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The New Rishis (Shunya Masa 2014)

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The Saptarishis go into Tapas for a period of one month, which is like their daily Meditation. Because of their absence, this month is known as Shunya (Zero) Masa.

But the Saptarishis invite another group of Rishis to substitute them and take care of their responsibilities. Each year, it is a different group of Rishis. These new Rishis are usually experts in various areas. Other than the general administration of the Cosmos, they also take up special projects and execute many works. There is usually a large spiritual shift during this period because of their works.


The New Rishis

This year, a group of Seven Rishis have taken charge of the administration of our Cosmos. These Seven Rishis are very advanced and are spiritual giants in the Creation.

We are aware that when a person keeps growing spiritually, he attains Rishihood after a particular stage of growth. As the individual advances, he becomes a Maharshi and then a BrahmaRishi, MahaVishnuRishi and so on. These Seven Rishis are of the order of MahaDeviRishi. (Note – These Rishis did not go these stages. They were directly created with the capacities, powers and Divinity of Adi Shakti)

These Rishis have come to our Cosmos (Brahmanda) for the first time, on the request from Lord Kalki personally.

These MahaDeviRishi’s have done Tapas in Prakasha Brahma many times and have acquired an abundance of knowledge and energies from this Universe. They will be conducting many experiments on our Earth using their Tapas energies of Prakasha Brahma.

These Rishis are highly qualified in Healing, in dealing with Pralaya and in creating Jewellery for all Divine purposes. They are also experts in dealing with wars which are fought at the astral level – preparing the battlegrounds, creating war tents, weapons and in creating healing shields.

These Rishis are less emotional or sentimental. Each of these Rishis uphold the spiritual values to perfection and they are “Personification of Righteousness”. They are less lenient and come across as very disciplined and strict.

One of their main works on our Earth is to help Lord Kalki in various areas. They will also work on eliminating the atrocities being unleashed by the dark forces on humanity. They will strengthen the presence and influence of Light on Earth.

Connecting to these Rishis is easy. We need to have a strong intent and make efforts.

Some Details about these Rishis

All the Rishis radiate with energies of Adi Shakti. They are very passionate towards God’s work and are extremely hard working. They never give up irrespective of the circumstances. The Rishis do not want their names to be revealed. The following are some of the features of each of these Rishis.

The First Rishi —

Many Souls and Beings have been created in Devi Loka since Her Manifestation and this Rishi is amongst the first Souls created there. He was created as a combination of Adi Shakti and Lord Shiva.

This Rishi is the eldest amongst the new group of Rishis and resembles Lord Shiva in appearance. Vishwatejas Mulabrahmarishi (Vishwamitra Maharshi) has taken a lot of help and knowledge from this MahaDeviRishi for various purposes.

He is an expert in Dance and through this art form creates very high frequencies of Spiritual energies and energies of destruction. He is also an expert in dealing with the energies of Devi Loka.

During this period, he will be giving a lot of powers to Lord Kalki. He will also equip and train Him. Another part of the work will involve preparing our Earth for the Pralaya processes to occur in the upcoming year.

The Second Rishi —

This Rishi was created with a combination of energies of Adi Shakti and from the Stars and precious Gems present there (Devi Loka). He radiates the energies of Adi Shakti and is a natural healer right from when he was created.

This Rishi is very nurturing by nature and an expert in dealing with all the five Koshas and in healing each of them.

This Rishi will be anchoring a lot of healing energies into Lord Kalki and his associates, and also to our Earth.

The Third Rishi —

This Rishi is very gigantic in appearance. His speciality is the ability to change form and size according to the requirement of the work.

This Rishi is also known for his Wisdom and strength. He radiates a lot of Fluorescent Greenish-Blue Light.

♦       ♦       ♦

It is easy to communicate with this Rishi. A technique to contact him —

Practice sitting indoors.
First practice atleast 7 rounds of Pranayama with Light. Then, take your concentration to your forehead and then to your Third Eye. With your awareness in the Third Eye, have a strong intention to link to this MahaDeviRishi. This will connect you to him. Then you may communicate (/experience) with him.

The Fourth Rishi —

The Rishis mention that ‘Water’ was created from a particular Source of energy and this Rishi too was created from the same Source. This MahaDeviRishi is very secretive and not much is revealed about him.

His expertise is in decoding the works and plans of the dark forces and he will be working towards exposing their plans on our Earth and equipping Lord Kalki and the Rishis to deal with them in the future.

The Fifth Rishi —

The special energies that radiate from this Rishi bring good health and wellness around. During this Shunya Masa, anybody can connect to him for mental strength and physical strength. A word of caution would be not to pray to him for silly or unnecessary things. It will have an adverse effect.

Practice sitting indoors.
Practice atleast 7 rounds of Pranayama with Light. Then take your awareness to your Heart. (It is the physical heart; not the Soul or Anahata Chakra) Then from your heart, imagine a Light Blue beam of Light connecting you to this Rishi. This will establish the contact. You may then communicate with him.

His work on our Earth is to help and heal the deserved and also punish the undeserved. He will also be assisting Lord Kalki in various works.

The Sixth Rishi —

This MahaDeviRishi was created by the energies of Adi Shakti. He is the youngest of these Seven Rishis and is very caring and hardworking and also very handsome. Many times, he is the Rishi through whom important information and communication to the entire group of Rishis takes place.

He is an expert multitasker and a specialist in various spiritual areas.

He radiates the energies of Adi Shakti and helps to connect with Her anytime. He will be anchoring a lot of energies from Adi Shakti during Shunya Masa and also assisting Lord Kalki.

The Seventh Rishi —

This MahaDeviRishi is very hard working and works in areas that require achieving instant results. He is less patient and has no emotions.

He has the capacities to anchor very pure and tough energies (which are very difficult normally). He will be participating in various energy works on the Earth and will also be giving Lord Kalki many gadgets and gadget powers for His work. 

♦       ♦       ♦

Other than the two techniques mentioned to contact the particular Rishis, this technique can be practiced to connect to all of them and to experience them. These Rishis mention they will help and support every individual’s genuine attempt to grow and transform.

Practice 7 Rounds of Pranayama with Light.
Then imagine Seven specks of Blue Light above you. With your intent connect to these specks and keep experiencing them. During this deep connect, you can also communicate.

If you cannot practice on all the days, try to practice on Christmas, New Year and on the 14th and 15th (Sankranti) of January.

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