three Eclipses

Submitted by on July 6, 2011 – 8 Comments

We had three eclipses in a row recently (on June 1st, 15th and on July 1st, 2011). These eclipses were very important spiritually for our Earth. A lot of work was conducted at the astral level by many Divine Personalities and the Rishis. In this short post, we share a few of those activities which are relevant globally, so that everyone’s aware of what’s happening at the higher levels.


The work of various personalities

Many Rishis and divine personalities carried out various works in this duration. Gayatri Devi was involved with many works regarding the transit of humanity into the Light Age.

Lord Kalki was very active during this month and he initiated many processes. His presence and participation has increased from this phase onwards. Lord Kalki, Vasishtha Maharshi and the Saptarishis built a very special energy grid around the earth. It is invisible now and its main function is to protect and shield our Earth from external negative influences.

Lord Mahavatara helped the Rishis in many important areas. They hastened the rotation of our Earth to help the Pralaya process to occur faster, so that we can make an early entry into the Light Age.

Many new Rishis from other Universes stayed on our Earth during this month and they passed on a lot of their Tapas energies to our Earth. These energies will help our Earth cope well with the various churning processes that are occurring and also accelerate the transformative processes. They participated in a few other major works relating to the New Age.

Another batch of Rishis fixed many gadgets on our Earth. The function of these gadgets is to make various observations and report back to the Rishis.

Vasishtha Maharshi along with many workers extracted some very rare and special energies from a Black Hole during this period. He then reduced the potency of those energies and released them to our Earth during the eclipse duration on 1st July. These energies will be released to other planets of our Galaxy later.

Our Earth was made to pass through several layers of the Photon Belt to accelerate the transformation processes.

Some Revisions

The Rishis studied and observed various phenomena on our Earth during this period. The energy frequency of the Earth also known as Schumann Resonance was observed throughout the entire period of this one month. The inclination of the axis, the Earth’s acceptance of new energies and her response, the effects of Photon Belts energies on the Earth etc were also studied. Based on these observations, various evaluations have been made and further action will be undertaken.

Many divine personalities like Gayatri Devi, Lord Kalki and Lord Hanuman were involved in counselling the entire humanity during this period. Every individual was contacted at the astral level and were educated about the Light Age.

At the end of their work, when many observations were made about the preparedness of humanity to enter the Light Age, it presented a grim picture. The Rishis concluded that only 5% of humanity will sail through Pralaya and enter the Light Age as most of them are not responding or not bothered.

Due to the re-organising of many works, the Rishis have also taken a decision to postpone the beginning of the Light Age from 2018 to 2020. However, the crossover deadline of 2015 for the end of all negativities on our Earth remains the same.

The Light Age will begin on our Earth from the year 2020!

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  • Rahul says:

    Is this a warning to wake up or merely stating that only about three million people are ‘chosen ones’ and will go into the Light age? Please can someone clarify what happens to the other 95%, do they leave their bodies or are they forced to leave by circumstance?
    Oh! the Rishi’s are so benevolent. Please show us the way, may truth dawn on us. Is the only remedy to be open to the light and let the Rishi’s guide us?

    Hari Om..

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @ Rahul –
      The 350 million people have chosen themselves to qualify and are not the chosen ones. The others too have abundant opportunities to choose and transform. The Higher Intelligence too is working hard for that.
      For detailed understanding of the whole concept, read the articles in the Earth Changes series and our book – The Light Age.

  • Santosh says:

    Dear VishwaAmara,

    Every individual was contacted at the astral level and were educated about the Light Age – How does this happen? Please let me know, as my understanding of astral levels is little and was under the impression that only through meditation communication at astral level is possible.

    Also, please accept my humble thanks for sharing the valuable information through all your posts. I believe, we can only try our best to educate families, friends and relatives by sharing information, as individual soul’s will should be respected. As Krishna explained in Gita, its better to lead by example like a Karma Yogi would do.

    Thanks again.

    • VishwaAmara says:

      @ Santosh –
      We all exist at the astral level and hence can communicate and interact at that level.
      The process of meditation that you mention is the process of recalling and understanding those interactions at the physical level.

  • keshavamurthy says:

    The Rishis conclusion that only 5% of humanity will sail through pralaya and enter the new age is ringing like a spiritual alarm bell urging us to wake up from our sleep. Thanks for sharing these new Truths.

  • mahima says:

    thank you vishwaamara team for sharing this information.

  • Ravi says:

    Thanking you very much. Many are unaware of these changes on our earth.
    Hope This increases the importance of living on this earth. Importance of Peace, love and light in each one of us.
    Thanks to all Light workers.

  • Yogendra says:

    Its very difficult to make people believe in Pralaya & Light Age. If we look outside, one will find that so many people are not at all aware of these changes neither they are interested to listen it. Instead they will argue. Despite of so much efforts taken by God & Rishis, there is very little change shows that how deep rooted Kaliyuga is.

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